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如何抓住面试官心理 能够帮助面试者消除紧张情绪的方法

每年都有大批大批的毕业生面临着找工作,当然面对一家好的公司, 是需要通过面试的,那毕业生面对自己心仪的公司去面试,要怎么样抓住面试官的心理?面试又需要注意什么?和360常识网一起来看看吧。

每年都有大批大批的毕业生面临着找工作,当然面对一家好的公司, 是需要通过面试的,那毕业生面对自己心仪的公司去面试,要怎么样抓住面试官的心理?面试又需要注意什么?和360常识网一起来看看吧。

Every year, a large number of graduates are faced with job hunting. Of course, in the face of a good company, it is necessary to pass the interview. How can graduates grasp the psychology of the interviewer when they are interviewing the company they like? What should be paid attention to in the interview? Take a look with 360 common sense.


How to grasp the psychology of interviewers


Pay attention to the first impression: the first impression is actually very important. Don't act as usual and carelessly. This attitude will make you lose the job out of preparation.


Preponderant Psychology: the interviewer is in the leading position and the resulting psychology is superior. Candidates should face it with an open mind and give full play to their talents.


Stereotype Psychology: interviewers have formed a fixed thinking for a long time. When evaluating candidates, they seldom pay attention to the actual performance of candidates. They will unconsciously compare candidates with a certain type of people in their own impression, so that the interviewers can judge subjectively and reduce the objectivity of interview evaluation. Candidates need to grasp the psychological stereotype of interviewers in a short time, Be flexible and responsive, and the interviewer will be satisfied with you.


The tendency to win over others: at that time, the candidates will not try their best to show themselves and will take themselves as the center, so you should be patient and not rush to talk. Even though you can't listen, you should still show your interest in listening, learn to listen and be a good listener.


What should be paid attention to in the interview


In fact, interview plays a more and more important role in recruitment. Now almost every slightly better job will be obtained through interview. In fact, interview is also a psychological contest between the two sides. As an applicant, it is necessary to understand the psychological characteristics of the interviewer and be able to be passive and active.


Interview is something that everyone in the workplace will go through. Interview is very important. Everyone who is looking for a job should know that a good interview will bring you a good job opportunity. The success and failure of the interview will become very important. What should we pay attention to during the interview?


First of all, after being informed of the interview, you will be given a time. The applicant must not be too early in front of the time given by others, but must not be late. If there is any delay, you must call others in advance to explain the respect for the company.

第二,在考官出现的时候,也不要出现太紧张,要自然的微笑,并平视他,如果他主动的向你伸手要握手,自然的面对,不要发愣或没没意识到, 让考官尴尬是面试的大忌!

Second, when the examiner appears, don't be too nervous. Smile naturally and look him in the eye. If he actively reaches out to you, shake hands and face it naturally. Don't be surprised or unaware. Embarrassing the examiner is the taboo of the interview!

第三, 要把握好面试过程中的细节,面试官请你入座前你不要随便就坐下,这样会给别人一种高傲的样子,允许坐下,要显得自然一点!面对面试官的提问也要镇静自然的回答。

Third, to grasp the details of the interview process, the interviewer asks you not to sit down before you sit down, which will give others a proud appearance, allow to sit down, and make it more natural! Answer the interviewer's questions calmly and naturally.


How to help the interviewers to eliminate the tension as soon as possible


1. 30 abdominal breaths


Abdominal breathing is a good way to eliminate negative emotions. It can help you eliminate tension, return to reality and think calmly.


Here's how to do abdominal breathing:


Separate your legs, relax and sit upright; place your hands on your abdomen and inhale gently into your abdomen through your nostrils. At this time, you will feel your abdomen slowly rising, and you can feel your abdominal hands at the same time; then gently exhale the abdominal air through your nostrils, and use a little force while exhaling. You can feel that your abdomen is like sticking to the back of the spine; breathe fully, breathe for 30 times repeatedly, and count the number of breaths in your heart; after that, take a deep breath slowly; by doing abdominal breathing, your body will become more relaxed, your heart will calm down, and your thoughts will be clearer.


2. Ask yourself "what's the worst possible scenario"


It's easy to think of a thing as complicated and infer that the consequences can be serious. But things are usually not as serious as you think. By asking questions like this, let yourself think positively and healthily, and don't scare yourself. We should think about the good, keep a positive attitude, and imagine that things are developing as you expected. Although your imagination is not real, you can get a more relaxed mood and prevent the growth of negative thoughts in your heart.


American psychologists did an interesting experiment. They asked people to write down all their worries and worries in the next seven days and put them into a "worry box". Three weeks later, people opened the "worry box" and checked their worries one by one. It was found that 90% of the troubles did not happen, and most of them did not exist. Experts say that "worry is not looking for people". Most of the troubles are imagined by people, and they are constantly enlarged and strengthened, making them a psychological burden.


3. Practice, practice, practice


The more you practice, the more familiar you will be with the situation you encounter, and the more natural and confident you will become. Because you've been through it, you know what's going on, and you know what's going on. So, seize some opportunities of practice and let yourself experience such things, you will feel more and more natural, rather than nervous.


In addition to the above two methods, a lot of practice is needed to eliminate the tension. Only on the basis of practice, can we finally increase the candidates' knowledge reserve, answering skills and solving ideas, and finally eliminate the tension and improve their self-confidence.


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