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办公室恋情如何处理 办公室恋情有可能出现的问题



Some people always say that it's hard to meet good people after work, so some people will fall in love with working people who get along with each other day and night, but in fact, office romance is not so popular. Today's 360 common sense website will teach you five ways to deal with office romance correctly.


5 ways to deal with office romance


1. Try to avoid


Love is a kind of thing that happens unconsciously, but it's better to avoid office romance as much as possible. Because now many company managers refuse the existence of office romance, because office romance not only affects work efficiency, but also has a certain negative impact on the whole team. So from the development of the company, office romance is not approved, but if it does happen, keep a low profile. So we try to avoid this kind of love and do our own job.


2. Learn to keep secret


Although it's a very happy thing to talk about love, you want to make it public and let your friends and colleagues around you share your joy, but you need to know that this is an office romance, and confidentiality is the best choice, so we'd better not tell our colleagues around, because the rumors will make you feel upset and the pressure will double.


3. Focus on the future


Generally, office love is low-key love, because we should not be vague in our work, and do our own job well. Since two people are together, we should consider their future. In learning, working, we should help each other, make progress together, and believe that we can have a complete and warm family in the future.


4. Don't care too much


We don't care too much about what others say. The more we care, the more tired we are. Now that everyone knows your love, be honest, don't care too much about other people's opinions, just be yourself. Because many people don't support office romance very much now, we just need to firmly believe that there are feelings in both sides, love and like each other, and handle our feelings in a low-key way, so that's OK. Don't care too much about others.


5. Attention behavior


We go to work in the company, so we should pay attention to our behavior, not too intimate, not too leaky in public. Therefore, we should restrain ourselves and do not love each other in public, which is really not good. At the same time, we cannot pay attention to lovers at work. Work is the most important thing. We should pay attention to our own behavior with our heart.


These problems may occur in office romance


More contradictions


The so-called "distance produces beauty". Both men and women are together day and night, and each couple or husband and wife has some small friction in work and life. Without time to calm down and digest these unhappiness, no matter how good a relationship is, it may cause conflicts and distance.


Influence workplace communication


In the workplace, interpersonal relationship is very important, which largely determines your career planning and promotion channels. When two people are in the same company, their interpersonal communication is often limited. After all, one pair of eyes is always staring at you. If other colleagues know your relationship well, they dare not communicate with you more. Even in normal communication, they will worry about each other's thinking more. In this way, there will be less opportunities to communicate with colleagues, which will naturally affect the development of the business.


Influence common interests


If two people work in the same company, it is equivalent to putting "all the eggs in one basket". If the company has good benefits, it is no surprise. If there is any change in the company, both people will be involved, which will affect the economic situation of the family. The economic basis is the necessity of life, which also needs careful consideration.


Affect work efficiency


People will be affected by feelings, and can't be as calm as machines. If the intense emotions are brought into the work, the work will be affected, and even the performance of oneself and other related colleagues will decline. Your boss certainly doesn't want to see this happen, which is an important reason why office romances are not allowed. After all, work is about performance.


How to maintain office romance


1. Don't jump in


If you only date a handsome guy in the office a few times before and after a month, and one of you is going to stop the relationship, you can still resume the relationship with your colleagues without too much side effects; but if you have already been in a relationship at the beginning, it's not so easy to not be influenced by him during working hours. That's why once you develop an office romance, be sure to - don't rush for a date; try to be careful at company parties; don't drink during the first few dates; don't let anything interfere with your judgment during the wait-and-see phase of the relationship.


2. Try to keep a low profile


When you are in love, everyone wants to share their joy with the whole world, but this does not apply to the office environment, because from the moment you open your love, you two are doomed to live under the microscope. Even if you are a colleague in a parallel position who has helped the other side in work, other colleagues who also need help will probably report to the supervisor that you are favoritism. Let's just realize when we receive your red bomb!


3. Enjoy the sweetness of love


The office is really the ideal place to meet an emotional partner. Unlike bars or other entertainment places, where alcohol and hormones interact, it's just an impulse to pick someone. Office romance gives you a lot of time and opportunities to really get to know someone. In other words, in the company's tea room, you have a better chance to know the real ideal person than in the ballroom bar.


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