I believe that a lot of small partners know that the recent period of time is about which team ah Shui signed. This matter has also attracted the attention of many netizens. After all, the destination of ah Shui has always been expected by netizens. However, recently, LPL official also published an article, recording the whole career of a Shui! Let's have a look at jiuer and Xiaobian together!


LPL official article recording the career of ashui

对于阿水的去处,相信大家应该都非常的期待吧?毕竟这么长时间了,阿水到底会去哪里,真的是成了一个谜啊!而且很多网友都在各种猜测阿水的去处,有人说会去TES,也有说是RNG,总之各个LPL队伍被猜了个遍,甚至还有LCK 的队伍。

For the destination of ashui, I believe everyone should be very looking forward to it? After all, it's been such a long time. It's really a mystery where ah Shui will go! And many netizens are guessing the whereabouts of ah Shui. Some people say they will go to TES, some say RNG. In short, every LPL team has been guessed, even Lck team.


However, recently, LPL officially released an article, which recorded the whole career of a Shui, from a small anchor at the beginning to the world's top ad, even the champion ad!


For the whereabouts of ashui, this article also suggests a lot to everyone, that is to know who you are clearly! What should I do! Ig is the team that JKL started, became famous and reached its peak. In Ig, he proved himself. So many netizens think it's possible to renew the contract, but they are not sure.


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