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选购太阳能热水器注重六标准 夏季使用太阳能热水器三要点



We believe that solar water heaters are not new to you, and they are very common in China. It has the characteristics of energy conservation, environmental protection, safety and health. So how to choose a suitable solar water heater? Let's have a look with 360 common sense.


Pay attention to six standards when purchasing solar water heater


First, the standard of durability: the material, technology and process of solar water heater are different, and the service life is also different. Some of them can be used for 3, 5 years, and some can be used for more than 10 years. As the hot water supply facilities on the roof, the new and old solar water heaters do not affect the aesthetic degree of the room at all, and there is no need to worry about the issue of renewal. So when you buy, you have to think about the long-term, performance, specifications and functions. Otherwise, three years later, the solar water heater will not be hot and its function will be backward. It's not cost-effective to replace it. It's not comfortable to use it. So at the beginning of the purchase, we need to measure comprehensively to avoid regret after a short time.


The second is the standard of heat collection: vacuum tube is the heart of solar water heater. The strength of the heat collection capacity of vacuum tube is an important indicator to measure the performance of the water heater, and also an important factor to affect the heat supply of the water heater.


At present, the three high vacuum tubes in the market apply the patented three high coating technology, the vacuum degree reaches 10-4Pa, and the performance almost does not decline after more than ten years. The inferior vacuum tube is used as the standard of the heat preservation bottle. The vacuum degree is only 10-1-10-2pa. After three or five years, it will neither absorb heat nor heat preservation, but only contain water.


Third, heat preservation standard: the water storage tank is the "hot water warehouse" of solar water heater, its performance is mainly reflected in the heat preservation effect: the good heat preservation layer adopts imported raw materials, full-automatic constant temperature and high-pressure quantitative foaming heat preservation process, and through high-temperature curing treatment, the heat preservation performance is high and stable for a long time. The foaming of poor thermal insulation layer is not uniform, and its performance drops sharply after two or three years.


Good solar thermal insulation materials and advanced thermal insulation technology can ensure good thermal insulation effect. After one night, the temperature of hot water will drop less, and hot water will still be used overnight.


Fourth, scale standard: ordinary water heaters can not meet the hot water demand of modern families in terms of hot water quantity, intelligent control degree, operation cost, water safety, etc. The ideal water heater can not only solve the problems that ordinary solar water heater, gas water heater and electric water heater can't solve, but also meet people's demand for large amount of water, intelligent and free hot water.


Fifth, the standard of cold resistance: in winter, the sun is weak, the time of light is short, the temperature is low, the temperature difference is large, and the demand for hot water is greater, which is the key period to test the solar energy.


Due to the limitation of technology, the former products are not easy to use in winter and rainy days. Now with the invention of the interference coating technology, the heat collection performance of the three high vacuum tubes has been greatly improved. In addition to the application of the full-automatic constant temperature and high pressure quantitative foaming and heat preservation process (which must be subject to high-temperature aging treatment), and comprehensive and strict outdoor pipeline heat preservation and antifreeze measures, it has become a reality that the solar energy can be used in winter, rainy days and easy to use. "Heat is the absolute principle" has become the gold standard to measure whether solar energy is qualified or not.


In fact, the demand for hot water is more obvious in winter, especially when it's freezing. It's a dream for many families to have enough economic hot water, which can be realized completely. When selecting solar water heater, we should not only pay attention to the heat collection performance and heat preservation ability of the product itself, but also see whether its installation is standard and its service is perfect.


Sixth, the standard of accessories: solar water heater is a heating water system. A good host needs good auxiliary equipment and accessories to achieve good use effect. The quality of the original parts of solar water heater should match with the main engine, which can not only guarantee the service effect and life, but also solve the problems timely and effectively. Some businesses or users choose accessories at will for the sake of cheapness and convenience. As a result, there are many small problems in using them. Some of them also cause huge losses, and no one can find them. A user in the northeast of China lost more than 100000 yuan when he broke his neighbor's Mercedes Benz due to the use of inferior parts and the big ice pole formed by water leakage.


Three points of using solar water heater in summer


First of all, pay attention to the time of water supply. Don't water at noon. Due to the strong sunlight in summer, the temperature of the vacuum tube is as high as 270 ℃ ~ 400 ℃ under the sunlight, and the water is very easy to cause the vacuum tube to burst. Therefore, when filling the water, it must be carried out in the morning or at night.


Second, according to the weather conditions, determine the amount of water to ensure the proper water temperature when bathing. Look at the water in the sky: according to the weather forecast, determine the water quantity, and you can get a relatively satisfactory water temperature. If it's sunny tomorrow, fill up the water; if it's cloudy or cloudy, fill the first half of the tank with water; if there's rain all day, keep the original water without cold water.


Third, regularly check whether the water heater pipes, vents and other components work normally. Check the vent hole regularly to ensure that it is unblocked, so as not to damage or deflate the water tank; when cleaning the vacuum pipe, pay attention not to touch the tip of the lower end of the vacuum pipe; for the solar water heater with auxiliary electric heating device, pay special attention to water supply to prevent dry burning without water. In summer, there are many users who change the upper and lower water pipes of the solar water heater. Experts remind users to check whether the insulation layer of the water pipes of the solar water heater is aging and cracked. If the upper and lower water pipes are exposed to the sun, they are easy to become hard and brittle and crack and leak water. Users had better install insulation layer and anti UV tape in advance to protect water pipes comprehensively.


Advantages of solar water heater


1. In terms of appearance, it is very consistent with the appearance characteristics of the building, free from the interference of the building form, and the components can be easily assembled and maintained.


2. The flat solar water heater has a high thermal efficiency. The flat solar water heater is the irradiation of the whole surface contacting the sun, which can receive the direct sunlight to the maximum extent.


3. The heat absorption plate, the key component of the flat solar water heater, is made of metal. It can bear the pressure of water better in the process of transportation and installation, as well as in use.


4. In larger places, the large-scale solar heating system with combination is more stable, and the stability of the whole system will be greatly improved.


Disadvantages of solar water heater


1. The flat solar water heater is not suitable for use in cold and ice prone areas, and the problem of ice can not be solved well, so the secondary heating should be used.


2. The solar panel core of the flat solar water heater is not vacuum, and the heat insulation effect is not very good. When outdoors, the heat dissipation is relatively fast and the temperature is low.


3. In winter, although the flat solar water heater has passed the secondary heating, the increased intermediate link has certain heat loss.


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