I believe that a lot of kids are watching the recent competition between ES and Ig, right? It was a wonderful game, and the most important thing was that Ig was completely crushed by es and lost the game. But IG lost their game, which should be their problem. But why do netizens make complaints about what RNG is? What's going on? Let's have a look with Xiaobian!


ES make complaints about RNG after being defeated by IG.


I believe you all know that in the recent competition, the ES team won the Ig team, which can be said to make many netizens can't believe that, the ES two games were in the form of rolling over the Ig team. It has to be said that the strength of ES new star team can not be underestimated.


But after the game, RNG was even started to make complaints about what the RNG had to do to let such a talented player go. As we all know, criin and wink of ADC in ES team are actually substitutes of RNG before, only leaving in the transfer period.


In fact, it's really not RNG's fault about this matter, because we all know that wink did play well when he was a substitute in RNG before. Maybe it's because he left RNG, in a new team like es, he can let it go. It can only be said that when these players are combined, the chemical effect is not the same, so they get such a good result, which no one can expect.


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