新车磨合期使用时的十大注意事项 很多老司机不见得都懂-看世界

新车磨合期使用时的十大注意事项 很多老司机不见得都懂



Although the automobile technology has been greatly improved now, it is still better to run in the new car after it is bought. The running in of new cars is conducive to improving performance. How many kilometers does the running in period of new cars last? How to drive during the running in period of new cars? Let's take a look at some driving methods of the running in period of new cars with 360 common sense.


Why does the car need to run in?


When the automobile engine works, the piston does reciprocating piston movement in the cylinder, while when the gearbox works, the two groups of gears mesh with each other, and they will produce friction.


However, before automobile assembly, each part is processed separately, and there are geometric deviation and burr when processing parts. So after assembly, some running parts will contact with each other directly to produce friction, until the burr of the part is rubbed off and becomes smooth, and there is no deviation between matching parts.


When the car is just bought, the process of wearing the rough edge and deviation of parts is called running in, and the cycle of this process is called running in period.


However, it is also said that the current car has experienced running in in the production process, so the owner does not need to run in after buying the car.


Nowadays, most new cars go through "cold running in" before leaving the factory: the way is to install the engine on a special machine tool and drive the running in with a motor. In this process, most of the burrs on the parts can be worn off. During cold running in, because the engine is not working, there is no high temperature produced by fuel combustion, so it is called cold running in.


However, not all vehicles have experienced "cold running in" before leaving the factory. After all, not all automobile manufacturers have such technical conditions. And "cold running in" for each engine does not mean that further running in is not required. Therefore, most car owners need to have a certain degree of running in after buying a car.


How many kilometers does the new car run in period


1. 100-1000 km belongs to the transition period, and the rotating speed shall not exceed 4000 rpm. It is best to rotate within 3000 rpm. When the rotating speed exceeds 100 km, always shift gears and run in the brake system.


2. Over 1000 km speed can be extended to 120 km, and the speed should be controlled within 4000 rpm to 2500 km. When running in the gearbox, pay attention to the use of gears 2 and 3 instead of blindly adding gears. 2. Gear 3 runs in well. The noise will be greatly reduced at 3000 rpm.


3. More than 2500 km, maintenance once, replace the new oil filter, replace the high-quality oil.


4. In the 2500-8000 km stage, it is mainly the running in period of the gearbox, which can focus on the running in of gears 3, 4 and 5, such as gradually trying to drive at gears 3, 4 and 5 for 4000 rpm. Pay attention to the transition from gear 1 and gear 2 2400 to 3000 when starting at ordinary times.


5. After 10000 km, if there is a chance to drive continuously for 500 km, 110 km-160 km, you will soon enjoy the sweetness, that is, the noise of vehicles will be significantly reduced. After 5 hours of continuous operation, the running in of engine piston and cylinder is quite complete, forming mirror surface matching, and greatly increasing the air tightness of oil film.


6. After 10000 km, you can try the ultimate speed if you have the conditions. You must have rich driving experience before you try. In addition to dealing with emergencies, you must also have the technology to control the car.


Ten points for attention during running in period of new car


1、 After starting the car, we may as well preheat it for 1-2 minutes, which is good for the car, or when the tachometer falls below 1000 rpm, start slowly.


2、 Don't be lazy to drive a manual car. When you need to change gears, you should change gears. High gears and low turns are all destructive actions.


3、 The vehicle maintenance manual contains the time and interval of the first service of the new vehicle, and the new vehicle shall be maintained timely. During the running in period, check whether the engine oil, coolant, brake fluid, etc. are sufficient. In case of any decrease, make up in time.


4、 Pay more attention to the state of oil, oil color and viscosity is normal? At the same time, it is necessary to timely replace the oil meeting the quality level standard specified by the manufacturer according to the maintenance manual. Remember, do not add any "anti-wear additive" to the engine oil. It will upset the balance of the oil formula and easily lead to engine wear.


5、 When adding fuel, go to a regular gas station to add fuel with good quality and cleanliness, so that the vehicle can run and run in more smoothly. At the same time, try to avoid using fuel beyond or below the mark, and add fuel that meets the requirements for the vehicle.


6、 Don't blindly "pull the high-speed", maybe some friends heard that "it's faster to get on the high-speed grinding car", so when you get on the high-speed, you'll start to gallop up, "you can drive to pick up girls with your mind after running". But that's not exactly true. During the running in period, it is better to limit the vehicle speed to 2000-3000rpm. At the same time, during the running in period, the speed should not exceed


7、 If you are on the highway, you'd better not drive for more than 3 hours.


8、 A new car can always make others want to rub, but it is recommended that you do not exceed 75% - 80% of the rated load within 1000 km of your car. At the same time, you should choose a flat road as much as possible.


9、 Try to avoid sudden braking, maintain a safe speed and distance, and operate smoothly.


10、 The friend who just came out of driving school, "don't go too far into the play" thinks that this is his new car, no longer a coach car. Treat the new car as a trainer car, and it will be in endless trouble.


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