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离职跳槽后五险一金要怎么处理 对你的五险一金留点神



Many people will experience resignation and job hopping at work, but the editor should remind you that in the process of resignation and job hopping, you should keep a little mind on your five risks and one gold, which we bought with real money and silver! Let's have a look with 360 common sense.


endowment insurance


Pension insurance can be interrupted. It doesn't matter if it is interrupted in the middle. In the end, it is accumulated years. However, the more you pay, the more your pension will be.


Handle transfer procedures: the original company will issue a transfer form and hand it over to the new company to continue.


unemployment insurance


Although it has to be paid, it has nothing to do with us. If you graduated from school and belong to cadre status, the files can be saved in the talent market. Never mind. We can't get unemployment benefits even if we lose our jobs. Unless we go mad, we will transfer our cadre status to worker status, and then we will retire and receive a pension according to the treatment of workers. Unemployment insurance can only be applied for by unemployed people registered in the streets. Note: the file of worker's identity should be placed on the street, and the file of cadre's identity should be placed on talents or units.


Handle transfer procedures: do not need to handle, go to the new unit on the line.


Medical insurance is more important


You should pay attention to this! The national regulation is that the interruption will be invalid for more than three months, that is to say, you have to pay for your own medical treatment. It doesn't matter whether you have a minor illness or a serious one. Those who have been interrupted for more than three months shall purchase again in the new unit.


After going to the medical insurance, everyone will have a passbook, which can be used for life. No matter whether the unit changes or not, the unit should put a certain proportion of money into the passbook every month. Individuals can withdraw it at any time, no matter what they do.


After paying medical insurance, there will be a blueprint, that is, medical insurance. According to the medical regulations, the outpatient expenses of more than 2000 yuan can be reimbursed. If 2500 yuan is spent, only 50% - 70% of 500 yuan will be reimbursed (different hospitals, different reimbursement rates). If the inpatients report too much. When you see a doctor, you should tell the hospital to open the medical insurance list and bring it with you when you are in hospital.


Accumulation fund


The unit will give you the money and your own money are deposited in your provident fund account. For example, if the salary is 3000 yuan, the unit will give you 300 yuan, and you will deduct 300 yuan by yourself, so your monthly accumulation fund account should have 600 yuan. When you need to buy or repair a house, you can go to the provident fund center to withdraw it, but only once a year. It can be obtained by itself or by the entrusting company.


Handle transfer procedures: first open an account in the new unit, take the account to the old unit, and let the old unit transfer the money from the original account to the new account.


Note: the provident fund center will issue a statement to each employee every June, showing the current amount of money in your account.


Every April or so is the time to adjust the pension, unemployment and medical insurance base in the second half of the year, and every June is the time to adjust the accumulation fund in the second half of the year.


Now let's talk about some irregularities in the market


1. Many units do not pay their own wages to the insurance and provident fund, for example, according to the average wage in Beijing, the individual will suffer losses. So when you're looking for a job, you need to ask.


2. At present, many talent markets stipulate that pension, unemployment and serious illness are tied up, either not or together, and must be filed in the talent market.


If an individual pays five insurances and one fund in the talent market, he must pay both the unit's money and the individual's money, which is quite a lot. It is said that according to the minimum standard, more than 1000 yuan will have to be paid each month, and there is not much money to be paid to the individual account.


If you are young and in good health, but you are temporarily unemployed, you don't have to pay it by yourself. You can go to work later.


3. The rich can't afford endowment insurance, the poor are better off, hoping to have some money for the aged. Some people say they have it, but the state still has a pension guarantee, which will be raised according to the economic situation.


4. Some units do not pay five insurances and one fund for the reason that the files are not in their own units, which is not in line with the regulations, because the files are not linked to the insurance.


5. Foreign account also enjoy all the insurance and provident fund, and account has nothing to do with it. If you go to other cities in the future, you can transfer.


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