指甲保养也是一门学问 如何处理指甲表面不光滑的情况-看世界

指甲保养也是一门学问 如何处理指甲表面不光滑的情况



Although fingernails seem unimportant, they are also part of the body. How to take good care of your fingernails and how to maintain them are also very profound knowledge. So it is very important to do a good job in daily basic nail maintenance. So how to do a good job in basic nail maintenance? What are the specific steps? Let 360 common sense tell you.


There are magic tricks for daily armor


1. Olive oil moistening nail


For people with fragile, thin nails, soak them in extra virgin olive oil for 10 to 15 minutes in the first month, then every two weeks. This cheap DIY armor strengthens damaged, fragile, or brittle nails.


2. Use armor cream


A high quality nail care cream can help moisten and soften the dead skin on the edge of nails and nourish the nail surface. Before going to bed every day, apply the cream to your nails and massage until absorbed.


3. Eat more foods rich in vitamin H


In your diet, remember to add foods rich in vitamin H, such as liver, boiled eggs, grains, broccoli and avocado, etc. in addition to strengthening your nails and making them thicker.


4. Wear gloves when doing housework


When you wash dishes and do sanitation, remember to wear gloves. Detergents and detergents can damage your nails, leading to dryness, breakage and flaking.

5.尽量避免指甲去光水 (或称卸甲水)

5. Try to avoid nail polish remover (or nail remover)

一个月使用指甲去光水 (卸甲水) 的次数尽可能不要超过2次。另外,永远不要使用含有丙酮成分的卸甲水,这种化学成分会损伤你的指甲。

Do not use nail polish remover more than twice a month. In addition, never use nail remover containing acetone, which can damage your nails.


6. Massage the nail


The nail can promote the blood flow around the nail, which can help the growth of the nail. When massaging, use hand cream, nail cream or finger polish. Of course, we must form the habit of rubbing the hand cream immediately after absorption, and the nails should also be wiped.


7. Don't overuse your nails


Your fingernails are not the openers to open cans of coke. You can dial the phone number so that you can use your fingertips instead of your fingernails. You can use a pen or other items instead of your fingernails.


8. Nail Polish


In the selection of a-oil or brightener, try to choose products that do not contain formaldehyde or acetone, or products containing acetate instead. It is better not to use more than once a week.


Basic nail care procedures


1. It's very important to clean your hands. If you want to protect something, you must do the bottom work first. Washing hands with clean water is the first and most important step.


2. Then you can use dead skin cream. Apply the dead skin cream on the back of the hand, gently rub the dead skin with both hands and clean it, then you can prepare for the third step!


3, add spray massage, spray massage is an important step in massage, the specific step is to move the wrist - pushing your hands and thumbs from the middle fingers to the sides, sliding down, and pressing the bigger muscle less than the muscle - thumb massage finger knuckle - pushing hands - pushing the fingertips from the fingers to the fingertips, hands and thumbs respectively - finger - finger joints - flexion, extension, fingers, clap your hands - shake your wrist. Repeat these steps three times, and repeat three times for maximum effect.


4. Put on the mask or cream and wear disposable gloves. Take off the gloves, pat and absorb with both hands, fully absorb, so that the fingers can get better protection effect.


How to prevent nail fracture


Many girls are easy to break their nails. Lack of water is an important reason for nail fracture. We can apply olive oil on our hands before going to bed and massage to achieve a moisturizing effect. In addition, if economic conditions allow, we can buy a nail repair cream containing fruit acid or phospholipid to apply once every other day, so as to better protect the nail. It should also be emphasized that some ingredients in the water will make the nails rough and fracture, so it is better to use less, the most important daily maintenance and massage.


How to deal with the unsmooth surface of nails


The surface of nails is very easy to be unsmooth, and nails are also a mirror reflecting our health. The unsmooth surface of nails is mainly manifested by horizontal and vertical stripes. If there is such a phenomenon, you should be careful. It is likely that it is caused by your unbalanced diet, so please don't be picky about food, and take more vitamins. In addition, high life pressure and poor sleep will also lead to unsmooth nail surface. Therefore, good living habits are also the key to protect nails. Unsmooth nails represent problems in the body, which should be noted.


The protection of fingernails needs daily care. It must be accumulated slowly. Although fingernails are not noticeable, they are also an indispensable part. So if you want to have a pair of beautiful hands, you must have healthy fingernails. I hope the methods introduced by Xiaobian can help you.


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