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久坐不动有哪些危害 久坐族该如何保持健康



Because novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, many people closed for a month, now has resumed work, so many people have opened the day of 6, 7, 8 hours. We often say that sedentary is not good for your health. Do you know what happens to your body when you sit for more than 6 hours every day? Get to know it with 360 common sense.


What's the harm of "sedentary"?


The harm of sitting for a long time: sitting for a long time causes the insufficiency of blood supply to the brain, leads to the decrease of oxygen supply and nutrients to the brain, aggravates the weakness, insomnia, memory loss and increases the possibility of suffering from Alzheimer's disease.


The harm of sitting for a long time: sitting for a long time will cause muscle ache, stiff neck, headache and dizziness, and aggravate the diseases of lumbar vertebra and cervical vertebra.


The harm of sedentary three: according to the law, sitting in the office every day and working hard, consuming a lot of mental and physical energy, you should often feel hungry, but why do you feel hungry when it comes to eating time? This is the power of sitting.


The harm of sedentary: Sedentary can make the venous plexus near the rectum congest for a long time, and the degree of congestion aggravate, so as to aggravate the hemorrhoids, and lead to stool bleeding, anal fissure and other diseases.


Sedentary harm 5: when the intake of calories is greater than the consumption of calories, the body fat is easy to accumulate, the weight will rise. Obesity is a risk factor for many chronic diseases.


Six hazards of sitting for a long time: people keep sitting posture for a long time, the whole body weight is pressed on the bottom of the spine, and the shoulder and neck are not active for a long time, which is easy to cause cervical stiffness, and even lead to the spine deformation and induce the back of the bow and bone hyperplasia.


Sedentary harm seven: Sedentary immobility will oppress the bladder meridian located in the buttocks and thighs, resulting in poor blood circulation of the bladder meridian, leading to dysfunction of the bladder, while the kidney meridian and the bladder meridian are on the outside, which will lead to abnormal renal function, the so-called "sedentary injury to the kidney" is the truth.


How can sedentary people keep healthy?


1. Adjust the height of the seat to maintain the correct sitting position


People often say that "sitting with a sitting face" is not only a good mental outlook, but also good for physical health. However, it is difficult to maintain the correct sitting posture for a long time. We might as well choose the seat with adjustable height, and force to maintain the correct sitting posture by adjusting the height of the seat.


2. Put a ring cushion on the chair


The circular cushion with hollow design can disperse the pressure of tailbone and buttocks, make people sit more comfortable, longer and work more convenient.


3. Movable neck


Turn your head back a little and let your neck move for two minutes.


4. Moving shoulders


Hold hands forward for two minutes. This movement not only moves the shoulders, but also the arms.


5. Mobile palm


Extend the left arm straight in front of the chest, palm up; then extend the right hand to grasp the fingers of the left hand, slowly break it down, back and forth ten times; then repeat the same action on the other side.


6. Lower limbs


Sit straight, then lift your feet until they are flush with your seat and hold on for two minutes.


7. Seize the sports opportunity after work


For example, choose more public transport and drive less; wash dishes immediately after eating at home; stand and watch TV, etc.


What do sedentary people eat




Almond can prevent platelet clotting and reduce the risk of heart disease. Even eating nuts once a week can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by a quarter, especially almonds. But almond is high in calories, so it's better to reduce the intake of other oils.


How to eat: grind the almonds into powder with a grinder, mix them into salads, vegetables or drench them on the rice, not only to increase the taste, but also to fully absorb the nutrition of almonds.


Semen Sesami nigrum


The black sesame containing strong anti-oxidation ingredients can not only prevent aging, make hair dark, but also make blood vessels elastic and prevent hardening. The unsaturated fatty acids and lecithin in black sesame can maintain the elasticity of blood vessels and prevent the congee like hardening of arteries. It is a good source of fat. Black sesame, which is rich in iron and vitamin, is also considered by traditional Chinese medicine as a food that can replenish blood and five internal organs. Regular consumption can prevent constipation.


How to eat: it is recommended to stir fry the raw sesame with dry fire first, and let the effective ingredients be released by heating. Or grind the black sesame into powder, pour it on the rice and vegetables, and fully absorb the nutrients of sesame. Of course, if you have a good cooking skill and the food you make is delicious, isn't it a better choice and method? Not only the body but also the stomach are well nourished.




Auricularia can help anticoagulant, prevent vascular embolism, rich in gum Auricularia, has been used as a food to prevent arteriosclerosis since ancient times. The high fiber component of Auricularia can stimulate intestinal peristalsis and accelerate cholesterol excretion. In addition, Auricularia auricula contains antiplatelet coagulant, which has good health care effect for arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease and obstructive stroke. However, due to the role of Auricularia auricula in defecation, it is not suitable for those who are prone to diarrhea.


How to eat: the dry agaric fiber content is high, you can use water to soak it, wash it and cut it into shreds, use hot water to heat it, sprinkle ginger shreds, sugar, white vinegar, soy sauce and mix it cold, it will become a cool summer vegetable.   




According to traditional Chinese medicine, kelp and sea cucumber have the effect of soft and firm, which can help to dissipate tumor and prevent blood vessel obstruction. Modern scientific research has found that kelp contains fucoidan laminarin, similar to heparin, which can prevent thrombus and increase blood viscosity, and prevent arteriosclerosis. Moreover, kelp belongs to soluble fiber, which is easier to be decomposed, absorbed and used by large intestine than ordinary vegetable fiber, so it can accelerate the discharge of harmful substances such as cholesterol.


How to eat: soup, cold can be, but kelp itself contains sodium, the best to reduce the use of spices.


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