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花露水使用常有的四误区 花露水的药理功效



In summer, many people like to wear short clothes and shorts, but the exposed skin has become the focus of mosquito bites, so the dew has become a sharp tool for many people to prevent mosquitoes and stop itching. But experts remind that the flower dew is not very safe. If it is not used properly, it will not only damage health, but also seriously harm life. In particular, the following four misunderstandings must be avoided. Now follow 360 common sense net to understand!


There are four misunderstandings in the use of floral water


Myth 1: the more you apply, the better the anti mosquito and antipruritic effect. In order to avoid mosquito bites, many people like to pour dew on all parts of the body. In this way, some people will adapt to it, while others will suffer from itching and sweating. Therefore, it is necessary to apply proper amount of flower dew instead of excessive amount.


Myth 2: dermatitis patients can use. Many patients with dermatitis feel cool and comfortable after applying dew, so they often use it. Mite dermatitis patients and other patients with skin inflammation are not suitable to apply water to alleviate symptoms. Because after mite bites, the neurotoxin and hemolytic toxin secreted by mite can easily cause inflammation reaction of human skin, even edema, erythema, wind mass, blister, etc. In addition, some water also contains an ingredient called "imonin", which may lead to allergic reactions on the skin and aggravate the symptoms of dermatitis.


Mistake 3: give adult toilet water to children. Flower dew contains many irritant chemicals. It is not suitable for adults because of its delicate skin. It is suggested that parents should choose special toilet water for their children. If using the toilet water in the bath, it should be diluted four or five times first, and avoid direct contact with the children's eyes.


Mistake 4: smoke or cook in the kitchen immediately after painting the toilet water. Many people tend to neglect its ingredients when they buy it, and fail to avoid the fire source when they use and store it. There is a large amount of "ethanol" in the flower dew water, which is commonly known as alcohol. It has a low ignition point, burns immediately when encountering an open fire, and the speed is very fast.


Experts remind that many brands of flower dew ingredients in the description of "ethanol" are ranked at the top of the ingredients list, most of the content is more than 70%. There are two main uses of ethanol in flower dew water: one is sterilization, the other is as solvent. There is a component called ethyl butylacetylaminopropionate, commonly known as "mosquito repellent ester", which is not water-soluble. As a solvent, ethanol can make these substances play a role.


Pharmacological effect of flower dew


● refreshing and antipruritic


When washing or bathing, drop 5-6 drops of dew into the water, soak the hair first, and then enter the routine shampoo procedure to remove the bacteria in the hair. When taking a bath, drop 8-10 drops of dew into the bathtub. It also has the effect of cooling, removing bacteria, eliminating heat and itching.


● clean hands


When taking a bus, subway, shopping or outing, hands inevitably touch the public railings and handrails. At this time, you can drop the flower dew into your hands and rub your hands, which can play a good role in cleaning.


● wipe the mat


In summer, people often lie naked on the mat to rest. For a long time, sweat stains will cover the mat, making people feel very uncomfortable. If you wipe the mat with water dripping with dew every day, you can keep the mat fresh and clean. Of course, the best way to wipe along the mat lines, so that the water can penetrate into the mat lines. In this way, the cool and comfortable feeling will be more lasting.


● soak masks and towels


Use a washbasin to fill half a basin with water, drop 4-5 drops of dew, put the washed towel and mask into it, soak for about 15 minutes; or boil and disinfect the mask with water first, rinse it, then expose it in the sun, drop 1-2 drops of dew before use, which can play a certain role in killing bacteria.


● wipe the phone and mobile phone


Dip a little paper towel in the dew and wipe the phone body, handset, key or mobile phone to keep the phone and mobile phone clean.


● spray room


Match the fresh water and the dew in the proportion of 40:1, put them into the spray kettle and evenly spray on the floor of the room (especially the dead corner of the room), then close the doors and windows for 10 minutes, and then open the windows for ventilation. Morning and evening each time (if possible, can also spray several times), can make room air clean and fresh.


● mosquito protection


When you go out, you can apply 5-6 drops of Hualu water on your body.


● clean underwear


Because the underwear is worn close to the body and directly contacts with the skin, it can not be mixed with other clothes for cleaning. It must be washed separately. When washing, first add a few drops of dew into the washing water (generally, add 4-5 drops of dew into the half basin water), then spread the underwear and soak it for about 15 minutes. Then rub it repeatedly with soap, rinse it with water, and dry it outdoors (preferably in a sunny place), so that the washed underwear is fragrant and comfortable.


Remove acne


When there are some pimples on the face that cannot be removed, you can use dew. Drop 3-5 drops to the place with acne at night, and you can see the effect the next day.


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