想跳槽要避开三个误区 跳槽前先把这些事想清楚-看世界

想跳槽要避开三个误区 跳槽前先把这些事想清楚



Many friends want to change jobs after the new year. What should people pay attention to when they are looking for new jobs? Let's follow 360 common sense today.


Three mistakes should be avoided in job hopping


1. Pay only


Under the pressure of buying a house, salary often becomes the most urgent demand. This anxiety will make us ignore the hidden capital such as ability improvement, resource accumulation and development space in our career, which leads to the lack of accumulation, good development in the short term, but greater loss in the long term. So for this situation, it is suggested to make a longer-term plan, so as not to "lose more than gain".


2. Quick work for progress


Work is a process of self-improvement, and personal value will be gradually reflected in work. For the third situation, it is suggested to adjust the expectation of occupation and recognize that no occupation is perfect. At the same time, think about whether you can set your own long-term and short-term goals and get what you want in stages. Or distinguish what you can get out of work.


3. No target


What are your goals before you change jobs? Before their job hopping, they will cast their resumes, attend various interviews, jump to a new career in a hurry, and jump again if the new job is not satisfactory. In the past few years, I have paid a huge cost of time, but accumulated little. In this case, it is suggested that self exploration and career exploration can be carried out in spare time. Focus on your goals more clearly, and then enter through complementary capabilities.


Think about these things before you change jobs


1. Assess the risk and choose the right time


Before job hopping, we should look for the "root cause" and prescribe the right medicine. If you are not competent enough, you should try to improve your level. If the current platform is not suitable, it is necessary to make clear your career positioning, find a suitable platform, evaluate the risk after changing jobs, and find the right time.


2. Find a job first


Many people lack correct self-knowledge and know nothing about their interests, abilities and values. Yang Dong suggested that such people could ask themselves a few questions: what do I usually like to do? Do you want to make a difference in this field? Have I tried to find other possible opportunities? Can I overcome difficulties and stick to this possible direction? If you can find the answer, your career orientation is in its infancy.


3. Fully understand the family situation


Before job hopping, we should first examine whether our dissatisfaction with the company is objective and whether the company really has no prospects for development? For the family, we should not only understand the salary, welfare and development prospects, but also understand whether there is a sound talent management and promotion mechanism. We might as well consciously observe these when applying, such as whether the interview process is perfect, whether the interviewer is professional, whether to use interview tools, etc.


Job hopping requires answering your own questions


In any case, when you have the motivation for job hopping, it is the beginning of your job hopping action. However, in order to jump higher, you may want to ask yourself the following questions before you jump:


1. What makes you dissatisfied with your present job?


2. Do you want to change jobs after careful consideration? Or a temporary mood? Try to do self adjustment?


3. What do you lose and what do you get from job hopping?


4. Adapting to a new job or environment and building new relationships requires more effort. Are you confident?


5. Can your background and ability adapt to the new job?


6. Do you work for life, or do you live for work?


7. Do you have a career goal? Does the new job offer you a clear career direction?


8. Have you ever consulted with an expert? Have you ever consulted with an authoritative professional consultant?


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