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男人抽烟的6大危害 戒烟最好的12种方法



We all know that smoking is harmful to our health, and the effect on our lungs is the most common. Before, there was a picture that showed that our health risk was in the lungs. In fact, smoking did harm not only to the health of the lungs, but also to more parts. Follow 360 common sense net to see the harm of smoking to the body.


Six dangers of smoking for men


1. Smoking causes blood clots and various heart diseases


Inhalation of carbon monoxide in cigarettes reduces the blood's ability to absorb oxygen. Nicotine can speed up the heart rate, increase the blood pressure, weaken the heart's ability to bear, cause the coronary artery infarction due to the lack of oxygen in the heart, cause the accumulation of atherosclerosis due to the local ischemia (or heart glue pain), and many heart diseases begin to occur.


Between the ages of 30 and 49, smokers are five times more likely to develop heart disease than nonsmokers. Quitters found that their risk of heart attack dropped by half a year later.


2. Brain damage caused by smoking


Smoking can cause a variety of brain diseases, reduce the circulation of oxygen and blood in the brain, cause hemorrhage and occlusion of blood vessels in the brain, and lead to paralysis, mental decline and stroke. The cause of stroke is that smoking causes vasospasm in the brain, which makes blood clot easily. Smokers are twice as likely to have a stroke as nonsmokers.


3. The harm of smoking to the mouth


Smoking can cause oral and laryngeal cancer. The heat of tar and smoke in cigarettes will make salivary glands inflamed, taste buds damaged, taste and olfactory ability greatly weakened. Next, it is very easy to lead to oral cancer, about 2 / 3 of patients can still survive after finding oral cancer. At the same time, smoke can increase the temperature of the throat from 37 ° C to 42 ° C, causing micro burns of the inner mucous membrane and chronic thermal trauma, which eventually leads to laryngeal cancer.


4. Lung damage caused by smoking


Smoking can cause the cilia of bronchial epithelial cells to become shorter and irregular, and the disturbance of movement, reduce the local resistance and be easily infected. Smoking can cause lung cancer. 90% of the total mortality rate is caused by smoking. The initial symptoms will not be detected until cancer cells spread to blood vessels and other organs. Smoking may also cause emphysema. The accumulation of toxic substances in the bronchi of the lungs may hinder the normal exhalation of the air inhaled by the human body, cause the expansion or bursting of the lung cells, and cause dyspnea of the patients.


5. The harm of smoking to the stomach


In patients with gastrointestinal diseases, smoking is enough to worsen the disease. In patients with gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcer, the healing of ulcer will slow down, and even become chronic disease. Smoking can stimulate the nervous system, accelerate the secretion of saliva and gastric juice, make the gastrointestinal tract often tense, resulting in the loss of appetite of smokers. In addition, nicotine can constrict the blood vessels of gastrointestinal mucosa and reduce appetite.


6. Smoking is not only harmful to oneself, but also to others.


When smoking, the smoke emitted from the mouth and nostrils will choke others, that is to say, smoking and passive smoking can lead to a variety of cancers, and the carcinogenic rate will be greatly increased compared with smokeless cases. You can imagine that the danger is approaching you slowly. Your family will fight with you because of your obsession, which will affect the harmony. In the near future, you will suffer from the groans of pain. Once you get sick, it is a disaster and nightmare of your family. Such a breathtaking scene, I believe it is not the future I want. Moreover, after smoking, some people also throw away cigarette butts everywhere. It not only damages the environment and pollutes the air, but also may cause fire. Therefore, it also makes clear that smoking is harmful without any benefit. There are millions of people die from smoking every year in the world. Smoking is the first killer of human beings. It is not only beneficial to health, but also a reflection of noble public health morality to consciously develop the habit of personal health.


The best way to quit smoking


1. From now on, the method of quitting smoking completely or gradually reducing the number of times of smoking can be successful in 3-4 months.


2. Throw away smoking equipment, such as lighters, ashtrays, cigarettes, and reduce your "conditioned reflex.".

3、坚决拒绝香烟的引诱,经常提醒自己,再吸一支烟足以令戒烟的计划前功尽弃。 避免参与往常习惯吸烟的场所或活动。

3. Firmly refuse the temptation of cigarettes, often remind yourself that smoking another cigarette is enough to make the plan of quitting smoking useless. Avoid places or activities where you are used to smoking.

4、餐后喝水、吃水果或散步,摆脱饭后一支烟的想法。 研究表明:在戒烟初期多喝一些果汁可以帮助戒除尼古丁的成瘾。

4. Drink water, eat fruit or take a walk after a meal to get rid of the idea of a cigarette after a meal. Research shows that drinking more juice in the early days of quitting smoking can help to quit nicotine addiction.


5. When you are addicted to cigarettes, you should immediately take a deep breath, or chew sugar free gum, and avoid using snacks instead of cigarettes. Otherwise, your blood sugar will rise and your body will be overweight.


6. Tell others that you have quit smoking, don't give you cigarettes, and don't smoke in front of you.


7. Write down your reasons for quitting smoking, such as for your own health, for the sake of your family, for saving money, etc., and take them with you. When you are addicted to smoking, you can take them out to warn yourself.


8. Make a plan to quit smoking and reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke every day.


9. Arrange some sports activities, such as swimming, running, fishing, etc. On the one hand, it can relieve mental tension and pressure, on the other hand, it can avoid paying more attention to smoking.


10. When you have the urge to smoke, you can control it by drinking water. It turns out that water is a great way to stop smoking. When you feel empty or want to smoke, drink a glass of water slowly first.


11. If behavior therapy alone is not conducive to smoking cessation, nicotine replacement or non nicotine drug therapy will often help smokers to quit smoking successfully. Nicotine replacement therapy, which uses products containing trace amounts of nicotine, such as chewing gum, nasal spray or plaster on the skin, helps smokers quit to alleviate the severe symptoms such as irritability, insomnia and anxiety during smoking cessation.


12. When you really find it difficult to quit smoking, you can consult a professional doctor for help. Getting the support of your family and friends is also crucial to the success of quitting smoking.


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