When it comes to DNG anchor hell uncle, I think everyone should be very familiar with it. As a popular anchor of DNF, he was blocked by Tencent two years ago, which led to Mengyuan being blocked for such a long time. However, recently, his account was finally unsealed and returned to the live broadcast. Let's have a look together!


DNF anchor hell uncle account unsealed back to live


When it comes to dnf's anchor, uncle hell, you should be very familiar with it, right? But they all think that helluncle is really wrong. In February 2018, his account was blocked by Tencent for violating the rules. At that time, hell uncle was also tired because of this matter, in order to get justice for himself. At that time, his live content was safe in other anchor's live rooms, but it was unfair that he was sealed.


Now two years have passed, and the account of helluncle has finally been unsealed. After so long in legal proceedings, it has finally been settled. Many netizens think Tencent is unfair to helluncle. However, after the release of helluncle's account, it can't keep up with the progress of the game. Many equipment has fallen behind.


However, after the rebroadcast, the housing management also sent 30 sets of Spring Festival gift bags, which can be said to welcome the return of hell uncle. It's really not easy to clean Cinderella. If it was another anchor, he might have given up.


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