PDD直播谈自己的病情 肿瘤占了整个肝脏的三分之一-看世界

PDD直播谈自己的病情 肿瘤占了整个肝脏的三分之一


When it comes to PDD, we should all know that some time ago, the Internet was talking about the physical condition of PDD. There are serious problems in the body, so the number of live broadcasts has decreased. Recently, PDD explained its illness in detail to everyone during the live broadcast. Let's have a look with Xiaobian!


PDD live talk about their illness


In fact, you need to know that as a anchor, PDD work with irregular long-term rest and long-term tiredness will naturally lead to many problems, which will become a very serious thing in the body. Recently, PDD introduced its illness to you during the live broadcast. Although not very optimistic, but still need to face.


PDD said that it would affect the operation because of its heavy weight and too much fat, so it began to lose weight, which should be seen by everyone. But recently, I can only stay at home every day, and PDD has grown fat again. PDD also said, want to find a good doctor, their liver bleeding, there are more than ten small tumors! How terrible it is! I dare not even sleep on the right side!


PDD said it would make great efforts to do the operation this time, and come back to live after recovering.


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