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坑人的现代养生误区 正在悄悄毁掉你的健康



For today's people, because of the increasing pressure and the increasing types of diseases, we all pay special attention to health care and health care, for fear that one may get the disease accidentally. However, there are still some misunderstandings in the process of health preservation for modern people. Let's join 360 common sense to see what the misunderstandings are?


Misunderstandings of modern people's health preservation


Myth 1: work too busy, health care after retirement


For health preservation, some people think that "work is too busy now, there is no Kungfu health preservation, health preservation and health care will wait until after retirement!" experts analyze and say that no matter who you are, the life process is basically the same: people always change from health to sub-health, then the body function disorder, then organic disease, finally organ damage, organ failure, and finally the trend Death...


There are two things in the world that are often gone forever: one is youth, the other is health. A person who doesn't have time for health care or doesn't pay attention to health care will be hospitalized one day. Therefore, health care should start from the time when there is no disease, because it is too late to keep health again when there is a disease.


So, from today on, "keep your mouth shut, step on your legs, don't smoke, and drink less.".


Myth 2: Hu takes lazy food and is eager to find a panacea


Many people who seem to pay attention to health care listen to lectures and take notes one by one, but they never apply the health care knowledge they hear to them. Some think that the key to health care is to find a panacea. Some simply say, "doctor, please give me a prescription, I will take the medicine.".


Experts say that there is no panacea for health preservation, only a real start from changing the way of life, from now on, from now on. For example, everyone knows to control salt, sugar and oil. But nowadays, white-collar workers have more social activities, have more meals and eat too much salt, sugar and oil. What should I do? Buy your own food and go home to cook.


Misunderstanding 3: Patients with three highs love high price tonic cream


At present, the trend of "winter tonic" is sweeping across China, but whether the cream is suitable for everyone needs a question mark.


Gao Fang refers to the tonic taken by normal people for "Dongzang" under normal circumstances. But now many "three high" people are also keen to eat tonic cream. Even in the eyes of some people, if the cream is less than ten thousand yuan, it will not show its value.


In fact, many cities need more treatment methods, such as eliminating fat and toxin, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, calming liver and nourishing yang, rather than nourishing.


In other words, even if you want to supplement in winter, you need to supplement in different ways according to different people's physique. For example, people who are prone to recurrent cold are deficient in health and need to supplement Yang; people who often suffer from cold or diarrhea are deficient in spleen and need to supplement Yang in spleen; people who are tired and have low back pain and clear urine are deficient in kidney and need to supplement Yang in kidney, etc. That is to say, diet health care and traditional Chinese medicine treatment, also need dialectical diet.


Myth 4: prevent obesity, middle-aged women eat vegetarian every day


There are also some people, especially some middle-aged women, do not like to eat fat, because they are afraid of getting fat, but also to prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, so they eat vegetarian every day.


Experts remind that long-term intake of high-fat diet is prone to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, but do not eat meat with fat at all, which is not conducive to health. Animal fat contains a substance that can prolong life, not only will not promote atherosclerosis, but also can prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.


Therefore, for manual workers, they should eat a little fat. For people with low blood fat, they should also eat some cholesterol containing foods in their daily diet, which is good for health and longevity.


Myth 5: wild ginseng, suffering from "ginseng abuse syndrome"


Many people think that taking ginseng and other supplements every day is health preservation. Others are infatuated with the so-called "wild ginseng", but most of the so-called "wild ginseng" is actually "shifting ginseng". To move ginseng is to move the cultivated ginseng to the mountain, which has been stained with "mountain Qi" for a period of time. The real wild ginseng is flat, anyone can eat it.


Although ginseng is a good tonic, it has different functions and needs to be treated properly. According to traditional Chinese medicine, deficiency can be divided into deficiency of Qi, deficiency of blood and deficiency of five internal organs. If there is no deficiency, there is no need to supplement it. If there is no deficiency, there is no need to eat ginseng. Long term or excessive use of ginseng will lead to "ginseng abuse syndrome", which is characterized by excitement, restlessness, insomnia, headache, abdominal distention and high blood pressure rise. Therefore, do not take ginseng at will, it is best to take it reasonably and properly under the guidance of the doctor.


Mistake 6: blindly seeking for high price and exaggerating the function of Cordyceps sinensis


There are some precious herbs in traditional Chinese medicine more expensive than gold. Cordyceps sinensis is one of them.


But is Cordyceps really that powerful? How much can we eat to achieve the publicity of "improving immunity, anti-cancer" and other functions? According to ancient records and research, the dosage needed for Cordyceps sinensis to treat diseases is - 9g a day to achieve the effect. The average Cordyceps is about 1g for 6 and 1g for 4. So you need to eat at least 36 Cordyceps every day to achieve the therapeutic effect.


In addition, Cordyceps sinensis has a high content of protein components, which can be easily dissolved and absorbed by human body when cooked together with animal food materials. So there was a famous dish in ancient times called "stewed duck with Cordyceps". Reasonable collocation of traditional Chinese medicine can improve its efficacy.


Misunderstanding 7: "cold leg female", treat stagnation as Yang Deficiency


At present, there is a quite common misunderstanding of health preservation among urban women - "cold leg women" is Yang deficiency, which needs to be remedied.


In fact, "cold limb female" is due to the stagnation of the body Yang and Qi, which can not be connected with the four ends; in addition, the cold winter makes the veins stagnant. Most of these women will be accompanied by dysmenorrhea and other symptoms.


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