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游泳镜防雾小妙招 如何选购防雾性能好的泳镜



Every time I go swimming, the goggles often get foggy and can't see clearly. It's very annoying. What's the solution? Today, 360 common sense will share some tips, hoping to help you.


Swimming mirror anti fog tips


Special antifogging agent:


The antifogging agent is simple to use and has a long-lasting effect. Apply 1 or 2 drops of antifogging agent onto the sponge evenly. It can be used in the shade or immediately. Antifogging agents can be purchased on Taobao, and they are also sold in many swimming pools.


Tips 2. Saliva:


Spit on the inner surface of the goggles, and then apply evenly by hand. It has a certain effect (athletes also use this method).


Coup three, shampoo foam:


First fill the whole glasses with shampoo and shampoo. After the shower is done, the foam on the mirror is thrown slightly. Then rinse with clean water. In the income box, rinse the mirror in the pool before putting it on the water, and then OK. The effect is very good!


Tips 4. Hand sanitizer or shampoo:


Every time before swimming, I drop a drop of detergent (without adding water), and wipe it with napkin or fine dry cloth. Make sure there's no fog at all. In winter, there will be a small amount of condensate, which can be poured out in half an hour; in summer, there is almost no such problem.


What to do without paper towels or dry cloth. Before entering the swimming pool, isn't there always a washing table? Generally, hand sanitizer will be provided. Of course, you can bring your own advanced one, then squeeze a little hand sanitizer into the mirror frame, wipe it evenly and wash it clean. OK, it should be enough for you to swim once.


Tips 5. Eyeglass solution:


After swimming, it can prevent fogging for 2 hours by cleaning contact lens with liquid medicine, which is convenient and sanitary.


Tips 6. Egg white:

先将泳镜内表面用少许洗涤剂清洗干净,凉干,取一个新鲜鸡蛋,打破一小孔,让蛋清流入泳镜内,使其均匀分布,然后将多余蛋清倒出,凉干, 防雾效果很不错,但是操作比较麻烦。

First, clean the inner surface of the swimming mirror with a little detergent, cool and dry it. Take a fresh egg, break a small hole, let the egg white flow into the swimming mirror, and make it evenly distributed. Then pour out the extra egg white, cool and dry, and the anti fog effect is very good, but the operation is troublesome.


How to choose anti fog goggles


First of all, in terms of comfort, the softness and fit of the silicone rubber ring are the most important. Choose a comfortable silicone ring so that your eyes won't be pulled when you swim. At the same time, it should fit your face enough so that you won't leak in.


Secondly, the materials for the lenses are also very particular. It is better to choose materials with anti attack characteristics, so that the lenses will not hair after wearing for a long time, and the underwater vision is still clear. At the same time, it is better to be light, and the effect of water resistance is better.


As for the choice of the back mirror belt, of course, it should also be adjustable, suitable for different people's head shape, and the softness is also very important.


The size of the frame directly determines the size of the field of vision. The big frame has a large field of vision, but the small one looks more handsome, so you have to choose it yourself.


In fact, a lot of people don't know how to do it correctly, so it's very important to prevent the swimming glasses from becoming more important, and bring more conditions to our body. According to this method to choose swimming glasses, the protection performance is better, and it can also bring very good conditions to our body, according to the above formula Only by doing so can we have a very good protective performance and guarantee our life to be more healthy.


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