提高自己的免疫功能 科学饮食保持良好的心理状态-看世界

提高自己的免疫功能 科学饮食保持良好的心理状态



During the epidemic, most people stay at home to reduce loss of appetite, but remember to eat well! There are numerous examples of people's diet regulating body functions and overcoming diseases. The more the epidemic is raging, the more we need to eat well, ensure nutrition and eat scientifically, so as to improve our immunity and strongly block the virus. Now follow 360 common sense net to understand!


How to eat to improve their immune function?


1. Three meals a day to keep healthy


During the outbreak, many people stayed at home. Therefore, I would like to remind you that when you stay at home, you must have more plans, for example, to keep a regular, normal sleep, not stay up late, to keep our healthy three meals a day, which emphasizes that if you want to maintain resistance, you must eat three meals, not reduce meals, not say I eat one meal a day. Because many people have irregular life at this time, they have to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner.


2. Four kinds of food should be guaranteed every day


Four kinds of food should be guaranteed every day. These four categories of food should include our cereals and potatoes, that is, food; vegetables and fruits; good things, that is, high-quality protein food; the fourth category is oil, and we should eat at least four categories of food every day.


3. More than 12 kinds of food should be guaranteed every day


It's the food you eat every day. There must be at least 12 kinds of food in the four categories. It's considered that your nutrition is a level that can help you improve your resistance.


4. Eat at least 25 foods a week


That is to say, if you eat at least 25 kinds of food in a week, it is considered to be a diet with balanced nutrition and enhanced resistance.


In short, we eat at least three or two grains a day, not more than a jin of staple food, which is three to 10 liang of staple food in a day. Of course, this refers to the fine grain or coarse grain, rice, white flour and other ingredients, and then some of the cereal and potato, such as sweet potato, yam, taro and potato, which is what we call food.


The second category is fruits and vegetables. You should eat one jin to two Jin every day to meet your basic nutritional needs. It can not only supplement enough vitamins but also eat the dietary fiber we need.


The third is to eat good things in place, that is, meat, eggs, milk and bean products. Every day, you should eat at least two to three liang of meat, one to two eggs, one to two bags of milk, and then a little tofu, which constitutes a high-quality protein combination for you to strengthen your physique and enhance your resistance.


There should be a little grease for protection, 2-3 tablespoons of oil every day.


If you follow these four suggestions, you will be able to meet the nutritional needs of three meals a day and enhance the general principle of resistance, which is basically applicable to the elderly, adults and children. Of course, differences may have their own characteristics. We will adjust them under such basic principles.


How to improve their own immunity?


Strengthen physical exercise, make a fitness plan according to your physical condition, choose jogging every five mornings, jogging time should be controlled to one hour, because at first, your immune system is low, so you can't bear high-intensity labor. At the same time, after a half-hour walk, so that their digestive system function can be enhanced.


Keep a good mental state and slow down your life. Nowadays, there is a lot of pressure in life. Many young people will suffer from stomach and spleen discomfort, bad mood, and a little bit of impatience. Therefore, we should improve our psychological quality so that we can bear the pressure from the outside world and adapt to the environment better.


Supplement various vitamins, increase rich nutrition, and more fruits and vegetables. Vitamin C contains a lot of microelements, which can improve the immune system faster. Add a bag of milk every night to increase your resistance. Eat more fresh fruits such as broccoli, carrots, pears, etc. broccoli can not only whiten your skin, but also fight cancer. Therefore, you need to supplement a large number of vitamins, and your body will recover slowly.


Form a good habit of living, at least 8 hours of sleep every day, and eat not too full. Don't often play games on the computer, and don't eat and sleep irregularly all day. Many parents dote on their children and do everything for them, which leads to their children's lazy habit. Therefore, they always stay up late to sleep, resulting in the phenomenon of insufficient energy and spirit and neurasthenia. Therefore, it is very important to improve their self-control and ensure adequate sleep.


More labor, through labor can strengthen their own exercise. Nowadays, with the development of social economy, people tend to neglect the source of a kind of wealth disease. Rich and noble disease is due to their lazy life, the more comfortable they want to enjoy it, resulting in their weak resistance. Some college students stay at home all day long to be house men and house women. Undoubtedly, they encounter external weather changes, and will find that their physical resistance is weak. Therefore, it is very important to strengthen labor exercise. Children should wash their hands when they are young Some simple housework, let them become industrious.


Learning psychotherapy, going out of the outside world to see more, will find the good things in life, while reading some psychological books, watching some psychological interview programs. In Chinese society, what children lack most is common sense of mental education. Many friends will have such and such mental problems, including extreme thinking and weak social pressure resistance. Therefore, the improvement of mental quality requires constant self-cultivation. If you want to be open-minded and look at the long-term, natural diseases will not trouble you.


When going out to work, we should add more clothes according to the weather. No matter how glorious others wear, you should also pay attention to the change of temperature. When people's resistance is weak, you should wear more clothes and keep warm when it's cold. You should bubble hot feet at night, and refuse to eat junk snacks in life. Especially in summer, many friends love ice-cream, which will cause their own cold air to be too heavy, and they will have hair for a long time Now the whole body is sick, so it is very important to improve self-control.


If you can solve your physical problems without taking medicine, then refuse to take the medicine. When people are ill, many friends will go for injection and infusion, especially when people have a cold. If it's a simple throat inflammation, see if there's a better diet therapy method, which can make your body recover quickly. If you can solve the disease through acupuncture and physical therapy, don't let yourself take more drugs, causing too many drugs in your body. Slowly It will be found that no matter what medicine you drink, your immunity will be reduced. At the same time, when you are really sick, you should treat it in time, and do not delay the time to cause chronic problems, which will bring trouble to solve the disease.


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