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NASA立扫把挑战是真的吗 NASA立扫把挑战真相揭秘


According to foreign media reports, on February 12, NASA made an official response to the challenge of setting up a broom, which has been widely spread on the Internet recently. NASA said that setting up a broom is actually a very simple phenomenon, which can be done every day. Before that, a challenge called NASA's broom has swept the world, and many social media have fallen into the broom mania. There is even a saying: "February 10 is a special day. NASA, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, once said that this day the earth's gravity is the smallest, so the broom can stand up."


These two days, the so-called "challenge of setting up brooms" of NASA suddenly burst into the Internet, with the active participation of netizens at home and abroad. Of course, the actual result is that many people can set up ordinary household brooms without any support.

对于上述说法和玩法,NASA宇航员阿尔文·德鲁(Alvin Drew)和科学家莎拉·诺布尔(Sarah Noble)对NASA立扫把挑战做出了回应,表明让扫把立起来的基本物理学在每一天都有效。

In response to the above statement and play method, NASA astronaut Alvin drew and scientist Sarah noble responded to the challenge of NASA to set up a broom, showing that the basic physics of setting up a broom works every day.


According to NASA astronaut Alvin drew, the key to this is balance. The center of gravity of the broom is very low, so the main part of the broom, that is, the broom hair, can be well supported like a tripod.  


In this way, the weight of the handle and the plastic part of the broom can be easily supported, so it can be erected. If the broom is replaced with some other items, it can be established in fact, so there is no need to make a fuss.


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