Mr. Yang, a Wenzhou native, was doing business in Wuhan. He returned to Wenzhou in early January, but when he got home, he felt ill and had a high fever. At that time, he didn't care. But during this period, I took a bath in my bathroom and fell down accidentally. I felt the chest area was particularly painful. I suspected that I had a rib fracture, so I went to the hospital immediately. When I took CT, I found the shadow of the lung, so I was diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia.

口述:杨轩新 | 46 岁 | 私企业主 | 浙江温州

Oral: Yang Xuanxin, 46 years old, owner of private enterprise, Wenzhou, Zhejiang


Until I transferred to novel coronavirus pneumonia, I was the first patient to be diagnosed with new crown pneumonia in Wenzhou province. I did not know that until I transferred to the Sixth People's Hospital of Wenzhou. When it comes to diagnosis, I have to start with a broken rib.


To be honest, it's lucky to come back from Wuhan earlier this year.

5 年前,我和爱人到武汉做老旧小区电梯加装生意。往年都是临近除夕才回温州,今年儿子大学里放假早,我和爱人决定提前回家过年。

Five years ago, my wife and I went to Wuhan to do elevator installation business in the old community. In previous years, we didn't return to Wenzhou until new year's Eve. This year, my son and I decided to go home early for the Spring Festival.

1 月 3 日,我们从武汉开车出发,直奔老家温州永嘉。路上好像有点受凉,总感到后背有冷风吹来,当时就以为是普通感冒呢。

On January 3, we drove from Wuhan to our hometown, Wenzhou Yongjia. It seems that I got cold on the road. I always feel the cold wind coming from my back. I thought it was a common cold at that time.

第二天凌晨到了永嘉后,在县城卫生院打了两天点滴。结果,却不见好转,体温一度烧到 39 ℃。

After arriving at Yongjia in the early morning of the next day, I made a few drops in the county health center for two days. As a result, it did not improve. The temperature once reached 39 ℃.


Later, when I took a bath, I fell again, and my chest hurt very much. I didn't know at that time that it was pneumonia that made me faint until I couldn't breathe.

我怀疑肋骨骨折了,就到温州市人民医院拍 CT。结果不仅骨折,还查出肺里有阴影。

I suspected that my ribs were broken, so I went to Wenzhou People's hospital to take CT. Results not only the fracture, but also the shadow in the lung.

我有点纳闷:过去肺子没有什么毛病,哪来的阴影呢?难道是 …… 医生听说我从武汉回来,赶紧给我做核酸测试,结果呈阳性。由于具有传染性,我爱人也被一起收治入院了。

I am a bit puzzled: in the past, there was nothing wrong with the lungs. Where did the shadows come from? Is it When the doctor heard that I had come back from Wuhan, he gave me a nucleic acid test and the result was positive. Because of the infectivity, my wife was admitted to the hospital together.

1 月 17 日,我俩都被转到六院。一开始我也不理解:在人民医院治得好好的,为什么突然转院?每天被穿着防护服的医护人员围着,看着就挺吓人。

On January 17, we were both transferred to the sixth house. At the beginning, I didn't understand why the people's Hospital transferred suddenly when it was well treated? It's scary to be surrounded by medical staff in protective clothing every day.


Novel coronavirus pneumonia was the first case confirmed in Zhejiang province. From top to bottom, we attach great importance to it, which is also the reason why we were transferred to the sixth hospital.

从 17 日转院到 24 日出院,治疗刚好一个星期。我和爱人每人一间病房,她在我隔壁。让我欣慰的是,爱人和我一起从武汉自驾回来,一起吃一起睡,但她的检测结果呈阴性。

From the 17th transfer to the 24th discharge, the treatment is just one week. My wife and I each have a ward. She is next to me. I'm glad that my wife and I drove back from Wuhan together, ate and slept together, but her test results were negative.


What's more reassuring is that I haven't heard that I've infected anyone.


At the worst, I thought I couldn't survive. Now I sum up that a successful recovery may be due to a good mentality. In the hospital, we both ate and slept as usual all the time, without thinking about it all day long.


It may also be that I got sick early and didn't know that the epidemic was so serious later, and I didn't have such a heavy burden.


I can't tell you the detailed treatment process. Just remember to take traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine at the same time, which should be regarded as the combination of Chinese and Western medicine.


What impresses me most is that I need to take oxygen every day. You will be out of breath with this disease. It's very difficult to breathe without oxygen. It's like a big stone on your chest.


Now I pay attention to the news of the epidemic every day, especially in Wuhan. The friend over there listened to my treatment process and was a little envious. Listen to them, Wuhan's medical resources are still relatively tight. You have to line up for oxygen and needles.


In Wuhan, I live near Guiyuan temple, across the river from the South China seafood market. I haven't been there, and I don't know how I got infected.


On New Year's Eve, I was discharged. The hospital told me to go home and keep me in quarantine. The day before discharge, Wuhan city was closed and Zhejiang Province started the first level response. A lot of people began to pay attention to the epidemic.


I asked two children to stay in my brother's house in the county, and my wife and I went back to our hometown in the countryside.


When I just left hospital, my chest was a little depressed. At home, I lie in bed and take my temperature five or six times a day. Doctors from the town's health department and the sixth hospital called every day to ask about my recovery.


It's funny to say. My eyes were congested for a few days. I called the doctor. The doctor said, "you've seen a lot of mobile phones.".


I pay attention to physical exercise and improve my immunity.


Relatives and friends bring meals free of charge, and the village is responsible for purchasing what they need. They all know that I need to mend my body. They often bring some chickens, ducks, fish and geese to the door.

居家隔离满 14 天,2 月 8 日,我去六院复诊,结果一切正常。

After 14 days of isolation at home, on February 8, I went to the sixth hospital for further consultation, and everything was normal.

2 月 8 日,主治医生戴建义为杨轩新做检查

On February 8, Dai Jianyi, the attending doctor, examined Yang Xuanxin


It's time to get rid of the isolation, but the rural people are still afraid. I'm too lazy to go out for scolding and just stay at home. To be honest, at present, the management is closed everywhere. I really don't want to move anywhere.

在农村,有些事避免不了。我就知道有人说"得了病是心肠不好""没治好找歪门路跑回来" …… 讲什么怪话的都有。

In the countryside, some things can't be avoided. I knew that some people said, "it's a bad heart to get sick" and "it's not cured to find a wrong way to run back" There are all kinds of strange things to say.


These people talk but brain, now how strict the prevention and control, sick hospital can run back, that is not harmful to others and yourself?

复诊那天,说好救护车早上 8 点来接,我 6 点就起床了,等到 9 点还没来。打电话一问,车被拦在 5 个卡口之外,协调不了。

On the day of the second visit, it was agreed that the ambulance would pick up at 8 a.m., I got up at 6 a.m., and I didn't come until 9 a.m. When I called, the car was stopped outside five checkpoints, so I couldn't coordinate.

我去村里开通行证,只好自己开车过去。好说歹说过了 4 个卡口,剩下最后一个关卡,说什么也不让走了。

I went to the village to get a pass, so I had to drive by myself. Anyway, I said four checkpoints, leaving the last one, saying nothing.


I couldn't help it. I had to get out of the car and wade across a stream. I walked for another ten minutes before I got on the ambulance.


Think about it. If it doesn't work out, can the government let me out?


The business in Wuhan can still bear the pressure of closure, and the local staff can't work for the time being. The office is the property of one of our shareholders. I have heard that there is a policy for rent reduction for two months. I'm going to contact the landlord to see what he means.


If the epidemic lasts for a long time, we may consider going to other places for development. Elevator business can be done everywhere, relying on quality and integrity. Only in recent years in Wuhan, the relations in all aspects have been relatively smooth, and we have to start all over again in other places.


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