I believe you should all know that the hero League game has not been played recently. Because of the epidemic, the game can not be played. Before that, I also indicated that I would like to start the online game and participate in the game at my own club, but because there may be problems in the fairness of the online game. But today, LPL officially announced that it will broadcast the training match live! Let's have a look with Xiaobian!


LPL officially announced the open live training match


Everyone should know that the LPL league can only be suspended because of the epidemic. But just two days ago, it came out that LPL was going to reopen the game. At that time, netizens didn't believe it very much. But LPL said it would take online competition, that is to say, the teams are all playing in their own training base. This online mode is the first time in history.


Just when everyone doubted the truth of the event, LPL official announced that it would broadcast the open training match live! As we all know, this training match is a training match between each team. Of course, this training match has been very secret before and can't be opened. But this time, the original secret training match will be "broadcast live". In this way, the training match will certainly not appear some methods or "secret weapons".


But this caused a lot of netizens' attention and hot discussion. Although it was said that there would be a game to watch at last, it was really inconvenient for the team. And the most important thing is that at present, only five teams including tes, JDG, Sn, V5 and es have been disclosed. As for RNG, EDG and Ig, all three teams are behind.


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