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LPL什么时候恢复比赛 LPL官方公布开赛时间


I believe you all know that many heroes league players are very bored during this period, because there is no game to watch. After all, in this special time, LPL League is also suspended. Previously, it was revealed that LPL was about to start! What's going on? So when will LPL resume the game? Let's have a look with Xiaobian!


When will LPL resume competition


Recently, many netizens are very bored, because the LPL League has been suspended recently. After all, the reason for the epidemic is that the final match cannot occur. As for when to recover, everyone must be very curious, right? But recently, there is a good news that the LPL competition is about to start online.


But this online game is from February 26, the official channel of online live open training competition! Of course, this training match is not the same as the usual training match between teams, because the previous training match is to practice tactics, or there are some secret weapons. But this time it was officially announced that the open training competition was just a competition.

但是这样的比赛真的是有非常多的顾虑。比如说不公平,网络延迟,掉线等等一系列的事情。同时官方也是宣布了2月26日开始在官方渠道线上直播, TES、JDG、SN、V5、ES俱乐部将参与首周公开训练赛。其他的队伍可能就会延迟了。

But there are a lot of concerns about this kind of game. For example, unfair, network delay, offline and so on. At the same time, the official also announced that the live broadcast on the official channel will begin on February 26, and the TES, JDG, Sn, V5 and ES clubs will participate in the first week of open training match. Other teams may be delayed.


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