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RNG官方公布队员状况 UZI暂时无法归队


I believe you should all know that the LPL League has been suspended recently and has not resumed the competition. So all team members are in the state of repair, but netizens and fans are still worried about the physical condition of their teammates. Just today, RNG officials also introduced their team members to you on Weibo. Let's have a look with Xiaobian!


RNG Officially Announces the status of its members


I believe you should all know that this year, because of the epidemic, the LPL League was suspended. Many netizens and fans were very worried about the players' status. After all, basically all of them returned home and isolated for 14 days, so that the players' status would be affected, and many team members also returned to the team one after another. Just this morning, RNG officially released the latest information about the players.


At present, the RNG team members Xiao Ming, Xiao Hu, Lang Xing, Longbao and Betty have all returned to the base successively, and have accepted the isolation of single room for 14 days. Ensure the health of the team members. But Uzi is very uncomfortable. Because the epidemic situation in his area is still serious, he can only be isolated at home, and then he can return to the base after passing through.


This year's epidemic also affected many people's travel, but for the sake of life safety, we still need to cooperate with our work.


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