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河正宇方否认吸毒 称到医院是为了治疗疤痕


He Zhengyu denied taking drugs and said he went to the hospital to treat scars. According to South Korean media reports, the agency responded to he Zhengyu's drug abuse, saying that from January 25 to September last year, it had 9 to 10 high-intensity laser operations to treat facial scars. At that time, under the judgment of the Dean, only sleeping anesthesia was used, without any drug abuse.


"The president has attached great importance to wearing masks and hats since the first visit." in the process, the president asked he Zhengyu for "the name of the brother and agent represented by his company" and other information. In order to protect privacy and think about the doctor's requirements at a loss, so there is no special doubt to convey In addition, it added: "if the investigating authority requests to confirm the facts, it will actively assist.".

韩国Channel A电视台不久前爆料,韩国检方在对首尔某整形医院非法注射麻醉药一案进行调查时发现多名演艺圈人士涉案,其中还包含了一名著名演员。该演员已被确认的非法注射麻醉药次数就达十几次,检方推测总数应该多达数十次,而医院工作人员也爆料,该演员因注射次数过多甚至已经产生了耐药性。今天韩国多家媒体爆料,这名非法注射麻醉药的演员正是河正宇,检方已查出河正宇多次用自己的原名和弟弟的名字在首尔某整形医院非法注射管制麻醉药品异丙酚。

South Korean channel a television recently revealed that South Korean prosecutors found a number of actors involved in the illegal injection of narcotic drugs at a plastic surgery hospital in Seoul, including a famous actor. The actor has been confirmed to inject narcotic drugs illegally for more than ten times, and the prosecution speculated that the total number should be as many as ten times, and hospital staff also revealed that the actor has even developed drug resistance due to too many injections. Today, several South Korean media reported that the actor who illegally injected narcotic drugs was he Zhengyu. Prosecutors have found that he used his original name and his brother's name to illegally inject controlled anesthetic propofol into a plastic surgery hospital in Seoul for many times.


The following is the full text of the official position of workhouse affiliated to he Zhengyu:


He Zhengyu is usually very distressed because of the facial scar problem. In January 2019, he introduced to him the president of a famous laser scar treatment hospital, who conveyed his positive intention to help him treat the skin scar.


From January to September 2019, about 10 surgeries were performed with high-intensity laser. At the time of treatment, only sleep anesthesia was used without any drug abuse at the judgment of the dean. After he Zhengyu achieved some effect in treatment, he completed the treatment in the autumn of that year.


Here's a description of "being treated in the name of an actor's younger brother.".


From the beginning of the visit, the dean asked to "wear masks and hats" and pay attention to personal privacy. In the process, the president asked he Zhengyu to provide "information such as the name of the younger brother and the agent of the representative of the affiliated society". For the sake of privacy protection, we believe that there is no special doubt because it is the doctor's request. Although I don't know how the hospital uses these things, for he Zhengyu, there is no reason to hide the fact of treatment.


Although there is an invitation from the president, we are deeply introspecting the personal information that we have carelessly informed others. For the misunderstanding caused by this, we also sincerely apologize to all fans.


Fortunately, the process of making an appointment to visit the hospital, the process of observation after treatment, the process of communicating with the dean for several months and the process of informing the information at the request of the Dean are all left with the SMS content. From its detailed content, the fact and time of entering and leaving the hospital for the purpose of treatment have been confirmed.


Please refrain from expanding the interpretation of this case or reporting unconfirmed facts. Our company will actively assist if the investigation authority requests to confirm the facts.


For a mass art worker, because of the controversial events, the name appears in the media, which is absolutely not helpful. In our opinion, it is completely unimpeded. We hope that the dispute can be settled naturally. But speculation continues, so take a stand.


Once again, I would like to apologize to the fans and relevant personnel who believe in actor he Zhengyu more than ever and who are worried about cheering him on.


Thank you.


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