Today, Xiaobian has prepared for you: what do the officials look like? Let's have a look at them!


One rain, one hat, one boat, one Zhang of silk and one inch of hook. A song a bottle of wine, a person fishing alone River autumn.


This is the classic scene of the county magistrate handling the case. Officials, teachers, yamen servants, etc. are high above the ground. Prisoners have no dignity. They kneel on the ground and speculate about their fate. They are nervous and afraid, and even dare not raise their heads.


Zuo Zongtang, who carried the coffin for the battle, was one of the four famous ministers in the late Qing Dynasty. Now we can see several photos of Zuo Zongtang, so this painting is of special value. Zuo Zongtang's official life can be called honest and clean. Although he was in the high position of the Qing Dynasty, his family life was very hard. When his family was in the economic situation when he left, his salary one year after his death, before the salary was paid, he had donated to the poor many times.


At the end of the Qing Dynasty, yehenara Ruilin, governor of Guangdong and Guangxi, did not say that he had a good look, but only looked very energetic. In the late Qing Dynasty, Ruilin seemed to be the existence of a clear stream.


This is an official's family portrait. The wife of the concubine in the family is not qualified to sit down and take photos. The officials in the photos have sharp eyes, but they don't look angry. Just because of this, they have the official power of the Qing Dynasty, which also brings a deep sense of oppression to others


Dong Xun, the Minister of the prime minister's Yamen and Minister of the Ministry of household, didn't know that after his death, Guangxu gave an impartial comment that "only when he is pure and virtuous can he be competent". It's enough to see the noble life of the Qing Dynasty only by looking at the style of paunchy, but it's just a kind of narcissism. For such a parasite, he didn't care if the Qing Dynasty was going to die.


A picture of a maid standing next to an official couple. In the Qing Dynasty, the so-called monogamy was only called wife in the name of the main house, and the rest were concubines that could be included in the family. There was no requirement for the number of concubines.


Of course, those who could have concubines were all dignitaries of the Qing Dynasty.


Zhang Zhidong was one of the representatives of Westernization in the late Qing Dynasty.


Zhang Zhidong is also the only one of the four famous ministers in ZTE who has not led soldiers to fight in the battlefield. However, Zhang Zhidong's resume is rich enough. Governor Huguang alone has been around twice. Because he can spend money on industry and lead the abolition of the system, Zhang Zhidong has two Titles: one is Qian Tu, the other is Shi Tu, and he has a special habit of working at night and sleeping during the day 。


It's a real portrait of harmony. There's a big gap between the image of elegant and the image of corruption and bribery. We all know that he Xuan is the biggest corrupt criminal? In fact, he Xuan's ability is undoubted among many officials in the Qing Dynasty. And the position I hold is the Minister of the three rotating ministries. His talent starts from language speaking. He is not only proficient in Chinese, Manchu, Mongolian and Tibetan Languages, but also proficient in English. He speaks English fluently and is good at management, which is also his outstanding point, so he is very valued. Many important positions were assigned to him. In the Qing Dynasty, there were three ministers' books, namely, the minister, the minister, the minister, the minister, the minister, the minister, the minister, the minister and the minister. These were all positions he had worked for. Moreover, they all belong to important positions in the temple, which is also the emperor's affirmation of the ability of he he, even with the light.


This is an official of the Qing Dynasty and his wife and concubines. This kind of scene is very common in the late Qing Dynasty. For these officials, the pursuit of luxury and enjoyment seems to be the most important thing. As for the country, it is the matter of Aisin Jueluo's family.


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