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It is true that Cao Cao killed his young children. Cao Cao is a man of great talent, but in that deceitful society, he can't keep his honest and honest character. Cao Cao has many treacherous places, he has killed many people, are some civil servants, such as the grain official Wang long, which makes Cao Cao's reputation suddenly bad.


Later, Liu Fu was killed the night before, but Cao Cao was very disappointed by Liu Fu's words, so Liu Fu was stabbed to death with his liquor strength. Xu you was a little proud of the help Cao relied on. He called Cao Cao's nickname, and Cao Cao was still conniving at it. Soon Xu you was killed again. In addition, Cao Cao killed himself indirectly in order to increase his rank, and of course, Kong Ronghe.


Besides these people, there is a very famous person. Although you Heng died in the hands of Huang Zu, the first one was Cao Cao. As we all know, it is Kong Rong who recommended Qiheng to Cao Cao, saying that it was recommended to Cao Cao, but actually recommended to Cao Cao, because Emperor Xian of Han Dynasty had no power.


In this way, there are many civil servants and counselors killed directly or indirectly by Cao Cao. Why did Cao Cao kill the counselors and literati around him? He seldom killed his famous generals.


Who did Cao Cao sacrifice? Dianwei and Guojia. One culture, one military. From this analysis, we can see that Cao Cao didn't attach great importance to literati and counselors, but he attached great importance to generals. Why is this so? Explain this problem from Cao Cao's killing Confucius.


Cao Cao wanted to kill Kong Rong not for two days. When he was invited to save Xuzhou, he planted the first seeds. Cao Cao's father and clan passed by Xuzhou. In order to please Cao Cao's troops, Tao Qian killed Cao Cao's father and uncle.


Cao Cao wants to build up his army, attack Tao Qian in Xuzhou and threaten to kill the city. In fact, this is just an excuse to seize Xuzhou. Kong Rong came out of the world to save Tao Qian. He also made an appointment with him, which made Cao Cao very uncomfortable. The festival between Cao Cao and Kong Rong came into being.


Later, in order to persuade the surrender, Cao Cao was ready to let Kong Rong go. Unexpectedly, Kong Rong recommended you Heng. You Heng has a personality. He scolds Cao in naked clothes, which makes Cao Cao more angry. The person recommended by Kong Rong even scolds him!


When you Heng saw Huang Zu in Jiangxia, he asked him, "what is your character in Xu? He said," big son, little child. ". Apart from these two, there is no one else. As soon as this statement was made, Cao Cao and all civil servants and military generals were denied directly. Can Cao Cao be angry? It also proves that Kong Rong and you Heng are in the same boat.


"Birds of a feather flock together.". From your words, we can see that Kong Rong and Yang Xiu are your good friends. They can become good friends only because they have the same temperament, are very similar in values, outlook on life and world outlook, can reach consensus on many issues, and also show that these three people are more like each other, are kind of upright but not soft, strong but not backward people.


Such kind of people always love to show themselves to people and things, do not know how to express their opinions euphemistically, and like to show their talents and show their talents, which is taboo at any time. But these three people are not satisfied, the result of these three people's ending is surprisingly similar. Why is this? It is that they touch human nature and violate it. In the process of communication with others, they are superior, arrogant and complacent, which leads to envy of others. At the same time, he was too upright and severe, which angered Cao Cao and led to death.


Even xunzu and Cao Cao, who had been fighting for many years with Cao Cao, had no weakness in killing him. What's more, Kong Rong, who was once the enemy of him, was surprised that Cao Cao even killed his family and his young daughter. In fact, Kong Rong's death was that he was too confident, too straight, too angular, and those civil servants and counselors were just like this.


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