Why don't you promote your brother today? Interested readers can take a look with Xiaobian.


Speaking of his younger brother, he is a double Royal relative. He is not only the uncle of the state, but also the abbot of the state, because his Empress (later the Empress Dowager) is also his daughter.


It was amazing at that time. Empress Dowager Cixi's family had two generations of Duke Chengen (the abbot of the state), and it was the golden phoenix flying out of the alley. It was rare! And all this was given by Empress baicixi.


How to say, Empress Dowager Cixi's mother's family is actually not dignified. The place where she was born was called Fangjiayuan, later also known as Fangjiayuan. In this area, she was famous for her official prostitutes.


After entering the Imperial City in the late Ming Dynasty, some of the surrounding hutongs still retain their original names, such as "GouLan Hutong" (now the street of the Ministry of internal affairs), which is the synonym of brothel.


In the southwest of Fangjiayuan, the former yamen for the management of official prostitutes is called "jiaofangsi". Now it still uses the old name of "Bensi Hutong". In the north of Fangjiayuan, there is a place called "performing music alley", which is where the fantous (i.e. Guanji) learn to sing, dance and rehearsal.


From the perspective of residence, Empress Dowager Cixi's family is not a show official, which may be the reason why she only entered the palace as a "noble person".


What is rare is that after Empress Dowager Cixi developed, her family did not become prominent.


According to the story of palace maids, the two generations of Chengen Gong (that is, the father and brother of Empress Dowager Cixi) are not rich. There are no pavilions, no gardens, only several floors of houses with corridors.


And the porch is not spacious. To be honest, it is very cramped, far from being comparable with other royal families. Although it is very close to the root of Chaoyang Gate, it is not a thoroughfare.


The Empress Dowager Cixi went home to visit her relatives. Her bike came in from the west entrance of dafangjia Hutong, but it couldn't make a curve. She could only go north into Fangjiayuan Hutong and make a big turn.


It's not bright outside the gate. It can't pass. Chengen's neighbors are also ordinary. They have neither high officials nor literati. However, in such a place where there are poor people everywhere, there are two "phoenix" (Empress Dowager Cixi and Empress Dowager Cixi) flying out.


Guixiang, the younger brother of Empress Dowager Cixi and the father of empress Longyu, was not poor at that time, but he did not get along well. Even the old maid despised him very much in the story of the palace maids


GUI Xiang is a big smoker who is "Wen Buwen and Wu Buwu. He doesn't have ink in his stomach, or even a neat word.


In the words of the old empress dowager, "I only know the yuntu (the big Yantu from Yunnan), guangtu (the big Yantu from Guangdong), xikoutou (the big Yantu from Niangzi's gate), beikoutou (the big Yantu from Gubeikou), and what pearl bubbles, chestnut bags and old ox's eyes I see with the people below all day.".


... Listen to tell us, Guigong has been dragging his shoes all year long, never mentioning the heels. To suck opium, you need to use two couches. When you have finished smoking on the left side, you need to change the right side to suck opium. This is because of the addiction to opium.


Eat breakfast in the sun, is a real opium ghost, take day as night, take night as day. How can the old empress promote such a baby? He can only enjoy smoking opium!


It can be said that the old empress does not neglect her mother's family, but only blames them for their lack of morale. If you can't help him straight, what can you do to promote him!


If her mother's family has the materials to be the governor in the military, how can she not be promoted? Such a mother's family can only be rewarded and promoted frequently. ".


It's better not to be promoted. It's the Empress Dowager Cixi who knows how to employ people and doesn't delay state affairs because of her personal feelings. In this regard, I need to give you a compliment!


After all, there are so many people in history who use power for personal gain, nepotism, and power for personal gain. With the position and power of Empress Dowager Cixi at that time, it's not easy to arrange an official for her younger brother and father-in-law.


Besides, it's like saying that the easiest thing in the world is to be an official. If a person can't even be an official, it's really stupid.


Seriously speaking, this actually makes sense. In fact, in ancient times, many of the officials were corpse eating, and they went through the procedures to become the officials of mud Bodhisattva. A lot of positions, put them on casually, are the same in fact.


If so, it's easy for Empress Dowager Cixi to get her younger brother Guixiang to be an idle official who doesn't have to be in charge of practice but just needs to be in charge.


But at last, the old Buddha had the bottom line. She didn't do it. She was much better than many people.


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