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越来越多家庭使用浴霸 浴霸选购还要考虑到浴室空间情况



In the home without heating in winter, the temperature is getting lower and lower. Bathing is facing a huge test. Yuba is an indispensable electrical product in the modern bathroom. With Yuba, even in the cold winter, people don't have to worry about being frozen when bathing. In addition, it can also play the role of lighting. Its function can be said to be very powerful. Let's follow 360 common sense.


Benefits of Yuba:


Instantaneous temperature rise, adjustable heat and concentrated heat effect


Yuba has the characteristics of high thermal efficiency and instant temperature rise, so when you turn on the heating light switch, Yuba has started to work. It can instantly raise the indoor temperature to 25 ℃ or above without preheating, which is very time-saving. Some bath masters also have remote control for splash proof, which can adjust the temperature freely according to the need.


It has the function of physical therapy and health care


The infrared ray in Yuba can activate human cells, delay the aging of the body, and has a good therapeutic effect on periarthritis of shoulder, cervical spondylosis, hyperosteogeny, arthritis, and wound healing. When people use skincare products such as essence, they can only absorb about 10% of the effective ingredients, while under the infrared radiation of bathing bullets, they can absorb more than 60%. Moreover, they can use bathing bullets throughout the year and enjoy sunbathing every day.


Precautions for using Bath Bar


1. Due to the high power of Yuba and the high requirements for wiring, the power wiring for installing Yuba is better to be waterproof multi wire copper wire, and the wire cannot be distributed outside the wall, but should be embedded in the wall. In addition, the power control switch connected with the wire should also be waterproof.


2. The bath bar should be installed above the bath position or near the bathtub, which is not only safe, but also can maximize the function.


More and more families use Yuba? Although it's easy to use, we need to pay attention to several things


3. When using the bath tyrant at ordinary times, pay attention not to flush the bath tyrant with water under the condition of power on, nor wipe it with a wet cloth, so as to avoid the bath tyrant's high temperature and short circuit after water entering.


4. Do not open the Yuba switch frequently, and maintain the Yuba switch. Do not open it frequently. For example, if the switch interval is short, the Yuba will vibrate greatly, and its service life will be affected.


5. Bath bully and heating lamp should not be used at the same time, otherwise the indoor temperature is too high, which will affect the normal operation of electrical appliances.


Through the introduction of the above content, now you know why more and more people use Yuba! Many aspects should be considered when choosing bath tyrant, among which the size of bathroom must not be ignored. If the bathroom space is relatively small, then after the usual shower, the water mist inside will not be able to dissipate, so it is recommended to choose a bath master with good ventilation effect.


Purchase of Yuba


Bathroom space should also be taken into account when choosing bath masters.


Generally small bathrooms have small area and large water mist, so it's better to choose a bath tyrant with good ventilation effect; if it's a newly decorated room, it can be considered that the installation does not occupy space, and there is a large choice of style and appearance; if it's an old room, it's necessary to choose a bath tyrant according to whether there is a ceiling, whether the ceiling thickness is enough, and whether there are enough plugs.


Choose the intelligent full-automatic anion bath.


Choose a set of heating, lighting, ventilation, blowing, wind guide and air purification as one, using the built-in electric overheat protector, when the temperature rises to a certain point, it can automatically shut down; and the fresh anion device technology, so that it can continuously produce fresh anion, avoid the air bacteria reproduction, make the bathroom air more fresh. The fan has low noise and powerful air exchange function, which can timely remove the dirty air, peculiar smell and moisture in the room, enhance the air circulation and keep the air fresh. Choose the design of headlight distance as far as possible, its advantage is to increase the distance between heating bubbles so that the heat radiation surface is wider, the coverage area of heat in the bathroom is wider, and the heat distribution is more uniform. At the same time, the temperature can be adjusted flexibly by the remote controller.


Choose the bathtub with outstanding decoration.


Yuba is installed on the top of the bathroom and does not take up space. The latest Yuba is more modern in terms of thickness reduction, streamline shape and color diversification, with good decorative effect. The heating bubble adopts a low color temperature design, with soft light and no eye irritation. This bath tyrant has butterfly, star, wave, rainbow, palace and other fashionable shapes. It can fully use the natural beauty and add a few harmonious breath to your bathroom. In addition, the combination of stainless steel and plastic materials unique to the mask is more suitable for decoration, which can perfectly match the unique bathroom beautiful space.


Select the power according to the use area and height.


Buy Bath bully, want to see its use area and the height of bathroom to decide. At present, there are mainly two, three and four heating bulbs on the market, with different application areas. Generally, the bathroom is selected at a height of 2.6m. The two bulb bath bar is suitable for a bathroom of about 4m2, which is mainly aimed at the old building of small bathroom; the four lamp bath bar is suitable for a bathroom of about 6-8m2, which is mainly aimed at the new residential buildings and families.


Process inspection on materials and appearance.


When purchasing Yuba, we should also pay attention to check the appearance and technology level. It is required that the surface of stainless steel, paint parts, plastic parts, glass, plating parts, etc. should be even and bright, without falling off, dent or serious scratch, extrusion trace, and beautiful. When choosing, we should pay attention to the identification of fake and inferior products. The trick is often to use counterfeit trademarks and packaging, or to fake the assembled brand as the original goods, but the general appearance and technology of such goods are rough.


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