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买了电视怎么装 平板电视安装不可忽视的细节



Since ancient times, people have attached great importance to the home culture, and the wall hanging ornaments are the carrier of the owner's taste and cultivation. No matter the game specimens and oil paintings in the Medieval Western castles or the four treasures of Chinese study, they have both the characteristics of the times and the taste of appreciation. With the progress of science and technology and the changes of the times, the four treasures of study have become today's notebook computers, televisions and other scientific and technological products. The pace of modern people is relatively fast, and the quality of life requirements have a new definition.


In the past, the TV cabinet was used as the main vision in the home, which was tedious and old-fashioned. After CRT (display tube TV) was replaced by flat-panel TV, the new display form can be more integrated with modern home furnishings, and more in line with the aesthetic taste of the new generation of fashion. The design of wall mounted TV is bold, simple, light and delicate.


Let the television become the decoration element to integrate into the overall home decoration effect, not only is the current mainstream aesthetic taste, but also can avoid the tension of the indoor pattern, saving a large area of space. The large screen is equipped with an ultra narrow frame to create a cinema effect. However, although wall hanging has many advantages, what objective conditions and precautions do we need to support it? Today, let's have a look with 360 common sense!


The problem of TV wall hanging:

1. 留足空间给接口:由于某些信号线插头比较大,比如某些HDMI插头,在硬插的时候很容易发生接口或者插头损坏的现象。而这种问题多半是使用了一些设计不合理的非原装挂架,这些挂架在设计的时候没有考虑太多的安装问题,所以建议选择设计完善的原装挂架。

1. Leave enough space for the interface: because some signal line plugs are large, such as some HDMI plugs, it is easy to damage the interface or plug when it is hard plugged. Most of these problems are caused by the use of some non original hangers with unreasonable design, which have not considered too many installation problems in the design, so it is recommended to choose the original hangers with perfect design.

2. 整理烦乱的连线:电视机纷繁复杂的接口,带来的是各种烦人的连线。如何隐藏电视机挂墙时暴露出的各种接口连线,应该在装修的时候就考虑进去。比如可以在电视墙侧面增加一些挡板或者立体扣件等装饰,让连线从背后过去。如果是装修完成的环境,也可考虑增加一些遮盖性装饰物。

2. Tidy up the troublesome connection: the complicated interface of TV brings all kinds of troublesome connection. How to hide the connection of various interfaces exposed when the TV is hung on the wall should be considered when decorating. For example, you can add some baffles or three-dimensional fasteners and other decorations on the side of the TV wall to let the connection go from the back. If it is the environment of finishing decoration, it can also be considered to add some covering decorations.

3. 选择合理的接口布局:挂墙市安装最麻烦的就是信号线的连接,如果全部接口都在机身背面,那么要更换或者临时增加视频源将非常麻烦。所在选择电视的时候,接口的布局也是您考虑选购机型时的重要要素。最合理的设计应该是在左右侧面或者下接口上,设计有大部分接口。最好的办法还是为每个接口配备延长线,这样过墙的连线就可以固定下来,以后更换信号源只需在其他地方连接就可以了。

3. Choose a reasonable interface layout: the most troublesome part of wall hanging installation is the connection of signal lines. If all interfaces are on the back of the fuselage, it will be very troublesome to replace or temporarily add video sources. When you choose a TV, the layout of the interface is also an important factor when you consider choosing a model. The most reasonable design should be on the left and right side or the lower interface, and the design has most interfaces. The best way is to provide extension cable for each interface, so that the cable passing through the wall can be fixed, and the signal source can be replaced in the future only by connecting at other places.


Understand the walls of your home


The basic wall of the room is generally divided into two types: the load-bearing wall supporting the whole building and the light brick wall used for the compartment. The small-sized LCD TV and the indoor air conditioner hanging machine can be safely hung on the light brick wall. If you want to hang the flat-panel TV on the TV background wall made of gypsum board, you must add solid wood board inside. The 50 inch flat panel TV, especially the plasma TV, is better to hang on the load-bearing wall. Of course, when decorating, we should try our best to plan the equipment that needs to be hung on the wall, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble after the decoration.


Write at the end: rooms can limit the range of activities, but not the endless imagination of life. If you're still thinking about how to put more equipment in a limited range, think about it from a different perspective. Why do you have to "put" everything at home? If you hang as many things on the wall as possible to experience the unrestrained life without worrying about bumps, I believe everyone will not refuse. Although technology is people-oriented, but life for everyone's feelings and significance is different, we need to find and change from time to time.


Installation environment should not be ignored


With the price of flat-panel TV is much cheaper but still thousands of yuan, many users hope to improve the quality of life and visual enjoyment after buying it. However, some users always complain about the problems of flat-panel TVs when they buy them, such as low definition of picture quality, color difference, noise or high repair rate due to shortened service life, and directly point the problem at the manufacturer. However, these problems may be due to the user neglecting the consideration of installation environment during installation. The author summarizes three main factors, namely, environmental humidity, signal interference and physical factor interference.


There should not be too many plants beside the TV


Humidity is one of the biggest invisible killers of household appliances. No matter what the appliances are, they are not suitable for long-term humid environment. Most of the peak periods when many flat-panel TVs fail are in Meiyu weather. Because most flat-panel TVs don't have waterproof protection now, the moisture in the air enters into the TV through the heat dissipation grid to contact with the circuit board, which is so easy to cause short circuit of the circuit board and damage the TV for a long time. In addition, too many plants should not be placed around the TV set, which is easy to cause the humidity around the TV set to increase. In the case of high humidity, users may wish to use dehumidifier or other ways to reduce indoor humidity. In addition, it's not good that the outdoor sunlight can directly shine on the TV set. If there is any of the above problems, users may as well change the environment.


TV should not be installed in humid environment


Signal interference mainly affects the picture quality of flat-panel TV, reduces the original visual effect of TV, and also reduces the user experience. Flat panel TV should try to avoid the influence of strong electricity and strong magnetic field objects. Many users have purchased a lot of large-scale audio equipment and DVD equipment at home, and put them close to flat panel TV. These equipment and TV will directly affect each other, resulting in particle changes in the picture. In addition, such as wireless radio, induction cooker and other mobile electrical appliances should also keep a certain distance from the television.


The last one is the interference of physical factors, mainly from the perspective of protecting the screen of flat-panel TV, once the screen is damaged, the overall picture quality of natural TV will also be reduced, and there may be color difference or impurities. At present, the flat panel TV on the market is mainly LCD panel, which is very fragile. It is vulnerable to magnetization, static electricity, strong impact and other physical factors, thus damaging the panel, that is, the TV screen. It is worth noting that many users with home theater should try to avoid the subwoofer close to the flat TV, the strong magnetic field produced by the subwoofer will magnetize the components of LCD TV, and the long-term magnetization will make the TV unable to work normally.


Users buy flat-panel TV for better visual enjoyment. Although there are some problems, we can avoid reducing its incidence and pay attention to details. From three aspects of environmental humidity, signal interference and physical factor interference, we can better protect our TV.


Special installation position


After determining the size, the installation position of flat-panel TV is also particular, different sizes and installation methods will affect the visual enjoyment. Improper location is easy to make the user's eyes uncomfortable in the process of watching TV, and the vision will be affected for a long time.


Pay attention to the installation position of flat panel TV


The conventional installation height of flat panel TV is that the angle between the vertical normal of the display screen and the line of sight is less than 15 degrees. The installation height should be suitable for the user to sit on the stool or sofa with his eyes on the TV Center (or slightly lower). The center point of the general TV is about 1.3m from the ground. Such viewing distance and angle are the most suitable for users to watch TV on the sofa. If users usually like to lie down and watch TV, they have to adjust the viewing distance and angle according to the actual situation.


Just like a 42 inch flat-panel TV set, the height is about 60cm, the best height for installation is 130cm-30cm = 100cm, 30cm is the center of the flat-panel TV set, so 100cm is the height from the ground below the flat-panel TV set. At this time, the user watches on the sofa, and the height of the TV is just right.


No doubt, the installation location is also a problem that users often consider when they buy back the TV set, but scientific methods are often ignored to solve it. The correct installation position not only makes the user comfortable to watch, but also does not cause damage to the user's vision.


Pay attention to the trap of wire rod on the hanger


There are two main installation methods of flat TV: wall mounted and pedestal mounted. They are usually equipped with a base but not a rack. If the user wants to hang the TV on the wall, he needs to pay for the rack again. In addition, most of the current flat-panel TVs have HDMI interfaces and other interfaces, but they are not equipped with HDMI cables, which also need to be purchased by users themselves. At this time, users often encounter some purchase traps, the following author for you to introduce.


The master who is responsible for the installation of TV sets often sells TV racks when installing TV sets. A pair of ordinary racks is as high as 2300 yuan, which is higher than the market price. Users often accept the high price in confusion because they do not understand the racks and are eager to install them. The author here suggests that users should first consider whether they want to buy a wall mounted or a pedestal mounted TV set. If they need a rack for installation, they can know about the price, brand and quality online in advance. Generally, the price of a pair of ordinary racks is between tens and hundreds. Only the original racks need a higher price.


Nowadays, most flat-panel TVs have HDMI interface, but they are not equipped with HDMI cable, so the HDMI interface does not play its role. At this time, some installers will recommend consumers to purchase HDMI cable from their hands, and some users will buy expensive HDMI cable from installers for convenience, and installers will make profits from it. In addition to the HDMI cable, the installation technician will also let consumers buy the cable for other reasons. For example, the original AV cable is too old and poor, which will affect the quality of the TV picture, so they sell the AV or color difference cable in their hands, but the price is twice or more higher than the market.


In fact, such traps can be avoided, mainly based on the user's ignorance of the rack and TV wire. If users understand this aspect of content, I believe that they can pay less money, low pay can also be exchanged for a high-quality enjoyment, and the netizens who haven't bought the TV will come to class quickly.


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