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职场中如何拉近同事关系 办公室哪些社交礼仪影响人际关系



If you want to make money, you have to work. If you want to work, you have to enter the workplace. So how to close the relationship with colleagues in the workplace has become a problem that many people care about and even make many people headache. Here are some ways to get along with colleagues.


How to get along with colleagues


1. Establish a good image.


As the saying goes, people rely on clothes, horses and saddles. When you enter the workplace, you must make sure that you show a very good and comfortable image and leave a good first impression.


2. Build a good character.


It's an art to get along with others. If you want to learn this art, character is very important. In the process of communication with colleagues, we must always be sincere and kind, polite, don't speak ill of people behind their backs, and don't pay too much attention to gossip and spread rumors. It's best to have a little humor in your personality. No one will hate people who can bring us joy.


3. Learn to empathize, not self-centered.


In the workplace, if there are any problems and disagreements with colleagues, they must be handled properly, and the two sides should communicate with each other well, and never make subjective assumptions. When making decisions, we should also respect the opinions of others, have a sense of teamwork, and not be conceited or pretentious.


4. Keep initiative.


I took the initiative to make friends with my colleagues, met with them and said goodbye after work. If you have any opinions or suggestions, please come up with them. If you have any delicious or interesting suggestions, please share them.


Praise and care for others.


People have vanity, so if you want to get along with people, you need to know how to satisfy their vanity. Today, my colleague put on a beautiful make-up and a beautiful skirt. You should praise her for her beauty. Your colleague has been praised and rewarded by the leader for completing the work. You have to praise her for her brilliance. Of course, praise is limited. It's better to be from the heart and not flatter. At the same time, for the sick, lovelorn and depressed colleagues, we should take the initiative to comfort and care for them.


Get together in private.


Working hours are mainly based on work. To really understand each other, we must deepen our understanding in the non working place after work. Therefore, it's very useful to pull a few colleagues out to go shopping, eat, sing and sing when they have nothing to do.


Respect others.


Everyone is different. There are always some special people who are different from ordinary people in appearance, dress, work habits and habits. In this case, you must respect them, don't laugh at sarcasm, or even make fun of them.


"Social etiquette" can affect your relationships


1. Behave uncivilized and ignore others


Etiquette embodies details and details embody quality. Some people never knock at the door when they go in and out of other people's offices. Even when I sit, I don't sit on chairs or stools, but on my desk, which is neither elegant nor civilized. Some people do not know to put the chair back to its original position when they leave after pulling out the chair to sit. In fact, it is convenient for others and themselves to move a little.


2. Do not pay attention to personal image


Many office workers, with "personality", "busy work" as an excuse, pay very little attention to their own image. In fact, a bad personal image, in the eyes of leaders, is a performance of not respecting leaders and not caring for enterprises; in the eyes of outsiders, it is a bad corporate image; in the eyes of customers, it is a synonym of not professional, not dedicated and not trustworthy.


3. Strange clothes


In most industries, the requirements for clothing are relatively relaxed. But the office is a formal occasion after all, so don't wear it to challenge the public's aesthetic.


4. Don't pay attention to discretion when working with leaders


In the workplace, we pay attention to "doing business". Even if you have a good personal relationship with your leader, don't be too "casual" in the workplace or during working hours. These excessive "casual" behaviors include: hook up, pat the shoulder casually; in language, call the name directly, even nickname, do not call the post.


5. Make noise during working hours and disturb other people's normal work


Don't talk in the office and walk as softly as you can. It's impossible to get together in three or three places during working hours to chat and make fun of each other. This is because everyone is busy with the work at hand and making noise is an interruption to others.


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