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让你成为上司眼中的红人 快速融入职场的小妙招



Just entered the workplace, you are still very confused about everything. How can you quickly integrate into your colleagues? Let's have a look with 360 common sense.com.


Tips for quickly integrating into the workplace


But ask for privacy


Such as the situation, emotional disputes, etc., unless the other party actively talks to you, even good friends should keep each other's space, let alone colleagues? Too much concern for other people's privacy is a boring, low-quality behavior without cultivation.


Adjust the mentality and don't regard colleagues as "complaining family"


Colleagues should cooperate with each other rather than compete with each other. If you regard your colleagues as a stumbling block to your own development, it will be difficult for you to have a foothold in the office, and of course, development will be more difficult. Remember that mutual benefit is the basic premise of collective acceptance.


Don't bring personal feelings into the Office


Because your new coworker's preferences may be the same or totally different from yours. You should keep silent to those who do not agree with you, do not comment on them, and do not divide them into the same kind and the different. Learn to be "compatible" for work.


Speak with discretion


So when speaking, we must pay attention to discretion. We can't say what we want to say. Before we say a word, we must first consider whether it's appropriate. There are many things that can't be said at will for different occasions and different people, or it may bring you unexpected troubles.


Economically clear


When working with colleagues, it's better to adopt the AA system, so that everyone has no psychological burden and can afford it financially. Don't be stingy. Cover your wallet tightly and be looked down upon by others. It's no big deal even if you suffer a little loss occasionally.


Actively participate in group activities


In fact, in your spare time, go out for entertainment with colleagues, such as singing, outing, dancing, bar, etc., which can not only enhance mutual understanding, but also make you more happy and relaxed, and help to cultivate a harmonious interpersonal relationship.


How to let your boss see you?


1. Pay attention to efficiency


The business world is the most efficient. If you do things slowly and often fail to improve efficiency, no matter how kind-hearted you are or how serious your work attitude is, your boss will not value you. If you can successfully accomplish the tasks entrusted to you by your boss, then you can ask your boss, "what else do you want me to do?" one by one, find things to do by yourself, and I'm sure your boss will admire you.


2. Distinguish between public and private


If your boss is celibate and not much older than you, you still have to respect him and often keep a considerable distance. Do not be too intimate and casual, or despise him. Otherwise, your boss will think that you are a person whose business is unclear, or treat you as an immature person.


3. Active suggestions


It is the responsibility of an employee to put forward opinions and suggestions to the company. Although I think my good suggestions are helpful to the company, they may not be adopted. At this moment, you should think that the company is not alone. Your boss will think that you are an employee who can make good suggestions, and that you are a happy person who can keep a good mood regardless of success or failure. In this way, you will have many opportunities to make suggestions and sell yourself.


4. Take the initiative to share the burden


As a boss, he is busy with his work every day, and feels deeply responsible. If someone is a subordinate who can handle the work smoothly just by telling him the main points, the boss will send him to work, I don't know how much to relax. But in fact, such subordinates are not easy to find. Therefore, when the subordinates really understand the boss's expectation, they can shoulder the burden of the boss, and the boss will be surprised to say: "don't be too reluctant, this box is too heavy for you. Don't fall! You're a good helper! "


5. Discuss more


When it comes to "consultation", many people think of their own affairs. If you have something confused, something distressed. We should try our best to put it forward to our boss and discuss it with him. Apart from money, anything can be put forward, such as problems at work, problems at home, and emotional distress of men and women, can be discussed with their superiors. Your immediate superior must like the subordinates who can open their minds and discuss matters with themselves.


How to deal with workplace cold violence


1. Be ostracized and isolated


When you want to participate in group activities, you will be rejected for various reasons; when you are talking about it, the scene will be cold as soon as you appear; when there is group welfare, you will choose the rest; Even if everyone is waiting to see your jokes, or your existence and gossip can make two unrelated colleagues get close because of the same topic.


You are the out of place outsider, you are the chicken standing in a crowd, you are the heretic and marginal person, such exclusion and isolation is one of the cold violence.




When encountering exclusion and isolation, we should first find out whether we have made any mistakes in our work, whether we have been biased or missed in dealing with problems, and whether there are any inconsiderate places in dealing with people and things. In a word, we should first introspect ourselves, and then look outside. Make sure it's not caused by your own reasons, then start from the people who have good feelings for you, take out a humble and kind attitude, make a good relationship with them, and then gradually expand the circle of communication. Break each one until they are finally accepted.


2. Be banished and teased


When they are inexplicably removed from an important part of their work and placed in a dispensable position, when leaders or peers suddenly give more than the load of work, or arrange tasks that need cooperation but do not have partners, it is completely impossible to complete the task; When other colleagues clearly have solutions but don't give support to let you go around a big bend, and then blame you for not asking for advice earlier; when all responsibilities and obligations point to you, and all credit is paid by Zhang Guanli Dai, don't doubt, this is also workplace cold violence.




Such violence is most likely to cause job burnout. Failure to get reuse and work value will not only increase psychological pressure, but also lead to turnover. First of all, we need to determine whether we really like this job, or whether we need this job in particular. If the answer is yes, we need to set our mind when encountering unfair treatment, treat every repression as an opportunity to exercise, and face all the hardships with the positive attitude of "heaven will reduce the responsibility to others".


3. Be difficult and transparent


In the workplace, it's probably the worst thing to have a bad relationship with a leader. There are two kinds of bad attitude of leaders. One is to see you as transparent and ignore no matter how you behave. The other is to make difficulties intentionally or unintentionally. This attitude may be more uncomfortable than the isolation of colleagues. It's like a thorn in the throat to say things are big or small, attitudes are cold or not, and people lose confidence.




In such a situation, active communication is the most necessary. It's necessary to find out the reasons that lead to your current situation. If it's the misunderstanding of the leaders, it can be solved through communication. If it's your own behavior that leads to the dissatisfaction of the leaders, effective communication of the leaders' criticism can also help you find your own shortcomings in time and make improvements. So don't run away. Honesty is the most effective weapon.


In the modern workplace, there will be some workplace cold violence in the work, but this is not the mainstream or normal phenomenon. If you encounter workplace cold violence, after reflecting on what you have done, you can't keep silent again and again, find a solution in the dilemma, and solve the problem in communication. Do not be depressed, self denial, difficulties are not desperate, positive attitude, brave face, good communication, even desperate, will be desperate.


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