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洗了这么多年内衣 你知不知道内衣是应该手洗还是可以机洗



Sometimes, after a busy day at work and taking a bath at home, do you throw your underwear into the washing machine? Sometimes when I'm tired of taking my baby for a day, I don't want to wash my underwear by hand at all. I just want to use the washing machine to wash my underwear in a time-saving and convenient way, right? But after wearing underwear for so many years, do you know how to clean underwear properly? Take a look with 360 common sense.

一 、正确的洗涤建议

1、 Correct washing advice


1. Wash the washing machine before washing underwear. It is better to have a washing machine for underwear


The second pollution of washing machine is serious, so it is necessary to disinfect and prevent bacteria. The roller of washing machine, inner wall, small bag for storing wool ball, joint gap of internal parts, etc. are all places where dirt and dirt can be hidden. Therefore, it is better to check whether the washing machine has peculiar smell and mildew before washing. If there is any, please use clear water or 84 disinfectant water to "wash" the washing machine, and then start washing.


2. Underwear and coat need to be washed separately


There are many kinds of bacteria in the clothes you wear, let alone underwear. The coat exposed to dust contains numerous bacteria, including some powerful pathogens. And close fitting underwear will have all kinds of bacteria that fall off from the skin surface and are discharged from the intestines and urinary tract. According to statistics, there are 10 to 100 micro-organisms per square centimeter of area. That is to say, when washing with detergent, only 80% of bacteria can be removed. The bacteria that leak the net will also cause cross infection. Therefore, when soaking and washing clothes, underwear and coat must be washed separately.


3. Wash underwear with soap


What do you use to wash underwear? Washing powder, washing liquid? Wrong! Soap is the most sensible choice for you. Soap has good germicidal effect and does not hurt the skin. If you use a small washing machine, you can consider soap powder, which is physical, natural and low stimulation. At the same time, it retains the decontamination ability of soap. It is recommended to choose the soap for underwear washing in the supermarket, which is more gentle and healthy.


4. Take it out quickly after washing


In order to prevent the growth of bacteria, the clothes should be taken out within 30 minutes after washing by the washing machine, once more than 1 hour, they need to be washed again. Generally, the newly purchased washing machine should be cleaned and disinfected every two or three months after being used for half a year.


5. Underwear and underpants should be changed every day, washed every day and washed in time.


Do not let underwear overnight, or easy to breed bacteria, and increase the difficulty of cleaning. In addition, many insects like women's underwear, which is very troublesome. Underwear is generally relatively small. In order to increase friction density, it is recommended to use your thumb and index finger to pinch tightly and rub them carefully, so that they can be washed clean and thoroughly.


6. Wash underwear and underpants and avoid direct exposure to the sun.


It should be dried in the shade and then disinfected in the sun. Otherwise, underwear is easy to be hard and deformed.


7. Do not use disinfectant


Disinfect underwear with disinfectant after washing. Too much love clean people often feel underwear simple washing is not clean enough. To "fierce" material, underwear after washing also need to use disinfectant to disinfect. Don't be smart! Disinfectant can kill bacteria and viruses because its main components are hypochlorite and strong oxidant. The damage of these ingredients to the skin can not be ignored, it has strong irritation and corrosiveness, and it is difficult to clean it with one or two basins of water. If it is not washed clean, people will enter the human body through the pores of the skin after sweating. The light will cause itching, peeling, and the heavy will cause dizziness, nausea and discomfort.


2、 The right choice of detergent


1. Please use weak alkaline or neutral washing powder, or cold detergent, in addition to good washing feeling, and can reduce the worry of fading and discoloration.


2. Do not use chlorine bleach to prevent discoloration.


3、 The right way to wash


1. Washing points;


(1) Wash frequently and for a short time;


(2) Rinse very clean;


(3) Gently knead, wash and air dry quickly;


2. Washing method


Wash by hand with cold water, drop a little detergent in it (do not put underwear in before the detergent dissolves completely to prevent spots). Soak underwear in it for a while (about 5-10 minutes. If it takes too long, the dirt will stick to the clothes again). When washing, the button must be buttoned up to avoid catching other clothes. If it is especially dirty, rub it with hand. Only wash the cup gently with water. If the velvet part of the steel ring is still dirty, it can be rubbed with a strap or brushed with a small tooth brush. The residual detergent is easy to cause discoloration, which is harmful to the skin. Please wash it with clear water (do not soak it in tap water for a long time, because the chlorine in the water will cause discoloration of underwear). )


If it is placed in the washing machine, it is only necessary to wash the underwear in the special underwear bag for underwear washing, which can not only ensure that the underwear is cleaned, but also effectively reduce the deformation and damage of the underwear caused by the rotation of the washing machine.


4、 The right way to dry


1. After washing, gently squeeze or wrap the underwear in the middle with a towel to absorb water, shake it, flatten it, try to smooth the wrinkles, clamp the inelastic place with a clip and hang it upside down. (the lace of the bra sinks and piles down after being soaked in water. It's hard to see when it's dry, so hang it upside down in the ventilated place to dry.)


2. After washing, it should be dried immediately to avoid wrinkles and discoloration in wet condition for a long time.


3. The direct sunlight is the cause of the bra becoming yellow, fading and the fabric weakening. The indoor heating will also cause the bra becoming yellow, please avoid.


5、 The right collection


Some people think that underwear is afraid of seeing people, so they hang it in the place where they are betrayed and collect it in the corner. We said that underwear should be dried to sterilize, while bra should be dried in the shade to avoid yellowing or weakening elasticity.


In fact, your wardrobe will not be seen by outsiders. You can fold up your bra, put your belt and shoulder belt into the cup, and put them on the top of all the clothes, or fold up two or three pieces, which are not easy to deform. If you put a plug under the clothes, the clothes will crush the steel ring if they are too heavy.


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