十个网红取暖高招你试了么 请选择冬季有效取暖方式-看世界

十个网红取暖高招你试了么 请选择冬季有效取暖方式



When it's warm, I don't think it's freezing. All kinds of novel warm keeping moves are used. Just like the following heating tips, you will be sure to open your eyes, and we have to sigh that the wisdom of netizens is always powerful. Take a look with 360 common sense.


1. There's a kind of love called playful cell phones


Wear gloves to prod the screen without any reaction, how to do with open toed gloves frozen to numb the thumb? This artifact is absolutely necessary for the thumb clan in winter! OK It's cold. For those mobile phone parties who can't stop at all, it's no less than sending coals in the snow.


2. There's a paper clip called I'm warm

来自设计师Franca Lucarelli和Bruna Rapisarda的创意,回形针暖气片(Graffe Radiators)外观简洁时尚,且节省空间。回形针暖气片可以竖着放也可以横着,全当一件艺术品任由摆布。更特别的是,有小尺寸的可放在浴室里挂毛巾,这样在潮湿的春季毛巾保持干燥清爽,而在寒冷的冬季毛巾则暖烘烘的。不过Scirocco公司定出的590到1190欧元的价格很是让人对它只远观而不敢亵玩。

From the creativity of designers franca Lucarelli and Bruna rapisarda, the paper clip radiators are simple, fashionable and space saving. Paper clip radiators can be placed vertically or horizontally, all at the mercy of a piece of art. What's more, there are small size towels that can be hung in the bathroom. In this way, the towels stay dry and fresh in the wet spring and warm in the cold winter. But Scirocco's price range of 590 to 1190 euros is so far away that people dare not play with it.


3. There is a kind of chair that can retract and put freely

取暖器和“回形针”一样,都可以放在洗手间内。这是来自设计师Burak Kocak的创意:条形结构间,浅色的暖气片和深色的间隔条顺序排列,美观的同时也很实用。比如,间隔条可以做成支架或者挂钩,平时收起来,需要的时候打开,在上面晾毛巾,用在浴室再合适不过。

The heater, like the paper clip, can be put in the bathroom. This is the idea from designer Burak kocak: between the strip structures, the light color radiators and the dark space bars are arranged in order, which is beautiful and practical at the same time. For example, the spacer bar can be made into a bracket or a hook, which can be put away at ordinary times, opened when necessary, hung towels on it, and used in the bathroom.


Of course, some people will complain about how to sit in such a narrow chair? Make the lower part of the space bar into a small stool. There are cats and dogs in the house after taking a bath, and they will never be shivering with cold again.


4. There is a kind of clothes called "central air conditioning"

美国肯塔基州的达维恩-埃文斯发明这种配带加热口袋的衬衫,它可令肩膀、腹部和臀部的热量循环利用。它叫Podz Gear(照片显示),有6个用于放置热化学包的口袋。这些口袋置于全身主要血管上,用于加热。常规的暖手宝也可用在这些口袋中。

Davyn Evans of Kentucky, USA, invented this shirt with a heated pocket, which can recycle the heat of shoulder, abdomen and buttocks. It's called podz gear (pictured), and it has six pockets for hot chemical bags. These pockets are placed on the main blood vessels of the body and are used for heating. Regular hand warmers are also available in these pockets.


5. There's a bed that can help you warm up


This mattress has won the greatest honor given by the American consumer and science society, because it satisfies people's desire for the mattress: to give full play to its softness. The most important thing is that without the electric blanket, the bed can help you warm your cup.


The fabric of this mattress is made of pure natural high textile cotton. In fact, if you don't look for it deliberately, there are electronic wires and other products in this product that can't be seen at all. The automatic constant temperature of the product itself is 76.40 ° f (about 24.67 ° C), and the power is cut off automatically after ten hours of use. It's really a smart and intimate little cotton padded jacket.


Then again, is it different from the advanced electric blanket?


6. There's a romance called "transparent fireplace."


This is a concept heater. The outside is a special ceramic material, which can change the transparency according to the temperature. When it's not working (ignition), it's white on the left. When it starts heating (ignition), it will gradually become transparent with the increase of temperature. It feels like a small fireplace in front of it. But in terms of modeling, it's more like a heat preservation cup.


7. There's a cold Suit called "I'm an ostrich"


Er... It has to be said that since the warm keeping artifact, the head is not cold and the ears are not frozen ~ but the girl's vision seems to have changed dramatically. In order to ensure that other accessories at home are undamaged, this set of equipment is worth appreciating, not recommended to wear!!


8. There's a kind of train that can bake a small stove


In the cold weather, you can also take a walk. The warm stove train came out in 1930, and now it is the fourth generation of the old national railway in 1983. It has been in service for 30 years. There are also wooden window frames and seats in the car, full of nostalgia. The warm stove train has two cars in total, one of which is equipped with two coal burners. When the steward lights the stove, the car is full of the smell of roasted squid. Passengers can taste the warm stove wine while eating the temperature in the car is more than 50 ℃, which is enough to make everyone in the car be wrapped in the warm air. The heating train runs from December to March every year, and there are 2 to 3 round trips every day. In addition to the tickets, there is a surcharge of 400 yen, which is a special item in winter.


9. There is a kind of portable and inflatable bathtub


"Ah! The bath isn't hot enough! " "If there is a bath, it must be warm in winter." I believe this is also the most expected thing for many little friends in winter. Take a hot bath, wash and wrap it in the quilt. The whole winter has become beautiful! But even if there is a bathtub at home, the warm hot water will cool. With this artifact, you will not be afraid. You can not only take all kinds of warm baths, but also read books, read newspapers and play with computers!


10. There is a kind of insole called "warm insole"


The insole also has USB heating! The most headache in winter is that the insole is not warm, and it's cool to step in one foot. The whole person is not good! Especially in winter, it is more difficult to deal with the wet insoles caused by foot sweat. As the saying goes, the cold starts from the foot, with this USB electric insole, you can have a warm winter. However, if you have foot odor, don't take it out and heat it casually!


11、 There is a kind of dormitory artifact called "Gao Shang"


It's said that this heater was invented by a university bully in the south. The production method is very simple:


1. Light 4 candles, connect 3 bricks head to tail, form a triangle, and place the candle in the center of the triangle.


2. Take 3 bricks as the base, and turn the flowerpot upside down onto the candle.


3. Block the vent above the planter.


4. Put the big flowerpot on the outside of the small flowerpot. The pores on the top of the flowerpot are open.


So far, the heating "artifact" has been made. It is said that after 40 minutes of using this method, the room temperature has increased by 12.5 ℃.


Please choose an effective heating method in winter and use it safely!


1、 Although the hand warming treasure is good, it can prevent low temperature scald


The portable heating equipment in winter is all kinds of close fitting warm baby, rechargeable warm hand treasure, hot water bag, etc. it is convenient to use, but it should be noted that improper use of these equipment can also cause danger, such as low temperature scald.


The scald mainly depends on the contact temperature and the duration of heat action. Short time contact with low temperature heat source, the flow of blood can take away heat, prevent the accumulation of heat. If long-term contact, and local tissue pressure, local blood flow is blocked, the heat will be gathered. So even if not too high temperature contact for a long time, it will cause low temperature burns.

市面上出售的暖手宝,其实际使用温度平均在40 ℃~50 ℃之间。如果长期间使用,比如睡觉时把暖手宝放身上,就可能造成低温烫伤。

The actual use temperature of warm hand treasure sold on the market is between 40 ℃ and 50 ℃. If you use it for a long time, such as sleeping with warm hands on your body, it may cause low temperature burns.


Therefore, we must pay attention to the following points when using the heating equipment: purchase qualified products; control the heat source temperature;

控制接触时间,同一部位连续取暖不要超过2 小时,不要在昏睡、服用镇静剂后使用暖宝宝,更不建议通宵使用暖宝宝;防止直接接触,尤其注意手肘、大腿内测等皮肤薄弱区;格外留意的,儿童、老人、糖尿病患者、瘫痪人群都要特别注意。

Control the contact time, keep the same part warm for no more than 2 hours continuously, do not use warm baby after sleeping or taking sedatives, and do not use warm baby all night long; prevent direct contact, especially pay attention to weak skin areas such as elbows and thighs; pay special attention to children, the elderly, diabetics and paralyzed people.


2、 Is floor heating carcinogenic? It's nothing


Floor heating is a gradually popular way of overall heating at home in recent years. At present, most of the floor heating, full name is "low temperature hot water floor radiation heating". In this way, the whole floor of the building is used as a radiator. Through the pipes laid in the floor structure layer, hot water is injected into the pipes to heat the floor concrete layer, which makes people feel warm.


However, I don't know when, the circle of friends began to spread all kinds of rumors about "the floor heating causes cancer", which makes people want the floor heating but dare not.


In fact, most people think that the radiation is ionizing radiation, while the "thermal radiation" produced by the ground heating belongs to the "non ionizing radiation", which is the same type as radio wave and visible light, and is non-toxic and harmless. Although the name is similar, this "radiation" is not that "radiation". Do not mix it up. Otherwise, it will become sunburn, and the heating will cause cancer.


3、 Electric blanket warms the bed, special people need to pay attention


Next we are going to talk about the electric blanket. For friends in the south, an electric blanket is like a small sun in the winter night without heating.


However, many people don't know that not everyone can enjoy the feeling of dawn with the electric blanket on.


If there are these members in the family: pregnant women, pregnant men, diabetic patients, we need to pay attention to that the electric blanket can not be used arbitrarily.


4、 Other precautions: dry proof, poison proof and burn proof


In addition to hand warmers, floor warmers and electric blankets, common winter heating equipment also includes air conditioning, heating, electric fans, etc.


Even in some areas, the habit of heating with charcoal fire is preserved.


How about these net red heating methods? Have you tried them? In the cold winter, in order not to be frozen crying, it is estimated that all the friends will do their best.


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