日常生活中最实用的生活小窍门小技巧 玻璃渣清理及食盐妙用等-看世界

日常生活中最实用的生活小窍门小技巧 玻璃渣清理及食盐妙用等



Holidays come and go in a hurry. The short holiday is half over! Today, I'm going to share some daily tips with you. In our daily life, we often encounter many small problems, which are very disturbing. But in fact, many small tricks in life can quickly solve the problem. Here are some practical life tips compiled by 360 common sense net to make life more convenient for you and your family.


1. How to clean the glass on the ground


If the glass is only stuck in the meat, you can pick it out yourself. But there will always be someone in the world whose luck is a little bit worse than others. A brother in Guangzhou accidentally fell to the ground and squeezed a piece of small glass into the vein on his arm. Then the glass gradually entered the heart with the blood. By the time of discovery, it was late, and the man had to open his chest and perform a major operation.


One move: if you break the wine bottle and the glass pieces are scattered on the ground, you can pick up the large pieces first, and then use the vacuum cleaner to clean the small pieces. Then, make small dough out of flour and roll it on the ground several times, then you can stick up the small pieces of glass left on the floor. Er... In fact, you can also use gum, but to prepare such a large amount of gum may make your chin dislocated.


2. How to remove crayon stains on the wall


The crayon stain on the wall is very indecent after being painted by children. How to remove the crayon stain on the wall?


1. With some toothpaste dipped in absorbent cotton, you can easily wipe and clean the crayons or pencils on the wall.


2. Although sandpaper can be polished, it may leave scratches on the wall.


3. Cloth (flannelette is the best) can be used to cover the stain. Iron it with an iron. The crayon oil will melt when it is hot. At this time, wipe the dirt with a cloth quickly.


3. How to cut vegetables and hands


If you can't find the band aid temporarily, or the band aid foundation can't stop bleeding, you can apply the egg white on the wound with gauze. This is because the ingredients of egg white can coagulate blood. Of course, you must use raw eggs, not cooked ones. And after eating the used raw eggs, please look at the next one.


4. How to wash the red wine stains on the light carpet?


When the party atmosphere becomes high, the more a group of people play, the more crazy they will inevitably spill the wine carelessly. Red wine will leave stubborn stains (old wine stains), how to completely remove the red wine stains on the light carpet?


1. How to remove red wine stains in white wine


White wine can be used to remove red wine stains from light colored carpets! Pour the white wine on the carpet and pat it dry. White wine can remove red wine stains, because its light color and low alcohol accuracy help to dilute and analyze red wine stains. Bottles of white wine or any white wine you leave in the fridge can be used to remove red wine stains.


Once you have poured enough white wine to turn the red wine stain into a light powder, pat the stain with a bunch of paper towels or bath towels to make it as dry as possible. Don't rub it, otherwise it will spread the red wine stains or the red wine color will be dyed deeper in the carpet. You can also use a carpet cleaner or a stain remover to remove the last stain, but white wine is the key, and you should quickly pour it in the place with red wine stain.


2. How to remove red wine stains with Su Diao water


If you don't have white wine, try sudiao water. It is said that its carbonation will dilute the stains and wash off the color of red wine. But, in case, it's best to have a little extra white wine at home.


5. What to do after food poisoning


If you accidentally eat some red mushrooms or four season beans, prepare to vomit. But there are still a lot of buddies who can't spit out their fingers in their throat for half a day. It doesn't matter. You can drink a little soapy water before going to see a doctor. This kind of tool can make you spit up to the shame of a pregnant woman.


6. What to do with the watch magnetized


Once the watch is magnetized, it will affect the accuracy of travel time. The elimination method is simple, as long as you find an iron ring that is not magnetized, put the watch in the ring, and wear it gradually. After a few minutes, the watch will return to demagnetization.


7. What to do if there is dust in your eyes


Close your eyes and cough frequently, or scratch your nostrils and sneeze twice, and the dust in your eyes will come out by yourself. It's exaggerated, isn't it? It's no surprise that when people cough or sneeze, the lacrimal glands excrete a lot of tears. These tears can help clean your eyes. Sneezing enough has the same effect on your eyes.


8. What to do if the corners of the mouth are rotten


If the corner of the mouth is rotten, don't lick it with your tongue, otherwise saliva will remain at the corner of the mouth, forming a kind of hypertonic condition, which will cause the corner of the mouth to become more dry and then erode. The punishment measures are also simple. No matter what you eat, put some vinegar or sprite, because vitamin B is more easily absorbed by people in the case of weak acid.


9. How to place quilt can save space


Quilts in winter are wider and heavier than those in spring and autumn. When they are put away, they are poorer and occupy more space. They are not easy to collect. You can use the following small methods to try, which will surely save a lot of space.


1. Don't fold it into a square shape as usual, but roll it into a circle from one end. When rolling, you need to use force to make it less elastic. Finally, tie it with a rope to prevent it from stretching and greatly reduce its volume.


2. There is a lot of air in the duvet, you can just squeeze it when you put it in, so that the air will not be occupied by the quilt, and then put it in the plastic bag, tie the bag tightly, and put it in the cabinet.


3. Lay it on the bottom of the wardrobe, put camphor and other moth proof, and enrich the use space.


4. The quilt should be folded at intervals after sun exposure to make it less elastic.


10. Bad gum

凭据最新的一项观察显示,现在美国人均每年消费160 片箭牌口香糖,而中国为人均每年11片。即便如此,人们还是能随处看到抛弃的口香糖。要是这些可恶的工具粘在了你们家的墙上或地板上的话,那恭喜你,在作二手房生意业务时,它可能让你为此支付价格。

According to a new observation, the average American now consumes 160 Wrigley gum tablets a year, compared with 11 in China. Even so, people can see discarded chewing gum everywhere. If these hateful tools stick to the walls or floors of your home, Congratulations, they may make you pay for them in the second-hand housing business.


One trick: if gum is accidentally stuck to clothes, you can use ice to cool it, and it can be easily removed after it hardens and solidifies. If you stick it to your hair carelessly like Zhao Yushan, don't pull it hard, or you will pull off a lot of hair. At this time as long as the gum and hair around the moistening hair cream, a moment later, you can use a dry cloth to wipe off.


Number: don't savor gum for more than 15 minutes. This is because long-term taste of chewing gum will reflexively excrete a lot of gastric acid. Especially in the state of fasting, it may lead to gastric ulcer and gastritis.


11. A new way to cure falling pillow


There are no more than two reasons for falling on the pillow. One is that the sleeping posture is improper, the pillow is too high or too low, and the head falls under the pillow, making the neck incline to one side; the other is that the wind is cold occasionally during sleeping, which causes the local meridians to be blocked and the blood flow is not smooth.


Give you a move: in fact, falling on the pillow is not so terrible, nor does it need to run to the hospital to suffer so many crimes. Take out the rolling pin at home, and entrust your wife to imagine your neck as a dough, and then roll your neck with the usual rolling strength.


If you want to prevent falling pillows, you must choose pillows that meet the physiological requirements. Generally, the ideal height of a male pillow is about 6 to 8 cm, and that of a female pillow is about 4 to 7 cm.


12. How to remove the rust stain of porcelain washbasin and bathtub in the bathroom


Skillful derusting of porcelain basin: the porcelain basin and bathtub in the toilet will remain the brown rust stains from the water pipe when they are used for a long time. Put a proper amount of salt into the same amount of vinegar, heat and stir, then dip a soft cloth in the salt vinegar solution and cover the rust spot for half an hour, then dip a coarse cloth in the neutral detergent and scrub hard to remove the rust spot.


13. How to prevent the mirror from blurring


The mirror in the bathroom is often blurry because of the hot steam. If you don't want it to be so blurry, you can put soap on the mirror and dry it with a dry cloth. In this way, a layer of soap film will be formed on the mirror surface. When bathing, you can see whether all the mud on your body has been rubbed off.


14. Other functions of salt: special uses of salt other than cooking


Other functions of salt: some special features of salt besides cooking


1. If the watermelon is eaten excessively, the abdomen will swell, and a small amount of salt can be taken, which will be swallowed and disappear in a moment.


2. Suffering from cold stomach pain, stir fry 2 jin of salt, wrap them with cloth separately, and repeatedly heat the stomach, which has a good analgesic effect.


3. This little knowledge of life tells us that if you are bitten by snakes and insects, you can fry strong salt water and rub the affected area several times to stabilize the symptoms.


4. When acute gastroenteritis is vomiting and diarrhea, the salt in the diet is increased, which is good for protecting the gastrointestinal organs.


5. This little knowledge of life refers to women's dysmenorrhea. There are not a few women with dysmenorrhea due to cold. Today, I will share it with you. Because of dysmenorrhea due to cold, amenorrhea or postpartum abdominal pain, fried salt is wrapped with cloth and applied to the navel, which has a significant effect.


6. First born sores and boils, itching and sad, chewing salt and wiping, immediately become peaceful. Take a bath with salt water, frostbite can also stop itching.


7. Rosacea patients, often rub the red nose with refined salt, several times a day, long improved.


8. Pour a little salt water into the flowerpot, the color of the flowers will be more vivid, and the time of opening will be longer.


9. Drinking salt water before singing can prevent dry throat.


10. A little salt in the bath water can cure skin diseases.


11. Eating poisonous food by mistake and drinking salt water have detoxification effect.


12. When washing your hair, first wash it with 5% salt water, then scrub it with shampoo to make it soft and shiny.


13. Prepare vegetables and fruits to eat raw. It can be sterilized by soaking in 15% brine for 20 minutes.


14. Sweat too much in summer, add salt to tea, can quench thirst, and add salt deficiency in the body, to prevent heatstroke.


15. When you have a headache, rub your tongue with salt, and drink some salt boiled water at the same time. The headache can be relieved.


15. What to do with shoes worn with sweaty feet


Prepare a small cloth bag filled with quicklime. Put the bag of quicklime powder into the shoes to absorb moisture before going to bed every night. In addition, the lime bag can kill the bacteria inside the shoes and kill two birds with one stone.


16. How to remove the peculiar smell of towel


Towel with more times, will become greasy and sticky and poor water absorption, and send out a bad smell, the more you wash with soap, the more sticky. At this time, how to remove the smell of towel?


1. It can be washed with appropriate amount of salt water, scalded with hot water, and finally rinsed with clean water. It can not only restore the original color of the towel, but also eliminate the strange smell.


2. Add some alkali noodles to the water and boil. Then the sun, eliminate poison, sterilization and odor.


3. Put the rice washing water and towel into the pot to boil, so that the towel


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