Since the outbreak of the new coronavirus, there have been all kinds of rumors among the people, and the major official agencies are also "breaking the rumor and breaking the leg". Next, 360 common sense network and you have a look at some big "rumors" about online craziness. Let's fight against them!

谣言一 熏醋可以杀死新型冠状病毒

Rumors can kill novel coronavirus.

谣言二 抗流感药物可以预防新型冠状病毒

Rumor two novel coronavirus can be prevented by anti influenza drugs.

谣言三 服用VC可以预防新型冠状病毒

Rumors three novel coronavirus can be prevented by taking VC.

谣言四 吸烟可以预防新型冠状病毒

Myth four smoking can novel coronavirus.

谣言五 饮用高度酒可以抵抗新型冠状病毒

Rumor five novel coronavirus can be resisted by drinking high alcohol.

谣言六 盐水漱口可以预防新型冠状病毒

Novel coronavirus can be prevented by gargling with six salt water.


Novel coronavirus is very little effective in preventing vinegar. If you want to keep away from the virus in the air, you'd better open the window.


Vinegar contains acetic acid, which is one of the disinfectants acetic acid.

不过,医院里使用消毒剂时,大多是通过 擦拭物品、器械表面来消毒的,而不是把它漫散到空气中。

However, when disinfectants are used in hospitals, they are mostly disinfected by wiping the surfaces of articles and instruments, rather than spreading them into the air.

更重要的是,一瓶醋里的醋酸含量最多也只有 5%。将醋里的醋酸蒸发到空气中的做法, 提升空气酸度的空间十分有限。

What's more, the acetic acid content in a bottle of vinegar is only 5% at most. The practice of evaporating acetic acid from vinegar into the air has limited space to improve the air acidity.


In addition, fumigating vinegar can also bring side effects. When acetic acid volatilizes to the room, it may stimulate the respiratory mucosa of human body, resulting in throat discomfort, nausea and dyspnea.

简单点说,熏醋相当于人为加重室内空气的污染。 对呼吸道敏感的儿童、老人,以及有哮喘病史的人而言,熏醋很有可能诱发呼吸系统疾病。

Simply put, fumigating vinegar is equivalent to artificially aggravating indoor air pollution. For children and the elderly with sensitive respiratory tract, as well as people with a history of asthma, fumigating vinegar is likely to cause respiratory diseases.


No, and there are no related drugs.


In the fear of virus infection, many people's way to deal with it is to grab the drugs usually used to prevent influenza and bacteria, and try to put them in their mouths.


The most frequently visited drugs are oseltamivir (Tamiflu), ribavirin (ribavirin), Lianhuaqingwen, antibiotics and Isatis.


Now, can drugs novel coronavirus be prevented?

新型冠状病毒被命名为 2019-nCoV, 是一种先前尚未在人类中发现的新型冠状病毒。

The novel coronavirus is named 2019-nCoV novel coronavirus, which has not been found in humans yet.

对于由新型冠状病毒引起的疾病,目前的治疗方法仍然是防止病人的病情持续加重, 治疗以对症、支持为主。

For novel coronavirus induced diseases, the current treatment is still to prevent the patient's condition continues to increase, treatment is symptomatic and supportive.

在武汉同济、武汉协和同时发布新型冠状病毒肺炎快速诊疗指南中, 也明确指出要避免盲目或不恰当的抗菌药物治疗,尤其是联合应用广谱抗菌药物。

The novel coronavirus pneumonia rapid treatment guideline was issued in Tongji and Wuhan Concorde in Wuhan. It was also pointed out that blind or inappropriate antibacterial treatment should be avoided, especially the combination of broad-spectrum antibiotics.


Therefore, novel coronavirus can not be effectively prevented by traditional anti influenza drugs and it can cause some health risks.

VC 同样不能预防新型冠状病毒,也没有抵抗病毒的作用。

VC also can not novel coronavirus, nor does it fight the virus.

普通感冒前,部分长期使用 VC 可以缩短病程,造成很多人有 VC 可以抵抗流感、提高免疫力的印象。也有一些人会把补充 VC 当作万能药,没事就给自己补一点。在新型冠状病毒的疫情下,为了安心就大剂量地使用 VC。

Before the common cold, part of the long-term use of VC can shorten the course of disease, which makes many people have the impression that VC can resist influenza and improve immunity. There are also some people will supplement VC as a panacea, nothing to fill their own point. In the novel coronavirus epidemic situation, we use VC in large doses for the sake of peace of mind.

但其实在疾病治疗过程中,摄入 VC 通常只是作为辅助治疗手段,并不具备预防和抵抗新型冠状病毒的作用,过度服用还会导致腹泻、皮疹等中毒现象。

But in fact, novel coronavirus is not used to prevent or resist VC during the course of disease treatment. Overdose can cause diarrhea, rash and other toxic phenomena.


The rumor that smoking can prevent the virus has existed since SARS.


In fact, smoking can not only have no preventive effect on virus infection, but also stimulate respiratory tract. The harmful substances in tobacco will also damage lung function and reduce body resistance, and increase the possibility of infection. The second-hand smoke exhaled will also harm the health of the surrounding people.


In addition, if you can't wear a mask when smoking, your hands will touch your mouth and nose, which will increase the risk of virus infection.

酒精的确能杀死病毒。但得是 75% 浓度以上的酒精消毒产品,而且只能用来体表消毒。喝进身体的高度酒,只会被吸收代谢,不会作用于病毒。

Alcohol does kill the virus. But it has to be more than 75% alcohol disinfection products, and can only be used for body surface disinfection. Drink into the body of high alcohol, will only be absorbed metabolism, will not work on the virus.


There is a rumor about the name of academician Zhong Nanshan, but the team of academicians Zhong Nanshan has publicly refuted the rumor:


"Rinsing with salt water is good for cleaning the mouth and throat, and is good for laryngitis. But the novel coronavirus invaded the respiratory tract, and gargle could not clean the respiratory tract. Secondly, no novel coronavirus is found to be effective in killing any salt. "


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