When it comes to YY anchor Xiaozhou, you should all know that this anchor is the gold medal anchor of YY. In 19 years, because of some things, it was sealed as a live studio. At last, YY is very supportive of him. Such a big anchor even confessed to sleeping with a female anchor during the live broadcast! So which female anchor did he sleep with? Let's have a look with Xiaobian!


Which female anchor did YY sleep in


About which female anchor Xiaozhou slept with, I think everyone should know more about it. Before, Xiaozhou even played the big adventure of sincere words. At that time, the female anchor asked him if he had ever slept with the female anchor. Xiaozhou directly and honestly replied "slept"! However, the female anchor asked if she had ever slept with female fans! Xiaozhou even replied "I slept too"! It's true that people can't look good. Such a popular anchor has such a past. The live broadcasting industry is really a bit messy!


In fact, it's quite common for male anchor to sleep with female anchor in the world of anchor. Besides, fans, including many female fans, have had some relationships with some big guys in the live broadcast, and there are not a few who directly admit their love affairs.

而且这些都是大部分都是一些大主播,毕竟现在大主播的水真的是太深了 。

And most of these are big anchors. After all, the water of big anchors is too deep.


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