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YY菲儿13首最好听的歌曲 yy菲儿个人资料简介


I believe that many of my friends know about FY's anchor Phil, right? I think many netizens have heard fei'er's songs, right? Her live broadcast in YY is very popular. She sings well and is famous. And her fan group is also very personalized "69 corps". It has been broadcast live since 14 years, and now it is also very attentive. Let's have a look at her relevant information with Xiaobian!


Profile of YY Feier


YY Feier, a gold medal artist under YY, was born on March 3, 1994 and grew up in Heilongjiang Province. She entered YY in 2014 and started her YY live broadcasting career. She is very proficient in singing, and her achievements on the way of music are obvious, which can be seen by everyone.


It has to be said that Feier's singing skill is really excellent, and she can control a variety of styles. And there are many original songs that are well received. As for why she can get angry, she really relies on her own strength. Because of her strong strength, she also has a group of loyal fans, claiming to be the "69 corps"!


13 best songs of YY Phil


As for Phil's 13 best songs, I think everyone would like to know very much, right? Many netizens are looking for some songs about her on the Internet. The following editor will introduce her representative works: "fish in search of water", "Crazy", "Jindalai flower", "cow or cow", "great sorrow curse", "woman hurt by love", "you are my girl", "love Star", "love music", "silent", "my Loulan" , lover heding red, Mani love song, highland blue, original faith, etc. Especially the "great compassion mantra" are very popular!


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