库木塔格沙漠变“雪海” 白茫茫一片“雪海无涯”-看世界

库木塔格沙漠变“雪海” 白茫茫一片“雪海无涯”


Kumutag desert has become a "snow sea", a vast expanse of white "boundless snow sea". From the evening of January 14 to 15, Shanshan County, Turpan City, Xinjiang ushered in the first snowfall in 2020. According to the Meteorological Bureau of Shanshan County, the maximum snowfall reached 9.8mm, with a depth of 10cm, which is the largest snowfall in the county for more than 40 years. The Kumutag desert, which is close to Shanshan County, is snow-white. The snow covers the sand waves like a "snow sea".


The kumutage desert after the heavy snow, the monotonous yellow sand in the past covered with white clothes, the snow desert is boundless like a picture. However, the heavy snow has a certain impact on people's production and life, urban operation, industrial and agricultural production, transportation, tourism, etc. in Shanshan county. Haridan Kadil, weather forecaster of Shanshan Meteorological Bureau, said: "it is expected that the snowfall will last until the evening, and the heavy snowfall will have a negative impact on traffic safety and facility agriculture. Shanshan Meteorological Bureau issued yellow warning signal of road icing in time to remind relevant departments to take countermeasures. "


In order to ensure the safe and smooth road traffic in the county and convenient for the public to travel, Shanshan County launched the emergency plan. Cadres and staff of all departments and units took to the streets in the morning with cleaning tools, carrying out snow removal activities on the national roads, main roads and sidewalks in the county. Relevant departments sent out a number of large snow clearing machines to clean up the snow on the main roads mechanically to ensure that the main roads The road surface should be free of snow. The community also launched and led residents to clean up the snow in residential areas.


Wang Peng, deputy chief of the traffic police brigade of Shanshan County, said: "since the evening of the 14th, we have carried out the work of strengthening patrol, diversion and road closure on the expressway, 312 National Road and county road. Now it's the peak of Spring Festival transportation. We will strengthen our service to the passengers along the way and clean up the snow on the road as soon as possible. "


Heavy snowfall also made the heating department start the heating emergency plan. According to Dong Fuqiang, deputy manager of Shanshan County heating company, on the premise of less jogging and ensuring safety, the heating company will send more vehicles to prepare enough fuel, and the personnel will be on duty 24 hours a day, and all the maintenance personnel will be on duty in time for rush repair, so as to ensure the winter warmth of the people of all ethnic groups in the county.


The beautiful snow really let the local residents feel the breath of winter. Walking in the street, you can see the snow everywhere. The ground, trees and roof are covered with snow, which is enchanting. Many citizens take out their mobile phones to take pictures of the beautiful snow, or take their children out to play, and experience the charm of snow.


"We plan to have a snowfight, make snowmen and eat hot pot after work to commemorate this special snow," said kailiman ahimati, a resident of Shanshan county


"We haven't had such a big snow in Shanshan for a long time. I just came back from Kumutag desert with my children. The snow is white and the scenery is very beautiful. The snow is a good year. I hope this year will be a good harvest year," said parizati pailiding, a citizen




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Shanshan County

鄯善县隶属新疆吐鲁番市,位于天山东部南麓的吐鲁番盆地东侧,北与木垒县、奇台县为邻,东经七克台镇连接哈密市七角井乡,西部吐峪沟苏巴什村与吐鲁番市胜金乡接壤,南部经南湖戈壁至觉罗塔格与若羌县、尉犁县为界。境域总面积39800平方千米,约占新疆总面积的2.5% 。辖5个镇、5个乡,总人口231297人(2010年)。鄯善油田是中国第一个大型株罗系油田。

Shanshan county is subordinate to Turpan City, Xinjiang. It is located in the east of Turpan Basin at the south foot of the eastern Tianshan Mountain. It is adjacent to Mulei County and Qitai County in the north, Qiketai town in the East, qijiaojing Township in Hami City, SUBASHI village in tuyugou in the west, Shengjin Township in Turpan City, and juelutag county and Ruoqiang county and Yuli County in the south through South Lake Gobi. The total area is 39800 square kilometers, accounting for 2.5% of the total area of Xinjiang. It has jurisdiction over 5 towns and townships with a total population of 231297 (2010). Shanshan oilfield is the first large-scale Zhuluo oil field in China.

兰新铁路、兰新高铁、连霍高速、亚欧光缆、西气东输管线贯穿全境,有鄯善火车站、高铁鄯善北站、高铁吐哈站三座火车站,距离吐鲁番机场104公里,区位优越、交通便利,是乌鲁木齐一小时经济圈的重要构成部分。 2017年,鄯善县被列入国家园林县城。

Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway, Lanzhou Xinjiang high speed railway, Lianyungang Huozhou high speed railway, Asia Europe optical cable and west east gas transmission pipeline run through the whole territory. There are three railway stations, Shanshan railway station, Shanshan north high speed railway station and Tuha high speed railway station, 104 kilometers away from Turpan airport, with superior location and convenient transportation. They are an important part of Urumqi one hour economic circle. In 2017, Shanshan county was included in the National Garden County.


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