第一场 定情册封

First love ceremony


Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty is proficient in culture, martial arts and melody. He has been in office for more than 20 years. He has worked hard to enjoy the clear wind outside the great wall and the low price of three coins among the people. The peaceful world is better than the year of Zhenguan. It will change the year number Kaiyuan to Tianbao, and enjoy every day. In the Palace Banquet, he found that the dancing of the rainbow and feather clothes not only had the appearance of the country, but also had a very high artistic endowment, so he took her as the imperial concubine.

  第二场 安杨交恶

The second scene: An Yang's friendship


Yang Yuhuan's elder brother was also put in great use. He gradually moved to the left. He was good at managing money, but he also embezzled and took bribes. After the death of Li Linfu, the right minister, the careerist tried to replace him, but was stopped by Yang Guozhong. They fell in love with each other and attacked each other.

  第三场 华清池赐浴

The third bath in Huaqing Lake


From then on, Li Longji and Yang Yuhuan had a day tour banquet. Spring is warm and flowers are blooming. They go to Lishan for a walk. Emperor Ming of Tang Dynasty gave a bath in Huaqing pool. With this unique hot spring water, Yang Yuhuan's folk lipids were washed to make it have noble flavor.

  第四场 安禄山认干娘

The fourth scene: Anlushan recognizes ganniang


Yang Yuhuan and Li Longji often explore the melody in the palace. They went to Li Longji's Liyuan, the performing arts group. The pear garden is full of pear trees and the pear flowers are in full bloom. The disciples of Liyuan performed various dances, military plays and contests with the imperial concubine. Clowns who tell jokes often make sarcastic remarks. Emperor Yang Guifei didn't care about etiquette. Originally, Yang Yuhuan was born in a teahouse and had a career in the pear garden. She was very lucky to meet a bosom friend like Tang Minghuang, and was also impressed by the achievements of Tang Minghuang in creating the pear garden and developing art. She took the lead in the worship, and all the disciples of the pear garden followed. Under the pear tree, Li Longji was recognized as the ancestor of the pear garden.


Anlu mountain learned dance. When Emperor Ming and concubine Yang had a good time, he went to the pear garden and performed the excellent Hu Xuan dance, which won the favor and admiration of the emperor and his wife. Anlushan seized a compliment from the imperial concubine and took the opportunity to recognize Yang Yuhuan as the godmother. With the help of Emperor Ming of Tang Dynasty, Yang Yuhuan passively recognized the son.

  第五场 贵妃醉酒

The fifth scene: Drunken concubine


Emperor Ming of Tang Dynasty had three palaces and six courtyards and occasionally went to other concubines. This day, Yang Yuhuan and the emperor of the Tang Dynasty agreed to have a banquet in Baihua Pavilion. Unexpectedly, the emperor of the Tang Dynasty drove to the West Palace halfway. Yang Yuhuan had to drink alone in Baihua Pavilion. He was so drunk that he could vent his depression and dissatisfaction. Under his hair, he cut a strand of green silk and entrusted it to Tang Minghuang to show his heart.

  第六场 长生殿

Scene 6 longevity Hall


Emperor Ming of Tang Dynasty received the green silk of Yang Guifei and went to visit her. On the seventh day of July, Yang Yuhuan went to the hall of longevity to beg for the moon. She held the moon with her hands in a golden basin and expressed her yearning for the emperor of Tang Dynasty and her pursuit of purity and eternal love. Tang Minghuang rushed to Changsheng palace and was greatly moved to hear about it behind Yang Yuhuan. So they made up their minds and swore to heaven. When Lingnan fresh litchi arrived, Yang Yuhuan was even more smiling. Emperor Ming of Tang Dynasty beat the Jiegu at the litchi banquet to perform his unique skills for Yang Yuhuan. Yang Yuhuan also paid back with her new dance. Who knows that happiness begets sorrow, the horse comes to report, and Anlu mountain, which is named as the envoy of Yuyang Festival, revolts. The soldiers are invading Chang'an. The litchi feast is in a state of panic.

  第七场 马嵬坡

The seventh maweipo


Emperor Ming of Tang Dynasty was forced to escape from Chang'an with concubine Yang under the guard of the royal forest army, and go south to Xishu, where Mawei Posthouse was stationed on the way. The imperial forest led Chen Yuanli to kill Yang Guozhong, so there was a dispute between Tang Minghuang, Yang Guifei and Chen Yuanli. The next day, the Sixth Army did not send out, shouting to kill Yang Guifei. In urgent consultation with Chen Yuanli, Emperor Ming of the Tang Dynasty resolutely defended Yang Guifei on the issue of responsibility for the war, and tried to resist the soldiers who wanted to break into her tent. All this was seen by Yang Yuhuan. At the critical moment when Chen Yuanli could not control the situation and endangered the emperor's life, Yang Yuhuan stood up and accepted Bai Ling as the scapegoat. She said goodbye to the emperor, the only requirement is to bury her under the pear tree. In exchange for her own death, she brought the Royal Army forward.

  第八场 迎像哭像

Scene 8: meet like crying


A few years later, the Anshi rebellion subsided, but from then on, it declined, and the history took a significant turn.


Li Longji went down to the wild and made the crown prince emperor. After losing the emperor's power, human nature returned to him, and love became more chaste. He thought of Yang Yuhuan day and night, reviewed his fornication and mistakes in the past, and lamented that life could not be complete. He thought that he could not get the ghost of Yang Yuhuan, so he invited the portrait of Yang Guifei as a sacrifice. He was full of tears. Who was going to faint? In a trance, he went to the Moon Palace and knocked on Yang Yuhuan's doorring.

  第九场 仙境续缘

The ninth fairyland


Yang Yuhuan, like Chang'e, comes here in full dress. Two people in the sky, the fate of the eternal world.


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