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古代酷刑介绍 盘点历史上十大忠臣是怎么死的?

  商鞅 死因:五马分尸


Take stock of the ten most tragic loyal ministers in history


Cause of death: five horse split


Shang Yang has made great contribution to making Qin's national strength jump to the top of other countries through reform. But he offended a lot of people because of the strict law enforcement. After the death of Qin Xiaogong, the son of Qin who had his nose cut off by Shang Yang accused him of "wanting to rebel". King Hui of Qin ordered Shang Yang to be arrested and punished with "car split". A generation of famous ministers ended up like this.


Cause of death: beheading


Li Si is not only a politician who assisted the king of Qin to sweep the world, but also the inventor of Xiaozhuan. Now it is said that many of the stone carvings in Mount Tai are written by him. At the same time, his level of writing is also very few. You should have read his book of remonstrating and chasing guests, saying "the article of Qin, Li Si alone". Such a great man was framed by a villain who accused deer of being a horse, and was beheaded in Xianyang.

  韩非子 死因:毒死

The cause of Han Feizi's death: poisoning


Han Feizi was a famous philosopher and essayist in the Warring States period, and also the originator of "rule of law". His legalist theory laid a solid theoretical foundation for Qin State's domination of the world. At that time, Li Si was the prime minister, but the prime minister could not hold a boat in his belly, but Han Feizi, a scholar, could not fit in. He made two remarks in front of the king of Qin. A cup of poison wine made the greatest jurist in Chinese history disappear!


Cause of death: kill three families


It is indisputable that Han Xin was the first hero of the founding of the country, but whether he had any rebellion or not is a mystery. Poor one is invincible for thousands of years. She was beheaded in Changle bell room by Empress LV, a little woman. She killed her father, mother and wife. She only made two achievements: "success is also failure, Xiao He", "birds are all bows, and dogs are all cooked"!

  晁错 死因:腰斩

Chao CuO's cause of death: beheading


In order to strengthen the control of local forces, Emperor Jingdi of Han Dynasty used Chao CuO's suggestion of "cutting vassals" to fight against the forces of local princes. The princes of all regions (called "Seven Kingdoms" in History) were not vegetarian either. They made the slogan of "kill Chao CuO and clear the emperor's side". Emperor Jingdi of Han Dynasty could not clean up, so he had to take out Chao CuO as a shield. Poor Chao CuO was happily going to work that day (Shang Dynasty), he was beheaded in a muddle, and all his relatives were killed and abandoned.


Cause of death: hanging head


Yuefei's fate is doomed. The reason is very simple, because if we want him to die, if we win the war and welcome back the two captured by the golden man, he will not lose his job. Also want to let him die, if triumphant return, he this "dove faction" ("surrender faction") prime minister black gauze hat is also unable to defend anyway. Two powerful hearts have a sharp sense. They strangled Yuefei's father and son in the storm Pavilion for the crime of "no need"!


Cause of death: chronic poisoning


People often compare Liu Bowen to each other. In fact, there are many similarities between the two. Liu Bowen, who "looked 500 years ago, counted 500 years later", did not escape from the Buddha's heart. According to historical records, Liu Bowen died of aggravation after taking the medicine. Many people think that Zhu used Hu's knife to kill Liu Bowen. Soon after that, Hu's family was destroyed.

  解缙 死因:雪地冻死

The cause of Jiejin's death: freezing in the snow


In terms of his contribution to Chinese culture, Xie Jin is indeed outstanding and unprecedented. He presided over the compilation of the book, with more than 370 million words and more than 20000 volumes, which was the epitome of ancient and modern culture at that time. Unfortunately, he is proficient in astronomy and geography, but he knows nothing about politics. As a result, he was falsely accused by the crown prince and put into prison. He was drunk late one night, dragged into the snow and died in an unknown way.

  方孝儒 死因:凌迟,灭十族

The cause of Fang Xiaoru's death: Ling Chi, killing ten ethnic groups


Fang Xiaoru was a famous essayist in Ming Dynasty. He was rich in learning and brilliant. After he won the throne, he asked him to surrender and ordered him to draft an imperial edict. However, he wrote the word "Yan thief". Zhu Di wanted to destroy his nine clans. He swore loudly. How about destroying our ten clans? There are nine clans in his family. How could he come to the tenth? Zhu Di, with one heart, listed his friends and students as one clan, and combined them with the clans as "ten Clans", A total of 873 people were executed late!


Cause of death: Ling Chi


Yuan Chonghuan is a famous military general. He has made great achievements in defending the northeast border of Ming Dynasty and resisting the attack of Qing army. Unfortunately, he was framed by crafty men, which led to the separation plan of emperor Chongzhen, which killed yuan Chonghuan by mistake, and resulted in a strange injustice for thousands of years. What's more, when yuan Chonghuan was executed, he was bitten and cut by the people who didn't know the truth. He couldn't bear to say it.


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