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赵氏孤儿电视剧剧情 赵氏孤儿22-24集故事梗概



Episode 22


With the baby and his party met the man in black, Cheng cried out, kill yourself if you want to. First Shi came forward to rescue Cheng Ying. It was Caian Jia who ordered Cheng Ying to be escorted to the state of Chu. Han Jue orders Zhan Fei to take people after Cheng Ying. Han Jue shouted to Zhao Shuo that he must avenge him.


His subordinates questioned Han Jue, why does Cheng Ying still want to kill him after he has given up his mentor? Han Jue said that it must be tu'an Jia's trick. How can he be fooled? Because Cheng Ying is a traitor who takes refuge in tu'an Jia.


Shi Yan misunderstands that Han Jue will definitely believe that Cheng Ying's six towers are false, so he will do it in the opposite direction, so that he will defeat Mingtao, so that tu'an Jia will pull out the last nail in his eye. Cheng Ying goes to find Han Jue as soon as he hears about it, but Shi Yan stops him and says he wants to find Han Jue.


When tu'an Jia learned that there were two killers, he couldn't help guessing that they were from Liupai. Li Lou tells Princess Zhuang Ji that the two killers must be dead, so she will send another woman as long as she takes out Han Jue's military situation. The princess wrote a person's name, qichengbei, and said that if he kidnapped this person, Han Jue's military situation would be left to him.


Shi Yan is seriously injured. Cheng Ying takes him to the hospital. Zhan Fei guesses that Cheng Ying will go to the medical center to cure Shi Yan, so he orders his men to search all the medical centers and pharmacies in the town. Cheng Ying learns that song Xiang is out looking for food, so he goes out in a hurry to find it.


Tu'an Jia told the monarch that as long as Zhao Shuo's ruins were eradicated and a temple was built on them, the monarch would no longer have nightmares. When the monarch heard about it, he was in charge of it. Cheng Ying finally finds song Xiang, but suddenly he finds that the child is gone. Zhan Fei finds Cheng Ying's Hospital and sees Shi Yan lying there.


Cheng Ying finds that the owner of the Rattan Ware store is suspicious, so he hides there and secretly observes. At this time, the soldiers came out with stone words, and they clamored for Cheng Ying to come out quickly. Shouts Shi Yan. Let Cheng Ying go. At this time, Cheng Ying suddenly finds the whereabouts of the owner of the rattan ware shop suspicious, so he chases after him.


The rattan store owner and his wife came out happily holding the child, and song Xiang stopped them and took the child back. In the street, Zhan Fei's men were shouting all the time, while the female killers sent from the building were also watching.


Cheng Ying finds a inn to stay. He swindles song Xiang and the robber comes back. Song Xiang says he can't go out. After setting up song Xiang, Cheng Ying jumps down the stairs and appears under Zhan Fei's hand. Shi Yan hurriedly takes Cheng Ying to hide, saying that he is really hopeless. If he dies, what can the child do?


Zhan Fei wants to kill Cheng Ying. Shi Yan and Cheng Ying work together to kill him. Shi Yan wants Cheng Ying to leave with song Xiang and her child. But when they go back to their residence, they find song Xiang and her child are missing. When they see the note on the table, they realize that it is the princess who takes song Xiang and her child away and orders Cheng Ying to return to the capital.


Li Lou takes the princess to see song Xiang and her children. The female killer doesn't understand that the princess hates Cheng Ying the most. Why does she hold his baby so much? When tu'an Gu and his men were cleaning up the ruins of Zhao's family, some people rushed out to avenge Zhao Shuo. Tu'an Gu ordered his men to kill those people.


Tu'an Jia reported to the emperor that Zhao Shuo's remaining party had come out to disturb the order, and he had sent people to suppress it, but the leader behind the scenes had not been caught, so the emperor ordered him to fully investigate the matter.


Zhao's orphan episode 23


Cheng Ying went to tu'an Jia's house. Because the princess kidnapped his wife and children, he asked for help. Tu'anjia asked him about general Shi Yan. Cheng Ying lied that Shi Yan had returned to the state of Chu, but his injury was not serious. Tu'an Jia hears that Cheng Ying is lying. At the same time, he suspects that Shi Yan must go to hanjue. Why does Cheng Ying think so? Tu'an Jia guesses whether Shi Yan has cracked his own six towers plan? Cheng Ying admits that Shi Yan is seeking Han Jue to expose his adult's strategy. However, tu'an Jia concluded that Han Jue would not believe Shi Yan, and all this was due to Zhao's orphan.


Shi Yan keeps persuading Han Jue, but he just doesn't believe it, and Han Jue also catches Shi Yan, because he believes that Shi Yan is Cheng Ying's accomplice. Where are tu'anja and Cheng Ying guessing where song Xiang will be locked? Cheng Ying said that he was going to surrender himself in the palace, so that the princess would not kill him in the palace, but would take him to the place where the killer should be, so that tu'an Jia would follow his lead to find song Xiang.


The monarch learned that a palace maid called the north of Qi City in the name of princess, so he ordered the capital to be sealed off. The princess asked his subordinates if there was any news from the north of Qicheng? When she learned that there was no news of qichengbei, she couldn't help saying it was very good. At this time, the princess was thinking that the north of Qicheng was in the hands of Lilou, and she would definitely tell the military situation of Jin State, and she would certainly let Han Jue lose his reputation.


Cheng Ying asks to see the princess, who orders him to climb in. The princess asked Cheng Ying, how should a mother face the enemy of killing her son? Cheng Ying said he should cut thousands of pieces. The princess took a pair of scissors and put them on Cheng Ying's neck. She angrily accused Cheng Ying of killing Zhao Wu. Why didn't she dedicate her son to tu'an Jia? The princess still couldn't reach her hand. She sat there in pain and cried bitterly. Cheng Ying bumps into the copper.


Tu'an Jia has been waiting for Cheng Ying. At this time, Cheng Ying comes out with his head bound. Cheng Ying tells tu'an Jia to go to Gongsun Chujiu's house. Tu'an Jia Zhi asked him what happened to his head injury? Cheng Ying says that the princess will faint when she sees blood, so she intentionally bruises her head. When the princess wakes up, she tells herself that song Xiang and the child are at Gongsun Chujiu's house.


Once Cheng Ying arrived at Gongsun Chujiu's house, he was chased and killed by Zhao's disciples. He ordered the female assassin to take the military information to Mingtao mansion immediately. At the same time, he ordered song Xiang's mother and son to be transferred immediately. Cheng Ying rescues song Xiang's mother and son.


They found the body full of scars in the north of Qi city. The monarch ordered Fang Hu to rush to the Han Jue army with his amulet and ordered him to withdraw immediately. Cheng Ying settles down in tu'an Jia's house. Tu'an Jia hears his child's cry and runs to him immediately. The man in black chased the tiger and took him to the cliff. Tu'an Gu orders his men to go and get the reward.


His subordinates told tu'an Jia to come to man and ask to be tu'an's doorman again. His subordinates suggested to get rid of daoman, but tu'an Jia said he didn't have to be so ruthless. Tu'anjia told man that when he came back, he could only enter with the treatment of a new door guest. Tu'an Gu agreed and offered to be the first gatekeeper of the state of Jin.


Knowing that Fang Hu fell into a cliff and died, the monarch couldn't help saying that Han Jue was over.


Zhao's orphan episode 24


Song Xiang comes to the kitchen and sees daoman. Daoman says that he is Cheng Ying's old friend. Songxiang says that he got food for his elder brother. Daoman knows that he got food with Chengying. Daoman takes the initiative to help Songxiang prepare food and put medicine in it. Then he warns Songxiang not to steal it. Song Xiang said that he would not steal what he prepared for big brother, and then took it away.


The princess who plays the piano accidentally breaks the strings. The monarch comes to the princess's room. The princess is numb and doesn't get up to meet her. The national army said it could play the piano or the princess taught it. And said that the princess said that even if the strings were broken, she would finish the music. And said that he has always been in this sentence to govern the country. Now many people look at my jokes and think I can't stand it. The princess interrupts the king and says that all the people around him won't be killed by him, so he is the only one playing the piano alone.


The monarch said to the princess that it was because of this that his elder sister wanted to revenge him. He said that the north of Qicheng had died, and said that the north of the city had suffered. He would certainly tell the Qin army about the military situation of the Jin State. In this way, Han Jue will lose. And said that the princess should be happy.


The monarch said that the last time he was defeated by Qin, he cut off 15 cities, not only the land, but also all the people in the city. The man was a slave, and the woman was sold to brothels. The princess could hate him, but could not sell the Jin Kingdom. In the future, the oil tripod will be prepared outside the palace.


When man thought that Cheng Ying had been killed this time, he was very happy. Who knew that Cheng Ying was behind him? When man was shocked, Cheng Ying told man tu'an Jia that he was poisoned and said that he had a long talk with tu'er all night. Song Xiang brought a bowl of soup and was eaten by tu'er. As a result, Cheng Ying cheated man.


Tu'an Jia tells man to leave, and says that as long as Cheng Ying leaves the tu'fu, he will kill him. Unless Cheng Ying doesn't leave the tu'fu, tu'an Jia is very angry and says don't threaten him, or he will kill man. To man to leave tu'anja again.


Cheng Ying says it's because he incites the princess to arrest Cheng Ying. It means that he is devoted to tu'an Jia. Tu'anja said that no matter what, all his disciples who did not obey his orders would be removed.


Cheng Ying persuades man Zai to return to the butcher's house to be a porter, so that he has a chance to kill him, and says he has not evaded the pursuit of the princess. So I can only hide in the butcher's house. So the big tree can't fall. After hearing this, he decided to enter the mansion.


The palace people reported to the king that the Qin cavalry had raided and the three Korean and Jue armies had been annihilated. After hearing this, the monarch ordered people to convene three gongs and six Qings. The monarch ordered the strict princess to leave the palace for half a step. When Han Jue was defeated in the war, he was only called by general Shi when he was killed, and he said that winning or losing was a common business of the soldiers.


From the floor to see the king, said to 15 cities. The king was very angry. Cheng Ying and song Xiang will recall the past people and things.


The monarch came to see the princess, told the princess Qin army to ask him for 15 cities, asked ran Bai to take out the map, and said that the princess should pick out 15 cities himself. The princess said she didn't know how to choose. The king rebuked the princess.


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