She was born in 719 A.D., in which her later husband had been a husband for seven years. No one expected that she and Xuanzong Li Longji would form a couple.


Since childhood, she was a child who was not "to be seen". Her mother died after giving birth to her, and her father Yang Xuanyan, the head of Shuzhou, died of depression soon. As soon as she was born, even "Ke" was very kind. Yang's family thought that the baby girl with a nickname of Yuhuan had a hard life, so no one wanted to take good care of her.


Thanks to Yang Yuhuan's uncle, Yang Xuanyao, who was a scholar in Henan Province at that time, came forward to take in xiaoyuhuan, which saved her from losing her parents.


From Shuzhou to Henan, Yang Yuhuan not only enjoyed the warmth of her family again, but also made a turning point in her fate.


In December 735 ad, Yang Yuhuan was married, but it was not Li Longji, but Li Mao, the son of Li Longji. This year, Yang Yuhuan was 17 years old.


In shouwangfu, Yang Yuhuan learned to sing and dance, and he was proficient in music, and became a "fashionable" woman.


In a flash, in the fourth year of Tianbao (754 AD), an unexpected event happened.


During the year's Zhonghe Festival (March 3 of the lunar calendar), all the people living in Chang'an city went out for outings. The most active of the cyclists may be the women who seldom get the chance to go out and go shopping. The poem called "March 3, the weather is new, Chang'an water side more beautiful", which is about this grand event.


The women who attended the meeting all competed for splendor, often provoking the men who came to the outing to burn.


On March 3 of that year, Emperor Li Longji of Xuanzong, who was on the rise for a while, changed his casual clothes and brought several close attendants to the Qujiang River outside Chang'an city.


Walking and playing, playing and walking, all of a sudden, Emperor Xuanzong felt a bright moment, in a group of powder piles, he suddenly found a wonderful woman.


This man really has "the appearance of falling fish and falling wild geese, the appearance of closing the moon and being ashamed of flowers". At that time, there was a single poem saying that the beauty of this man was:


The state is thick, the meaning is far, gentle and true, the texture is delicate and the flesh is even.


Su Luo's clothes are shining in the late spring, and the Golden Peacock and silver Unicorn are frowning.


What do you have on your head? Emerald leaves and lips.


What do you see behind you? The bead is steady on your waist.


The eyes of Emperor Xuanzong are straight. What a smart man he was accompanying. Seeing this, he immediately called a small man and ordered him to find out who the woman was.


The little eunuch was not very old, but he was very clever. In a short time, he found out everything.


"What? Is Princess Shou?" although Gao Lishi knew who the woman was long ago, in order to wake up the emperor, he still called out deliberately.


Even though Li Longji was unheard of, he was still greedy.


Seeing this, Gao Lishi sighed to himself: "emperor, there are thousands of good women in the world and thousands of beauties in the palace. Why do you look down on everyone but your daughter-in-law?"


But the emperor is the emperor after all. Lishi is just a eunuch. Who can stop what the emperor wants to do?


In theory, only the prime minister can stop the emperor's incest.


In the Xuanzong Dynasty, there were many virtuous figures, such as Yao Chong, song Jing, Zhang Jiazhen, Zhang Shuo, Li Yuanzhen, Du Siam, Han Xiu, etc., but these virtuous figures were already dead at the same time. They were demoted. The one who assisted Xuanzong was the famous traitor Li Linfu.


When it comes to Li Linfu, many people will associate him with the "sweet talk and hearty sword". According to historical records, he once had a famous saying that has been handed down for thousands of years:


Today, the Lord of the Ming Dynasty, the ministers will not be able to follow him. How can they use more words? Do you not see the standing staff horse (displayed outside the palace gate as a guard of honor? What can you regret if you eat three kinds of materials and scold them at once!


For Emperor Xuanzong's incestuous idea of single acacia's daughter-in-law, Li Linfu not only didn't admonish him, but also racked his brains to open the way for him.


Due to the ethical norms formed over thousands of years, even as a son of heaven, Li Longji dare not openly marry his daughter-in-law.


But Li Linfu has a way.


He casually gave the emperor a "coup" - first to spend life Princess Yang for the female Taoist!


"Is that ok?" asked Li Longji, who wanted to eat puffer fish and was afraid of being poisoned.


"None of the ministers dare to stand in the way of this matter," said Li Linfu with full assurance, "because the way that the minister came up with is proven in ancient times!"


"Where does evidence come from?"


"There is a saint queen of Tianshun as evidence." Li Linfu is a man who knows what to say. He also knows that some words can only be meant but can't be said until they are ordered.


If this sentence had been said by others, I'm afraid that my head would not have been able to protect it for a long time, because it involves a great privacy of the Tang Dynasty.


It turns out that she has always been very dignified in people's mind. She once served as Emperor Taizong of Tang Dynasty and father and son of LiZhi. When she became Queen Tianshun of Gaozong, she also took a "curve" - first she became a nun, and then she was cut off from the world of mortals, then "returned to the world", and her father and concubine were sons and daughters.


Li Linfu did not mention this again, of course, in order to expose the scar on the ancestor of Li's royal family, but to tell the emperor that according to the family style of Li's royal family, people who are one generation away can also form a couple, but they have to do some official articles for people to see! Emperor Xuanzong thought about it and couldn't think of a better way than Li's suggestion.


Thus, the general policy was finalized.


In August 745 ad, inspired by Li Longji, Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty, Yang Yuhuan, the concubine of Li Mao, the king of longevity, invited her to become a Taoist, with a real name.


In order to meet his own needs, Li Longji, like his predecessor, Li Zhi, sent women of different generations to the temple. Two Li (Li Zhi and Li Longji) are different. Li Longji is far less patient than his ancestor Li Zhi. Wu Zetian was taken back to the palace by Li Zhi nearly four years after she became a monk. But Li Longji couldn't wait for four months, so he took Yang Yuhuan to the palace and made her return to the world of mortals and form a "husband and wife" with him.


Before long, Emperor Xuanzong ordered Yang Yuhuan to be the imperial concubine in person, and "she was called the empress in the palace with the same etiquette".


After Yang Yuhuan became the emperor's concubine, the Yang family also followed.


Emperor Xuanzong ordered that Yang Xuanyan, the father of Yang Yuhuan, be granted the title of Taiwei, the Duke of Qi, and his mother the wife of Liang. Yang xuansi, Yang Yuhuan's uncle, was named guangluqing, and then his elder brother (the same grandfather's cousin) Yang Xiang was appointed as hongluqing and Yang Qi as the imperial officials, and his elder brother Yang Zhao was appointed as Jin wubing and Cao joined the army.


Yang Yuhuan's eldest sister was also named the wife of South Korea, the third as the wife, and the eighth as the wife of the state of Qin.


Du Fu, the great poet of Tang Dynasty, who was at the same time with Yang Yuhuan, wrote about Yang's power and prestige


Zhongyunmujiaofangqin was named Guo and Qin.


The peak of zichi comes out of cuifu, and the dish of water essence is pure Lin.


When the rhino sheath is tired of drinking for a long time, the Luan sword cuts into the empty space.


The yellow gate can't move the dust, and the imperial chefs stream eight treasures.


The flute and the drum are mourning for ghosts and gods, and the guests are really important.


Later, he Qun, an MA, stepped down to Jin Yin.


Yang huaxue falls to cover the white apple, and the blue bird flies to hold the red scarf.


It's extremely hot. Be careful not to get angry with the former prime minister.


At this time, the power of the Yang family has reached its peak.


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