落凤坡为什么叫做落凤坡 这个地方为什么会是“凤雏”庞统死的地方-看世界

落凤坡为什么叫做落凤坡 这个地方为什么会是“凤雏”庞统死的地方



Today, Xiaobian brings you the fall of Phoenix slope. Readers who are interested in it can have a look with Xiaobian.


If you want to take the world, you must take Xichuan. You have been on guard for a long time. Before you leave the mountain, you have buried three parts of the world in your heart. Xichuan must take this seed and have been waiting for the rain and the fertile soil.


After the battle of Chibi, Liu Bei finally owned a city of his own, not to mention whether he borrowed it, stole it or robbed it. Anyway, it was brought by his own ability. Because of this city, Liu Bei had the starting point of his own career and the base of Shu Han.


With the base area, as if the trees had taken root, the seed of Xichuan, which had been buried in Liu Bei's heart earlier, also gradually sprouted, blossomed, grew more and more vigorous, and became more and more robust. That is to say, Liu Bei found that "this talent, Xichuan also sent a signal to Liu Bei for help, and the time was right.


Everything is ready. When the east wind comes, Liu Bei is moved forward by his own benevolence and righteousness. It is recorded in the Three Kingdoms: "Xuande sits alone and meditates, and now he is against my fire and water. To be quick, to be broad; to be violent, to be benevolent If I lose in the world with small profits, I can't bear it. "


Pang Tong didn't give up such a master, but he still knew that Liu Bei had taken a historic step for the establishment of the Shu Han Dynasty. At the same time, because of Liu Bei's benevolence, he lost the most favorable opportunity.


The direct result is that Liu Bei's army was blocked in Luocheng. Pang Tong promoted the spirit of leading the army to explore the way. Liu Bei also played the spirit of cherishing talents as life, lending the legendary mount "Dilu" to Pang Tong.


Pang Tong rode "Dilu" to a strange place. Suddenly, he felt that it was spreading from heaven to earth. He was scared out of his wits. He asked the new taxi driver what place it was. The soldier replied, "luofengpo!". Then the arrows fell like rain, dense as locusts, Liu Bei on the white horse became a hedgehog, and a generation of famous people fell down.


Not to mention Liu Bei's later performance, this soldier's answer really aroused my curiosity. As the name suggests, where the Phoenix fell, why is it called luofengpo? And why is it also the place where pangtong died?


The geographical location of Fengpo is located in baimaguan Town, Deyang City, Sichuan Province. There is a famous scenic spot, pangtong temple. Of course, it was built to commemorate the battlefield of pangtong's death. It is said that it was the cemetery chosen by uncle Liu himself for pangtong, and it is a treasure land of Fengshui.


There is also a story about luofengpo. It is said that there is a small spring on the right side of the southeast of luofengpo. The spring water is flowing out and glittering. The spring water contains sands. At one time, the former army was stationed here under the leadership of Fengqi, the Deputy pioneer. However, when the corporal soldiers found the spring flowing into Jinsha, they were crazy to snatch it. At this time, suddenly, the rockets on the mountain burst out, and Fengqi and many soldiers were burned here. This place is also named luofengpo.


This story is true and true, but Fengqi is a person who lived in pangtong for more than 1000 years. Moreover, this slope is not the other slope. This slope is located in Longmen stream, which is different from pangtong's death. Naturally, it is not.


Apart from Pang Tong's death, there is no news about why luofengpo is called luofengpo. It may also be due to the fact that it's a long time ago and the ancient books can't find it. After all, in such an unknown place, the historian doesn't think it's necessary to record it. Maybe this place has never existed, just a place name created by a novel.


But according to this question, we can ask a very interesting question.


Why is this place called luofengpo? Because this is the place where pangtong died. His nickname is fengzao.


Why did pangtong die here? Because this place is called luofengpo, pangtong will die here, because his nickname is fengzao.


So why is this place called luofengpo? Because Pang Tong died in this place, his nickname is


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