Have you ever seen the "carrying skill" in the legend of the Jianghu? I've brought you relevant contents. Come and have a look, my interested friends.


As soon as the camera camera appeared, it lost its "secret skills of the Jianghu" - the tricks of the Jianghu were exquisite, but it was broken by "slow playback" and "playback": the high-speed camera can clearly see the trajectory of the bullet, and no matter how fast the hand is, it can't be faster than the bullet.


When I was a child, I saw a kind of Jianghu secret art - in fact, many people have seen it, but all of them, so that up to now, many people can only transmit and explain it in a way that transcends time and space.


The topic we are going to talk about today is to see three recorded "moving skills" in the official history, and invite readers to disclose and comment on them according to their own historical materials and scientific knowledge.


According to the regulations, the author can only say that this is a kind of blind trick, although this kind of Jianghu secret skill is recorded in the hexagram heavenly book and many historical materials. For the sake of fairness, we still call it the oral Name: portability. There are two forms of this kind of transportation, big transportation and small transportation.


The earliest transportation technique can be seen in Liujia Tianshu Wudu baguatan style: it roughly means that the caster pinches the Jue and chants the mantra (what he reads can't be said) three times, spits twice, and two nine foot tall gods and men will appear underground.


These two gods and men boxing and saluting: "people respect the gold treasure, allow disciples to carry, come to ask for advice." The man who recited the mantra said, "I have received the six Jias heavenly book, and I have lived in the world. I can use some things that are less to support, not more."


The God and man who came out of the ground promised to disappear. Then the next night, a lot of treasures would appear out of the sky, and then they would recite the mantra again, and the treasures would be sent back.


Many contents can not be excerpted, so the author's description can only be vague. However, I have seen the Jianghu trick "small carrying" with my own eyes, but it can be said.


Like the above "trick", many Jianghu artists disdain to perform, but Street cheaters always use it to cheat people. As long as they play it back in slow motion, they will know that the ball has been hidden in the hands of the actors.


Similarly, the "empty basin becomes a snake" of a master, and he himself admits that it is a trick rather than a Taoist method.


In the sixties and seventies of the last century, there were many people who worked in the Jianghu. They were erratic. They went to the countryside and performed in the village. As long as they were in charge of food, they didn't need money - it was hard to get money.


Those "opera changing methods" cover an empty box with a piece of black cloth or red cloth, perform a stroke, like spraying two dribbles or wine on the step, and then the common things in the audience's home will appear in the empty box, sometimes a bowl, sometimes a pot, and the villagers recognize it as their own.


But he asked for it on the spot, but the artist didn't give it. He must put it back in the box and "change it". When the villagers came home to have a look, it was "back".


This is the "small transport" that I and many people have seen. It is said that the big transport can carry the big living people away, but I haven't seen it, so I dare not speak in vain.


Now we all know that the "magic" on TV is to prepare props in advance. The author has carried the camera for many years in the TV station and knows that as long as he plays it slowly, he can see the magician's technique.


In the past, some people have watched the Jianghu artists perform "swallow the pillars" - a two meter thick wooden pillar, swallowed and spit out by the artists. And he that looketh down on the tree or on the roof laugheth: where is he that swallows, and I see him that climbeth upon the pillars.


That's the trick: many Jianghu artists have to "clean up" their performances. There should be no one above their heads or behind them.


In fact, not only many people have seen the "big move" and "small move" with their own eyes, but also the serious official history. For example, the book of the first emperor of Qin recorded such a thing: the thirty sixth year of the first emperor of Qin was the autumn of the year when Tianjiang meteorite "died and divided into the earth". The emissary of the first emperor of Qin, who was ordered to sing "real poem", met a passer-by in Pingshu road of Huayin, who gave him something and a word.


That thing is white Bi (round flat jade with holes), and that sentence is "ZuLong died this year."


The emissary dedicated Bai Bi to Qin Shihuang, who recognized it as soon as he saw it: "isn't this the piece I threw into the river eight years ago?"


It's not clear how the wall of the sinking River got into the hands of the mysterious man. It's almost impossible for that man to be fished in the water.


What's more puzzling than the records in historical records is that in


Fei Changfang once saw an old man: he jumped into a wine pot every day to rest (Aladdin lamp God?) and no one else could see him, but Fei Changfang, who was sitting on the roof, saw him.


The old man's wine pot seems to have a capacity of only one liter, but ten servants can't lift it. The old man can lift it with one finger. The two men did not finish drinking the wine in this litre of wine pot for a day.


Let's not talk about Guan Zhuozi in the chronicles of the Three Kingdoms. Let's look at Jin Shu edited by Fang Xuanling. In the sixth biography about the company air of Zhuangwu County, there is a record that the articles have gone missing: "the fire in the armory, the fear of China has changed, the soldiers have defended it, and then saved it, so the treasures of generations and the sword, head and clogs of Han Gao snake cutting are burned. When Hua saw the sword flying through the house, he didn't know where he was going. "


Other historical materials need not be excerpted one by one. The records of these three official histories are enough for readers to consult. Behind the disappearance of these things, are they manipulated by the experts of the Jianghu, or they are jokingly said to be the trans temporal transmission or the great shift of heaven and earth, and the author does not make a conclusion. All these leave the readers with different opinions: have you seen the transportation in the Jianghu Legends? Do you think it is a blind method or trans temporal transmission?


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