魏延的子午谷计谋到底可不可行 1400年后有人替他解开了真相-看世界

魏延的子午谷计谋到底可不可行 1400年后有人替他解开了真相



Friends who are very interested in the plot of Ziwu Valley, I will bring you detailed articles for your reference.


In history, there has been a dispute over the plot of the Ziwu valley. When the Prime Minister of the Shu Dynasty first attacked the Cao Wei Dynasty, he made a plan to Zhuge Liang, led 5000 elite soldiers (also say 10000, there are two versions in the history books), walked on the Ziwu road and quickly felt Chang'an, so as to take Chang'an by surprise.


According to historical records, Wei Yan put forward this strategy to Zhugeliang more than once, but it was rejected by Zhugeliang.


It is recorded in the biography of Wei Yan:


"Every time Yan comes out with the light, he would like to invite thousands of soldiers. He would be different from liang in Tongguan, such as a story. Liang system is not allowed. It's often said that it's cowardice. It's useless to sigh and hate yourself. "


Today, I want to talk about whether the Ziwu Valley plan proposed by Wei Yan is feasible.


Ziwu Valley Road is one of the six roads across the Qinling Mountains. It is the shortest but the most difficult road. It is known as "six roads of Qinling Mountains, Ziwu is the king". It has a special geographical significance. Many wars in history are related to Ziwu valley.


Since it has been many years since the Three Kingdoms period, and the Ziwu Valley plot of Weiyan has not been used, we can not directly judge whether this strategy is feasible, but can only be calculated by enumeration.


In the later Three Kingdoms period, when Cao Wei attacked Shu, Zhong Hui, the general, sent his troops to Ziwu valley. However, at this time, the national strength was strong, and the Ziwu valley was just to catch up with the road, not to be a surprise soldier. Shu Kingdom was also unable to lay down an ambush in Ziwu Valley, and finally succeeded in destroying Shu Han. This story was different from the background of Wei Yan at that time, and the contrast was not high.


In the Eastern Jin Dynasty after the Three Kingdoms period, general Huan Wen followed the plan of Wei Yan when he attacked the pre Qin Dynasty in the north. He led the elite soldiers to cross the Ziwu Valley, but they were ambushed in the middle of the road and completely wiped out before leaving the valley.


In the most famous military action in history, Gao Yingxiang, the king of Chuang in the late Ming Dynasty, was to be counted.


In the ninth year, Gao Yingxiang, when he didn't know about the Ziwu Valley, led 50000 troops to sneak across the Ziwu Valley and prepare to attack Xi'an to occupy Shaanxi and other places.


However, as soon as I entered the Ziwu Valley, I met that the terrain of the Ziwu road was dangerous. With the weather, the road that could have been completed in seven days didn't reach the end in more than ten days. There was a shortage of people and horses. When the heishuiyu valley of the Ziwu Valley was reached, I met another 20000 Ming army ambushed here.


Although Gao Yingxiang has an absolute advantage in terms of number of soldiers, due to the precipitous terrain of the Ziwu Valley, and the Ming army's ambush in advance, in a favorable terrain, coupled with the long-term running, Gao Yingxiang's 50000 army's combat strength has been sharply reduced, and it was easily taken by the Ming army. Gao Yingxiang and the 50000 soldiers he led all lost their lives in this campaign.


This is the lesson that 50000 lives bought. Throughout the history of "Ziwu Valley plot", there is almost no success.


Let's go back and analyze Wei Yan's plan.


Wei Lue records:


For general Anxi, mayor an. Liang discussed with the group in Nanzheng, and Yanyue said: "I heard that there were few Marquises in Xia Dynasty, and my son-in-law was also timid and resourceless.". In this holiday, there will be five thousand refined soldiers and five thousand grains. They will go straight out of the commendation and follow the Qinling Mountains to the East. They will go north at noon, but they can reach Chang'an in ten days. Maowen Yan to. It's better than the East. " Liang to this county crisis, rather than an from the road, you can take Longyou, ten must be overcome without Yu, so do not extend the plan. "


According to Wei Yan's words, Xia hougui is timid and has no plan. If he leads 5000 elite soldiers to walk in the Ziwu Valley, Xia hougui will be scared to abandon the city and run away. Then he will fight with the prime minister.


There are three loopholes in Wei Yan's plan.


First: regardless of the weather, the terrain of the Ziwu Valley is dangerous, which can be called the terrain of one man at a time. The Wei army stationed a wave of troops on the road at will, and Wei Yan could not pass, even lost here.


Second: even if Xia hougui is timid and resourceless, he is unlikely to abandon the city and escape when he sees 5000 elite soldiers. In such a dangerous place as Ziwu Valley, he naturally needs to start with light equipment. If 5000 light soldiers do not have heavy equipment to attack the city, can they attack the next City? If they fail to attack, Wei Yan will fall into a dilemma.


Third: at that time, Zhuge Liang had only 70000 men, and his generals were even fewer. At the time of employing people, if he was given 5000 elite soldiers to Weiyan, would he not fight in the front battlefield?


In addition, maybe Zhuge Liang also considered the loyalty of Wei Yan.


Zhuge Liang always doubted Wei Yan's loyalty and thought that he was rebellious. Otherwise, he would not leave behind a plan to prevent Wei Yan from conspiring against him. If Wei Yan is nominally planning to attack Wei, but actually surrendering, what should he do?


No matter where he was, Kong Ming would reject Wei Yan's plan.


As for whether the Ziwu Valley plan of Weiyan is feasible or not, Gao Chuang Wang has solved the mystery with 50000 lives after 1400 years: this road is really hard to walk.


This shows how clever Kong Ming is.


All of the above come from reasoning. History can't take the result as the reverse direction. It's difficult for future generations to compare with that of the day. Please also actively discuss


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