盘点诸葛亮的发明 三国时期就已经出现地雷了-看世界

盘点诸葛亮的发明 三国时期就已经出现地雷了



Today's invention brought to you by Xiaobian can be followed by interested readers.


At that time, Zhuge Liang must belong to the top counselors. Even in ancient history, Zhuge Liang's ability is beyond doubt. It is undeniable that Zhuge Liang played an important role in Shu Han. After his death, Zhuge Liang became the real ruler of Shu Han. But Zhuge Liang didn't die.


This is in sharp contrast with the formation of the Wei Dynasty. Sima Yi had it in his later years. Comparatively speaking, Zhuge Liang had devoted himself to Shu Han, and such loyal officials were rare even in history. Without Zhuge Liang's assistance, I'm afraid Liu Bei could not establish Shu Han.


At that time, Zhuge Liang gave Liu Bei Longzhong the right, which gave Shu Han a plan to pacify the world, but later, Shu Han didn't follow Longzhong's right. In the post Shu period, Zhuge Liang left behind a teacher. Such works are very rare in history, and their influence on Liu Chan cannot be underestimated.


During Zhuge Liang's reign as prime minister, Liu Chan followed the advice of his teacher. However, after Zhugeliang's death, Liu Chan began to change greatly, so the national strength of the post Shu declined, and the final post Shu became the first to perish. When Zhuge Liang was the Prime Minister of Shu, he invented many things, which played an important role in the war of Shu Han.


Landmine is the product of modern war, but little known is that in the Three Kingdoms period, landmine appeared. But this kind of mine is different from the modern sense, but it is used for war. During the Three Kingdoms period, the manufacture of mines was very simple. More than two thousand years ago, it was very difficult to manufacture mines.


Its inventor is Zhuge Liang. In the ancient cold weapon period, when there were mines, their lethality was very great. In this historical book, it is recorded that "the name is" landmine ". In one cannon, nine cannons are hidden, which are buried in 30 steps. In the middle, a bamboo rod is used to connect the joints to introduce the medicine line. Only when the gun is launched, the mountain is damaged and the stone is cracked." It can be seen that the mines invented by Zhuge Liang are powerful.


Kongmingdeng is familiar to people. At that time, Zhugeliang was trapped in Pingyang, unable to send troops to the city for help. In order to find reinforcements, Zhuge Liang worked out the wind direction and made a floating paper lantern with a lot of information on it. After flying, Zhuge Liang waited for reinforcements. Since then, this kind of lamp has been called Kongming lamp.


Nowadays, people have regarded Kongming lantern as a blessing, but in the Three Kingdoms period, it was used by Zhuge Liang to find reinforcements. Nowadays, Kongming lamp is used for praying, so people call it "praying lamp" or "peace lamp". Then the remaining three inventions have been lost.


Liuma, a kind of transportation tool invented by Zhuge Liang. There are two kinds of horses: the cow and the horse. There are clear records in historical books. During the northern expedition, the horse and the ox played an important role in transporting grain and grass. Its carrying capacity is "one year old grain", more than 400 Jin, and its journey is also very far. According to historical records, "special travelers travel for tens of miles, group travel for thirty miles.".


The appearance of Mu Niu Liu Ma provided a continuous supply of food and grass for the army of Shu Han. It is recorded that "brightness is better than ingenuity, profit and loss are linked, and cattle and horses are out of their minds." That is to say, the ox and the horse were made by Zhuge Liang. At present, there are few records about the muliuliuma. Even in the records of the Three Kingdoms at that time, there is no record about how the muliuliuma was built.


In the age of cold weapons, the crossbow is equivalent to the present gun. In the Three Kingdoms period, Zhuge Liang invented Zhuge crossbow. This is the most excellent and classic cold weapon invented by Zhuge Liang in his life. It's a pity that today's people can only understand Zhuge Liang's Crossbow through the historical books, but the records in the historical books are all about how powerful it is.


There is no record in historical books of the production method of Zhuge crossbow. Zhuge crossbow can launch 10 arrows at a time, with a range of more than 400 meters. In the age of cold weapons, such weapons can almost be invincible. The last invention of Zhuge Liang is called fake beast. During the Three Kingdoms period, Zhuge Liang had invented the machine monster.


On the battlefield, as long as the mechanism is pressed, the weapon can move forward automatically, and the blood pot of the machine can spout fire. In this case, even if there is one, it can't resist Zhuge Liang's attack. However, the production method of the fake beast has long been lost.


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