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俗话说子弱母壮必乱天下 咸丰为什么没有学习汉武帝杀了慈禧



Why not kill? This is a problem that many readers are concerned about. Next, we will work with you to understand and give you a reference.


It can be said that the existence of Cixi accelerated the demise of the Qing Dynasty, but also because her existence led many people into the flames of war. When Xianfeng was dying, he actually wanted to follow Cixi's example. Why didn't he do that?


At that time, after Xianfeng succeeded the throne, the Qing Dynasty was in a situation of internal and external troubles, with Taiping army uprising inside and foreign powers outside.


In the face of many difficult problems, Xianfeng didn't forge ahead. Instead, he was defeated by the army and indulged in wine and lust all day long.


Among the numerous concubines in the harem, Cixi is the most beloved one.


Cixi is inlaid with blue, and the daughter of a sinful minister. Compared with other concubines, her birth is not very good. But she was born charming and beautiful, she could sing gentle songs and read words. In addition, she knew how to please Xianfeng very well, and she knew how to advance and retreat with eyes, which made Xianfeng quite fond of her.


Cixi's luck is really very good. Although there are many beauties in the harem, none of them can give birth to heirs for Xianfeng. Only she has given birth to Xianfeng. Therefore, mother and son are precious, which makes her more and more favored by Xianfeng.


Xianfeng indulged in drinking and lust, which made his already weak body worse and worse. In addition, the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom was too late to suppress, and the British and French allied forces organized a group to invade China. All this made Xianfeng exhausted, so he simply gave Cixi the task of marking the memorials and allowing her to comment on the political affairs.


It was during this period that Cixi learned military affairs and showed a strong interest and ability in politics. For example, when it comes to the issue of repression, the Qing government, under her persuasion, put them in a position of great importance.


Because of the ancestral system of the Qing Dynasty, "the imperial palace is not allowed to do politics", Cixi's behavior made the Manchu Dynasty dissatisfied with the culture and military. However, with Xianfeng, people can only be angry.


With Xianfeng's body getting worse, he also realized Cixi's ambition for the government. Once, he said to SUSHUN, this princess Yi is not a fuel-efficient lamp. I will serve as the emperor of France and Han Dynasty in the future.


In 1860, the British French allied forces landed in Tianjin and fought all the way to Beijing along the canal.


Xianfeng was so scared that he didn't want to fight with the British French allied forces at all, let alone the emperor's duty to guard the country. Instead, he took his concubines to flee in the name of summer vacation to avoid the hot river.


During the hot river period, Xianfeng still did not forget to have fun.


Before long, Xianfeng fell ill in bed. It was not long before he saw the world that he had to think about what was behind him.


At that time, Xianfeng had only two princes. However, due to the death of his second son, there is only one prince left to download Chun, and Zai Chun is indisputably the next one.


However, Zai Chun is only 6 years old. Throughout history, there have been many cases of young sons, strong mothers and trouble in the court.


So Xianfeng hesitated and didn't know how to deal with it.


He had long been dissatisfied with the SUSHUN of Cixi's administration. Seeing Xianfeng's hesitation, he immediately spoke to him, hoping that he could imitate the story of Emperor Hanwu's killing his mother and setting up his son and get rid of Cixi so as not to bring disaster to the country.


There is such a problem. Back when Cixi was the emperor's concubine or concubine of Xianfeng, his ambition had already been exposed. At that time, Xianfeng was still in power. At that time, the concubine of the harem, only Cixi gave birth to a son for Xianfeng. He knew that Cixi had ambition, but didn't kill his mother and set up a son. Why?


First of all, Xianfeng should have some feelings for Cixi. After all, he has been devoted to her for more than ten years. However, for such a long time of company, there will be some dependence on her. Emotionally speaking, she is ruthless and kills the concubine who accompanied her for such a long time.


The second reason is that emperor Xianfeng himself lost his mother when he was young. He never felt his mother's love, so he also yearned for such feelings. He didn't want his sorrow to happen to his son. He also wanted to give his son a mother's love that he didn't get.


At that time, the core of the dynasty was SUSHUN, and there were many courtiers gathered around him. Therefore, Su Shun was domineering in the court. Just think about it, the power ministers of the Qing Dynasty, such as, and so on, all had too much power, which had a negative impact on the imperial power, so he had to prevent Su Shun and so on.


However, Empress Dowager Ci'an is always weak and does not like the government. How can she contain Su Shun?


Therefore, Xianfeng finally came up with a solution, that is, to increase the number of assistant ministers to 8 and let them restrain each other; at the same time, in order to balance power, he asked Ci'an and Cixi to hold one of his seals. Without these two seals, all edicts are equivalent to waste paper.


In order to achieve the effect of restraining each other between Cixi and SUSHUN, Xianfeng also deliberately revealed the words that SUSHUN proposed to kill Cixi to Cixi, so as to achieve the effect that Cixi hated SUSHUN.


After all this, Xianfeng thought that Zai Chun should be able to sit on the throne without worry, so he died in peace.


Unfortunately, Xianfeng didn't expect that, shortly after his death, Cixi would join forces to launch a coup which he had never been able to use again, killing eight ministers who assisted in politics, seizing power and beginning to listen to the government behind the curtain.


From then on, Cixi became the supreme ruler of the Qing Dynasty.


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