历史宋朝还与唐朝一起并称为“脏唐乱宋” 宋朝究竟乱在什么地方-看世界

历史宋朝还与唐朝一起并称为“脏唐乱宋” 宋朝究竟乱在什么地方



I don't know yet: readers of stolen Tang and disordered Song Dynasty, the following small edition will give you a detailed introduction, and then look down~


Speaking of it, many people will think that it was a dynasty of great development of science and technology in China, emphasizing culture and light military. In fact, the history of Song Dynasty is also called "dirty Tang and messy song", and the dirty here mainly describes the obscene life at that time.


It's needless to say that in Tang Dynasty, because of the influence of Wuhu, brother and sister-in-law belong to younger brother and daughter-in-law to father-in-law. Why is the Song Dynasty called a promiscuous dynasty? From the beginning of all this, the Five Dynasties and ten countries are one of the times of chaos, and there is no bottom line. Of course, the openness of chaos is not the same as that of Bozhong.


The second Lord and the two families were the rich countries of the countries at that time. At that time, the heads of the two families might have let go of their pleasures. First, the former father and son Na Qinglou woman entered the palace "to have a lot of fun and drink." There are hundreds of prostitutes in the palace, and they write words to let them perform songs and dances together. The scene is grand. When the former Shu was destroyed, many Tang Dynasty would bring the palace prostitutes raised by the former Emperor into the camp for fun, such as Guo Chongtao, the great general of the later Tang Dynasty, who "loved prostitutes 60 people".


Later, the Lord of Shu was even more extravagant. He spent a lot of money to raise famous prostitutes and pampered the famous lady Huarui. Finally, he had to surrender to the army of Song Dynasty.


Among the ten countries, the rich are the courtiers who love to support their families and prostitutes. The famous "big exhibition of the teahouse and wide opening of the Dizhai" is for fun all day long. The historical book "Qing Yi Lu" once recorded: "Li Yu is in the country and has a small family of prostitutes. When meeting a monk Zhang Xi, Yu is an unexpected guest. He hangs drunk on the right wall of the great book, and the monk prostitute doesn't know who he is. " In this way, compared with the monarch, the literati and military generals of the Southern Tang Dynasty were more reluctant to give up and raise domestic prostitutes. For example, the Dechang palace of the Southern Tang Dynasty made Liu Chengxun indulge in extravagance. "Hundreds of prostitutes are stored up. Each prostitute is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, and it costs hundreds of thousands to teach and teach. And the Pearl of clothing is called" Golden Jade " Han Xizai, the literary Minister of the Southern Tang Dynasty, "broke his wealth and goods, sold prostitutes and music, and sold hundreds of people, day and famine music", created "heaven and earth" in his own house, and recorded his music, calligraphy and painting handed down.


In the Five Dynasties, the domestic prostitutes were often used by the host to entertain the guests. For example, when Tao Gu sent out to the Southern Tang Dynasty, Han Xizai asked the domestic prostitutes to entertain him. On the second day, Tao Gu wrote a word to thank Han Xizai, saying, "the beauty of Wushan is at the beginning, the Xia invades the Wudao Road, and the appearance of Luopu is from to, and the moon is full of gaps." Han Xizai understood after reading that this was Tao Gu and his prostitute "suddenly when you wash at night". "Huanzhuo" means taking a bath, that is, Tao Gu and his prostitutes took a "mandarin duck bath".


Because of the ethos of Five Dynasties and ten countries, there will be a society of lust. In order to paralyze the ministers and prevent them from wearing a yellow robe, it is easiest for the emperors of the Song Dynasty to gain access to the world. After that, the ministers should "accumulate more money, enrich themselves... Buy more singers and dancers, and enjoy drinking wine every day for the rest of the year."


Song Zhenzong


Song Zhenzong also reminded officials to have fun and not to be too tired.


Finally, in the Northern Song Dynasty, it became popular for officials to raise prostitutes. According to historical records, "there were two houses and two systems, each of which had its own singing and dancing. If the official position was a little satisfactory, it was often increased."


We are familiar with the Ci writers "there are several prostitutes in song and dance", then there are family prostitutes "eight nine Shu", Yang Zhen "ten concubines", Zhang Yuan "twenty good concubines", "Fourteen concubines" and Li Yun "tens of family prostitutes". And there were more than a hundred concubines. At that time, the brothel women also entered the house, and the famous prostitutes of the Northern Song Dynasty became the concubines of the Emperor Huizong. At that time, the emperor and his officials drank wine and played music, wrote songs to prostitutes and enjoyed everyday, but abandoned the border defense, resulting in later shame.


Emperor duzong of Song Dynasty


When the Northern Song Dynasty perished, the people of Song Dynasty experienced the shame of Jingkang, but the officials of the Southern Song Dynasty did not restrain, and the enjoyment remained. as


"Qingbo magazine" published: "to protect wealth, there are taboos, especially to avoid death. He who indulges in sound and color has no place to avoid. " Wang Jixian, the minister, and his son Wang yuedao raised Lin'an famous prostitute slave and Jin Panpan in the capital of the Southern Song Dynasty to have fun at night. What's more, they forced women in the household to be concubines. The taxi doctor was so used to pleasure that he couldn't sleep without music.


At that time, Emperor duzong of Song Dynasty, after being occupied by Mongolia in Xiangyang, the important town, often took a group of palace prostitutes to the West Lake to have fun, and even played together in the lake. At night, he was lucky to have six concubines. That is to say, in his treachery, the Southern Song Dynasty was destroyed two years after the death of duzong.


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