古代黑社会到底有多牛 此人可以用一呼百应来形容-看世界

古代黑社会到底有多牛 此人可以用一呼百应来形容



Today, I've prepared for you: articles about the ancient underworld. Let's have a look!


In modern society, we often hear the word "Underworld". As the representative of the black and evil forces, it has brought adverse effects on people's production and life. Many films and TV dramas, with the theme of "Underworld", have created many films and TV works to fight against gangs. But if you think there are only "gangs" now, you are wrong. In fact, black evil forces have existed all the time.


Today, let's learn about the famous gang leader in the Western Han Dynasty and the process of his extermination.


At the beginning of the Western Han Dynasty, the chivalry was very popular. Among them, the most famous chivalry was Guo Jie, who lived in the period of emperor Jinghe of the Han Dynasty. Guo Jie's fame and power were so great that even Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty envied him. At that time, Guo Jie was basically as famous as he was. It was just one black and one white, one was the Chinese dynasty, and one was the Party of the underworld.


To ask Guo Xie at that time, how good was it? It can be described by echoing.


At that time, the voice of Guo Jie was very high in the society. Many people admired his reputation and took refuge in him one after another, which made his power increase continuously. However, it is worth mentioning that Guo Jie's identity as a gangster can be said to be ancestral. His father was a generation of Rangers, but was killed at that time. And his grandmother, also was the famous chivalrous woman at that time, female Xiangshi Xu negative.


As the son of the Ranger, Guo Jie's life was full of ups and downs. Later, he became the leader of the gang, and even went through a bloodbath. Although he later realized that he wanted to change the past, the era he grew up in couldn't make him live the rest of his life. So, in the end, he was killed by Emperor Hanwu.


Guo Jie is not tall, but he is shrewd and tough. Unlike many bandits, he doesn't like drinking because he thinks that drinking is easy to get drunk, and drunk is easy to make mistakes. He inherited his father's gangster temperament from childhood. As long as his chest was angry and depressed, he would kill people with a knife and his hands stained with blood.


He once risked his life to avenge his friends. Harbouring criminals and protecting suspects is even more common. What's more, when he is idle, he works with others to make counterfeit coins and dig graves.


It can be said that Guo Jie was a bad boy when he was young. When he grew up, he grew up to be a criminal and did many things against the law and discipline. Although he has always been in danger, he has been able to leave. Maybe it's too good luck. When we are in danger, we can either get the help of dignitaries or catch up with the world amnesty.


As he grew older, Guo also repented of his previous killing. Later, it evolved into the beginning of standardizing their own words and deeds, doing good deeds, and, repay the bad with the good, punish the bad and promote the good. Although Guo Jie repented some of his mistakes and showed a trend toward good, the cruelty and cruelty in his bones were still lingering.


Because of small things and angry murders, or from time to time. Guo Jie's so-called chivalry has made some local bad teenagers adore and admire him very much. Therefore, gradually some people joined him and worshiped his mountain, which made Guo Jie unconsciously accumulate his first group of power. Guo Jie's nephew has always been attached to the power of Guo Jie and has been everywhere.


Once, in the Wine Bureau, he forced others to pour wine, which made the man unbearable, and directly pulled out a knife to kill him.


However, the man who killed Guo Jie's nephew ran away, which made Guo Jie's sister very angry. Thinking that her younger brother didn't protect her son, she didn't bury him, but left his body on the road to humiliate Guo Jie's incompetence. In addition, he said everywhere: "with Guo Jie's fame and influence, there are still people who dare to kill his nephew? As a result, they can't catch the murderer?"


Facing the elder sister's question, Guo Jie can only issue the Jianghu pursuit order to find the murderer who killed his nephew. Guo Jie said that he wanted to arrest people, which made the murderer very afraid, so he didn't dare to run more, so he could only come back. In addition, the actual situation of the killing was originally told to Guo Jie. After hearing this, Guo said, "you're right. It's my child who did it wrong."


So he let the murderer go, and blamed his nephew for all the crimes, and buried him. When the world heard of Guo Jie's practice, they all admired his moral behavior and attached themselves to him even more. Since then, there have been more and more younger brothers around Guo Jie, and many people have come to join him.


Along with Guo Jie's chivalrous behavior, a series of practices of buying people's hearts make more and more people admire and worship Guo Jie. And this also made him get to know more people of different classes and levels, including the people and the officials, the gangsters and the white people all ate very well, and spoke and handled affairs very smoothly.


In the second year of Yuanshuo, the imperial court had to move the rich families from different areas to Maoling. Guo Jie's family is not rich, does not have 3 million assets and does not meet the relocation standards. However, it is unexpected that his name has been registered on the list of relocated people. It turns out that it was Dangxian, the son of Yang Jizhu, who wrote Guo Jie's name on it.


Guo Jie's elder brother's son killed Yang Xian, which made the two families hate each other. The general at that time defended Guo, saying: "Guo's family conditions are not good and do not meet the standards of relocation." However, Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty said, "an ordinary people, his power is so great that he can let the general of the dynasty speak good words for him. How can his family be poor?"


Later, Guojie moved to Maoling. In order to see him off, people also raised more than 10 million silver coins. After that, Guojie moved to Guanzhong, and some of the wise and righteous people in Guanzhong, knowing the prestige of Guojie, also competed to make friends with him. Later, Guo Jie killed Lord Yang Ji, and his family sued him to the government. However, someone came out and killed the informant under the palace gate.


Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty learned about this and immediately ordered Guo Jie to be arrested.


At that time, when the social atmosphere was good and the people lived and worked in peace and contentment, how could Emperor Wudi of Han Dynasty tolerate Guo Jie, the leader of "gangs", to run rampant in the world? Although Guo Jie escaped with the help of many able people, friends and righteous people, he could not escape the "pursuit order" issued by the emperor after all. Guo Jie, who is wanted all over the country and has nowhere to escape, was finally arrested. However, when Guo Jie was convicted, there was another dispute.


Some people think that Guo Jie is not guilty, because what happened before is not directly related to Guo Jie, nor is Guo Jie doing it himself. However, the royal doctor at that time said: "Guo Xie was originally a common people, but he played with power and gathered personal influence, and he killed and hurt people repeatedly because of small things. Although Guo Jie did not know some of the previous crimes, nor did he move his own hand, but this is just more terrible than his own crime, and should be punished according to the crime of treason. "


Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty thought Gongsun Hong's words were reasonable and the best reason to get rid of Guo Jie. Therefore, Guo Jie was convicted of death, and all his family members were killed.




[the sixty fourth biography of the knight errant, the sixth book of Emperor Wu in the Han Dynasty, and the negative influence of the knight errant on the social order in the Western Han Dynasty from the perspective of Guo Jie]


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