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波音737Max新问题发现 软件上存在问题


Boeing 737max new problem discovery! US Boeing company said on the 17th that it is trying to fix the software problem on the newly discovered 737max aircraft last week, hoping to solve the new problem as soon as possible and avoid delaying the missed approach of the aircraft.

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Boeing found a new problem last week during a software upgrade technical review of grounded 737max in Iowa, US media reported on the same day. The report quoted a person familiar with the matter, who asked to be anonymous, as saying the problem was related to software used on the plane to verify that the monitors were working properly. During this check, one of the monitors did not start properly.


Boeing said in a statement that it was in the process of making the necessary upgrades to the issue and submitting the changes to the FAA, as well as informing customers and suppliers. "Our top priority is to ensure that the 737max is safe and meets all regulatory requirements before going around."


On October 29, 2018 and March 10, 2019, Indonesia lion airlines and Ethiopia Airlines suffered a series of air crashes, with a total of 346 people killed. All the planes involved were Boeing 737max series. The two crashes are believed to be related to the misactivation of the automatic anti stall software of the "maneuverability enhancement system (MCAS)" on the series of airliners.


At present, 737max series airliners are grounded or forbidden to fly in many countries and regions around the world. In March 2019, the Federal Aviation Administration required all Boeing 737max series aircraft operated by American Airlines to be temporarily grounded. In order to obtain the regulatory "release" of go around, Boeing 737max needs to pass the comprehensive audit, simulator test and safety certification flight test. At present, Boeing is cooperating with FAA to evaluate and review the repair and upgrade of 737max aircraft software system.


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To make matters worse, Malaysia Airlines cancelled 25 Boeing orders

当地时间1月15日,马来西亚航空公司宣布取消25架与波音737MAX 8型客机同款飞机订单。

On January 15 local time, Malaysia Airlines announced the cancellation of 25 orders for the same aircraft as Boeing 737max 8.


According to Malaysian media xingzhou.com, there have been two air accidents in the past two years that have been confirmed to be caused by Boeing's technical problems after investigation, including the Indonesia lion air 610 air crash in October 2018 and Ethiopia air crash in March 2019.


According to the investigation report at that time, the Boeing 737max of lion air Indonesia encountered the forced intervention of the maneuverability enhancement system (MCAS) under the condition of the angle of attack sensor failure, and finally the crew failed to turn off the automatic balancing of the aircraft, resulting in the air crash. Later, the Boeing 737max was grounded on a large scale in the world after the air crash in the airline proved to be related to Boeing's automatic control system.


According to reports, when responding to a US News Agency in an email, Malaysia Airlines pointed out that two air disasters in the past delayed the schedule for Malaysia Airlines to accept new aircraft. Considering that the production of the same type of aircraft has been stopped and the delivery has been delayed, Malaysia Airlines decided to cancel the order of 25 aircraft.

马航原订于2020年7月接受第一架737 MAX飞机。另外,波音仍未针对马航宣布取消订单一事作出回应。

Malaysia Airlines was scheduled to accept the first 737 Max aircraft in July 2020. In addition, Boeing has yet to respond to the announcement of cancellation of orders by Malaysia Airlines.


Boeing released data, the worst in 16 years

美国波音公司14日公布的最新数据显示,该公司在2019年交付380架喷气式飞机,同比减少数百架,订单数量降至16年低点。737 MAX的全球停飞让这家航空航天巨头落后于主要竞争对手空中客车。空客集团此前刚宣布2019年交付863架商用飞机,自2011年以来首次超过波音成为全球最大商用飞机制造商。

Boeing delivered 380 jets in 2019, hundreds fewer than the same period last year, and the number of orders fell to a 16-year low, according to the latest data released Thursday. 737 Max's global grounding left the aerospace giant behind its main competitor, Airbus. Airbus has just announced the delivery of 863 commercial aircraft in 2019, surpassing Boeing as the world's largest commercial aircraft manufacturer for the first time since 2011.

据美国《华尔街日报》15日报道,波音737 MAX飞机在不到半年内发生两起致命坠机事故后,被监管机构停飞,迫使波音暂停交付。该公司仍有约4500架737 MAX飞机订单,但由于监管机构可能允许该款飞机复飞的时间存在不确定性,该公司已暂停生产这款飞机,这加剧了航空公司和飞机租赁公司取消现有订单的风险。报道称,波音已因订单取消或者客户调换机型失去大约200架MAX飞机订单,其中大部分源自倒闭的印度捷特航空公司。

Boeing's 737 Max was grounded by regulators after two fatal crashes in less than half a year, forcing Boeing to suspend deliveries, the Wall Street Journal reported Friday. The company still has orders for about 4500 737 Max aircraft, but has suspended production of the aircraft due to uncertainty over when regulators may allow the aircraft to go around, increasing the risk that airlines and aircraft leasing companies will cancel existing orders. Boeing has lost orders for about 200 Max aircraft due to cancellations or customer exchanges, most of them from the failed Indian jet airline, the report said.

美国财政部长姆努钦近日表示,波音737 MAX危机可能会使美国2020年的经济增长下降0.5个百分点。他说,“毫无疑问,波音的情况将会降低GDP数据,波音是美国最大出口商之一,由于发生737 MAX事件,2020年可能会影响GDP(增速)多达0.5个百分点”。

U.S. Treasury Secretary manuchin said recently that the Boeing 737 Max crisis may reduce U.S. economic growth by 0.5 percentage points in 2020. "There is no doubt that Boeing's situation will reduce the GDP data. Boeing is one of the largest exporters in the United States. Due to the 737 Max event, it may affect the GDP (growth) by as much as 0.5 percentage points in 2020," he said.


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