What's the matter with the report of Xiangjiang landfill failing? Why hasn't the report been solved many times? On January 18, Hunan environmental protection volunteer "Xiangtan xiaowuge" wrote that between xianglao road and grain wharf in Kaifu District of Changsha City, nearly 100 meters of Xiangjiang River was buried and the furthest distance to occupy the river was nearly 30 meters. At the beginning of 2019, volunteers found the clue of landfilling Xiangjiang River, and repeatedly reported to the river chief office of Kaifu District, environmental protection bureau and other departments, but the problem has not been effectively dealt with.


In the face of the reporter's interview, the relevant person in charge of Kaifu District said, "at present, the district leaders attach great importance to this issue, quickly start the investigation mechanism, and organize the environmental protection, Qingzhuhu street, Jinxia Development Zone Management Committee and other relevant departments to conduct joint investigation and disposal." It is reported that Kaifu District government has organized two excavators and more than 30 muck trucks to carry out muck removal overnight, and put forward five rectification measures, including case investigation and punishment of enterprises and individuals involved in violations, and establishment of comprehensive strict management mechanism of Xiangjiang Kaifu section.


The pictures taken at the scene at high altitude show that the original straight Bank of the river protrudes a large piece, just like the healthy skin appears inflamed and swollen. Near the water side of the landfill, large areas of yellow muddy water and green river water form a strong contrast. Such a large-scale land reclamation will cause obvious harm, which will not only encroach on the river course, threaten the smooth flow of the river course, affect the safety of flood discharge, but also have a devastating impact on the habitat of aquatic organisms such as fish and amphibians.


What's more, a lot of construction waste is often used to fill the river to make land. At the landfill site, the reporter found many traces of construction waste, such as I-steel skeleton, red brick and stone, which may pollute the river water for a long time and become the Harmer of the ecological security of Xiangjiang River. According to the regulations on the protection of Xiangjiang River and the regulations on the prevention and control of water pollution in Xiangjiang River Basin formulated by Hunan Province, the dumping of similar construction waste into Xiangjiang River and the private filling of River land are strictly prohibited.


Xiangjiang River is the mother river of Hunan people. It is ruined by human beings. Environmental protection volunteers are in a state of anxiety. They reflect and ask for help everywhere. But since the beginning of 2019, it has been a year, but they have not waited for the result. Perhaps, regulatory intervention needs to carry out procedures such as investigation and evidence collection, but it will take more than a year, and it is still a bit of a catch-up.


After the intervention of the media, the leaders of the district finally attached great importance to it, and the joint investigation and disposal began. But these could have come earlier. After all, the river filling project has been completed, and the ecological damage has been cast. Even if all the landfill debris has been cleared up and salvaged on the shore, the pollution of the water quality and the impact on the habitat of aquatic organisms will not cost much to repair.


In fact, it is not the first time that similar land reclamation projects pour construction waste into Xiangjiang River. Before that, the media reported from time to time, so that some informants said, "if it goes on like this, Xiangjiang River will be filled out sooner or later!" in this, the attitude of regulators is obviously to blame.


For example, in 2015, some people used construction waste to fill the river "to make land", which has been filled to the water intake of Zhuzhou water company, and the safety of public drinking water is facing a major hidden danger. Anxious residents and environmental protection volunteers have repeatedly reported to the relevant departments, but for a long time no one asked, and finally had to turn to the media.


It should be said that Hunan attaches great importance to the protection of the Xiangjiang River. Before that, Hunan Province had specifically requested to actively mobilize and guide non-governmental organizations and volunteers to participate in the protection of the Xiangjiang River. For this reason, the provincial finance allocated 2 million yuan every year to support the implementation of environmental protection volunteer service in the Xiangjiang River Basin, which is said to be the first in the country. However, the slow or lazy action of some responsible supervisors on the issue of land reclamation is obviously contrary to the direction of this effort.


At present, the best protection for the enthusiasm of the people and volunteers is to manage the inaction and laziness of some departments with iron fist and to realize the call and supervision of the people. Such treatment may start from the investigation and treatment of specific cases such as the 100 meter Xiangjiang River being buried.


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